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Water Damage – Concord Home

Water damage struck this Concord home when a water supply line above the first-floor ceiling developed a leak. The leak eventually soaked the ceiling drywall, a... READ MORE

Concord Storm Damages a Vacant House

The house was subjected to dirty, contaminated water after a severe storm to the Concord area. Pesticides, chemicals, and sewage can soak into and ruin floors, ... READ MORE

Storage Area, Water and Moisture Intrusion--Concord

Flat roof damage often leads to water damage since the runoff is small compared to hipped or gabled rooves. A storage building in Concord can be susceptible to ... READ MORE

Water Damage In Concord

Water damage to your ceiling is a job best left to a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. Water damage can occur anytime, and that is why we offer 24-... READ MORE

Fire-Ravaged Bow Kitchen

Any homeowner would be distraught to witness the kitchen so fire damaged. Demolition and removal of all the charred and burned building elements and appliances ... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Concord Attic

Mold damage struck this Concord attic due to the exterior trim of the home allowing moisture to wick into the fascia board. The moisture and darkness had spawne... READ MORE

Bow Flooding Incident to a Storage Area

The water flooded the concrete floor and began to threaten damage to the stored items in this commercial building in Bow. Rapid water removal mitigates damage a... READ MORE

Flooding in Bow Caused Havoc

The severe storm pushed volumes of water into the lower level of this Bow property and also dropped a tree on the roof causing major water intrusion on the abov... READ MORE

Water Damage – Concord Home

Water damage occurred to this concord house when a powerful storm with accompanying strong winds drove tree limbs through the roof of the home. Rainwater was al... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Concord Home

Mold damage in this Concord bedroom closet was first detected from putting off a musty odor. The closet was small and lacked ventilation setting up conditions t... READ MORE