Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage – Concord

Water damage at your Concord commercial or residential property requires immediate attention to prevent secondary damages like damage to the subfloors. SERVPRO of Concord provides service 24/7, and we are “faster to any disaster.” Our technicians will be dispatched promptly with the correct equipment and the knowledge to mitigate your water damage.

Water Removal and Drying in Concord

When water intrudes upon and soaks into hardwood flooring in a Concord residence, immediate action is needed to mitigate water damage. SERVPRO crews can respond quickly and put their high skills to the test by setting up state of the art equipment. Drying mats and small "tents" target the affected areas for dehumidification, minimizing treatment time and water damage.

Bow Water Damage Help

When SERVPRO is called out to help Bow residents with water-related issues we tried to respond within hours to mitigate damages. Shown are foam blocks placed under furniture legs to prevent the water (already extracted) from staining or warping them. We try hard to protect our customers' belongings.

Water Drying in Concord

The plumbing resulted in water damage in this Concord property. Tearing out and exposing the wall cavity, which leads to the attic space, can be critical to dry the affected areas and remove excess moisture. SERVPRO can provide industry-leading equipment melded with skilled technicians to restore the water damaged property.

Water Damage – Concord Flooring

Water damage at this Concord home went beyond what was visible. SERVPRO’s hi-tech moisture meter was able to detect that the subflooring had unseen moisture trapped within. With this knowledge, we were able to construct a remediation plan that would take care of the total water damage to the home.

Water Damaged Wall in Concord

The water damaged blistering of this wall in a Concord home can be restored if the drywall paneling is not saturated. SERVPRO technicians can peel the paint, dry the wet cardboard backing with heaters, air movers, and dehumidifiers. Restore, not Replace saves our customers time and money.