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How Can Property Owners Dry their Homes After Water Damage Takes Place?

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment SERVPRO has the proper equipment needed to fight against water damage in your Concord home. Call on our experts for assistance.

They Can Hire Reliable Restorers Like SERVPRO to Perform Water Damage Restoration in their Concord Homes 

When you have an unexpected leak in your property, it is essential to act fast. Water can cause damages such as mold growth, odors, peeling paint, and warping of wooden floors. To avoid these damages, hire a reputable restorer like SERVPRO, who can get your property to its preloss state, “Like it never even happened.”

Can SERVPRO Restorers Work with my Insurance Company?

We can work with your insurer during the process of water damage restoration in your Concord residence. Our friendly and highly trained restorers offer a contents claim inventory service (CCIS). This involves taking an inventory of the contents in every room, including taking pictures and barcoding in some cases. Our CCIS offers an accurate report, the value of contents detailed, and a preloss list. To prevent your water damage claim from being denied, make sure you do the following:

  • Maintain repair records
  • Understand the coverage on your policy
  • Provide detailed evidence

Can Restorers Dry Moisture on my Wooden Floor?

We have access to state-of-the-art equipment and tools that we use to extract moisture in hard-to-reach areas. We can use portable electric heaters to heat the wooden floor. Heating materials or surfaces with moisture increases the rate of evaporation, leading to faster drying.

If you want water damage restoration done right and on time, contact SERVPRO of Concord immediately. We respond fast and begin restoration immediately. Call us today at (603) 225-2825. 

How Can Property Owners Perform Mold Removal in Bow Properties?

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

Mold in window Don't let mold take over your home. Contact our certified professionals right away at (603) 225-2825.

They Should Let Certified Restorers Like SERVPRO Handle Mold Removal in their Bow Properties

A mold infestation in your property can cause health effects. To ensure effective mold removal, you need to call a professional restorer with the right equipment, tools, and products to handle the task. At SERVPRO, we have successfully handled thousands of mold removal projects using our special skills, equipment, and products.

If you do not perform mold removal in your Bow property, mold spores can spread to the unaffected areas and build colonies. To avoid that, we contain the contaminants from spreading using a polythene film. There are three different levels of containment including:

  • Source containment
  • Local containment
  • Full-scale containment

After containment, our technicians begin removing the mold using advanced products. Our team of highly skilled technicians can use sporicides to clean the affected area effectively. The product is effective in controlling fungal and bacterial spores on surfaces.

We can dry your property effectively to avoid mold growth from recurring. We can use axial air movers to increase airflow in the property. 

Mold growth occurs within a brief period and should be handled on time. Contact SERVPRO of Concord to get your property to its original state “Like it never even happened.” You can reach us at (603) 225-2825.

Speedy Restoration When Storm Flood Damage Occurs in Concord Homes

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians You need expert assistance for any level of flood damage in your Concord home. Call SERVPRO today for help.

Let Professional Restorers Like SERVPRO Handle the Storm Flood Damage in Your Concord Home

Concord is the county seat of Merrimack County and the capital city of New Hampshire state. It is home to a population of 42,695, according to the 2010 census. In 2019, the U.S census department estimated that the city had a population of 43,627.

Concord was initially settled in the village of Penacook, the city’s limits at the northern boundary. The city is hosts several institutions, including:

  • St. Paul’s School
  • A two-year community college
  • University of New Hampshire School of Law
  • New Hampshire Fire Academy
  • New Hampshire Police Academy

The city is also home to the resting place of the 14th President of the United States, Franklin Pierce.

Sites of Interest in Concord

The city is rich in various cultures and arts that help residents and tourists learn the region’s history. Some places to visit include:

  • New Hampshire State House: Located at North Main Street, the building is the state capital of New Hampshire. It is the oldest state house across the U.S that architect Stuart Park designed and built between 1815 and 1818. It houses the Executive Council, New Hampshire General Court, and the Governor.
  • The Eagle Hotel: A well-known hotel where presidents such as Benjamin Harrison, Ulysses S. Grant, and Rutherford Hayes dined. Franklin Pierce also spent the night in the hotel before his inauguration. In 1961, the facility closed down.
  • Beaver Meadow Golf Course: The golf course is in Concord’s northern part. It is among the oldest golf facilities in New England. Apart from the golf course, the city is also home to other sporting venues like Memorial Field and Everett Arena.
  • Walker-Woodman House: The oldest two-story building in the city that was constructed between 1733 and 1735. The house was built to host Reverend Timothy Walker.

Flooding in Concord City 

The city has faced several flooding cases, but the most recent one is the November 2006 flooding. Several streets and highways flooded, leading to the closure of many roads. Poor drainage caused most of the flooding after heavy rains that fell for about 18 hours.

The floodwater destroyed several homes, and those in Harrisburg received the most significant damage. Experts estimated the total damage to be over $6.5 million. When flooding occurs in homes, reassurance comes from hiring competent restorers.

How do SERVPRO Restorers Extract Moisture During Flood Damage Restoration?

Reliable restorers, like SERVPRO technicians, aim to minimize damage to prevent the property owner from facing costly repairs. To achieve this, we use hi-tech equipment and tools, and innovative techniques during our restoration process.

We can use borescopes to assess the intensity of the damage in cavities like ductwork and telecommunication chases that can be costly to repair. The equipment is useful since it can:

  • Access hard-to-reach areas easily.
  • Record still images and take video.
  • Minimize blind wall demolition.

Moisture trapped behind walls can cause mold growth, odors and can jeopardize the structure’s stability. To avoid this, our restorers can use structural cavity drying equipment to access the moisture without destroying your walls. We can drill small holes through the walls for the drying equipment to access the moisture.

The sooner you take care of flood damage, the lower the restoration costs. Contact SERVPRO of Concord to get your home to its preloss state, “Like it never even happened.” Our 24-hour hotline is (603) 225-2825.

Bow Residents Trust SERVPRO For Professional Fire Mitigation

2/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle every level of fire damage. Call us today, we are always available.

Bow Properties Get Fire Mitigation Support From SERVPRO

Articles within a home get affected by more than the flames from a fire. The soot and smoke residues can cover objects and make them look like they have zero restoration potential when the opposite is true. 

SERVPRO techs handling fire mitigation in Bow homes know that looks can be deceiving when it comes to items covered in soot and smoke damage residues. The techs use their training to perform testing to determine the types of residues they are dealing with, so the best cleaning agents and methods get used. 

Several factors determine the outcome for items post-fire. The techs use different applications such as:

  • Agitation cleaning may use manual methods or machines
  • Chemical action cleaners usually solvent-based to loosen the grip that the soils have upon surfaces
  • Time-based cleaning agents that require a period of sitting on the residues to release them

SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 serves the local Bow community with all types of fire mitigation services. Through the use of their advanced training and equipment, the damage to the home is "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Brings Professional Water Damage Restoration to Concord

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technician You can count on our professionals with state of the art equipment to quickly restore your property so you can return safely after a fire incident.

Local Concord Residents Trust SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration

One of the biggest challenges for cleaning up water in a property is locating it. SERVPRO techs accomplish this by using equipment that detects moisture and devices that read heat signatures to determine cool areas that are likely places where water collected. 

When SERVPRO techs take on water damage restoration in Concord homes, the tracking of the water's migration path is a crucial part of the mitigation. After a roof leak, pipe break, or toilet backup, the water in the home can wind up in many places. The techs look for: 

  • Seepage under flooring or behind walls
  • Evidence of water stains or sagging sheetrock
  • Delaminated tiles 

The speed at which the restoration services begin has a direct bearing on the outcome for both the structure and contents, after handling any temporary repairs to halt further water from entering the property, such as found with a roof leak allowing rainwater into the home. SERVPRO techs often perform controlled demolition, removing only the damaged portion of building materials, leaving the rest of the structure intact. This technique saves property owners in terms of replacement materials. 

SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 handles water damage restoration of any size in Concord properties. 

SERVPRO Saves Local Concord Residents Possessions and Structures After Fire Damage

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

House fire If you need professional assistance with fire damage, Call in the experts at (603) 225-2825. We are always available to help you!

Property Owners in Concord Trust SERVPRO With Their Fire Damage Restoration Services

Everyone is alert during the holiday season to watch out for fires caused by improperly used lighting, candles left unattended, or Christmas trees that dried out. However, the season of winter carries with it several ways that cause fires in Concord homes. 

In many cases, fires get caused by structural issues and human error such as: 

  • Chimneys in poor condition with creosote buildup
  • Improper use of heating devices
  • Blocked or poor venting in smoke and hot-air pipes
  • Roof fires sparked from burning embers

Soft Coal Storage in Concord

Many Connecticut homes still rely on coal to heat homes; while this method has the potential to save money on heating, it also needs special handling for storage to ensure it is not a possible fire hazard. It is recommended that the bituminous (soft) coal get stored within non-combustible bins away from boilers, furnaces, and hot pipes. 

The Danger of Electrical Fires 

Nearly 51,000 homes across the United States have a fire caused by an electrical system. Some of these situations had the potential to get prevented. Concord homeowners should be aware of some early warning signs of a possible electrical fire, such as circuit breakers that trip repeatedly. If an outlet has visible charring or discoloration, it should not get used until it receives an industry professional inspection. Many homeowners that experienced an electrical fire stated that they smelled a persistent burning odor in their homes for a period before the fire occurred. Homes with outdated wiring or electrical panels should have them upgraded. 

Signs of Fire in Concord Homes

The early warning signs of a home fire before the flames are visible include the odor of smoke, and some residents reported popping sounds coming from the walls or attic area of their properties. If the door handle or door is hot, do not open it as it can create a rush of oxygen to an already burning fire and cause it to become more extensive and more hazardous.

What is the Best Way to Clean Fire Damage and Extinguisher Residues in Concord Homes?

Much like smoke residues require different cleaning applications depending on the type, the same goes for fire extinguisher residues. The cleanup in Concord properties post-fire damage is never a one-size-fits-all procedure. The mitigation needs to start quickly as the high acidic content of most types of extinguisher formulas can cause additional damage. 

SERVPRO technicians know that although the residues left behind by fire extinguishers have a similar look, they can differ in the needs for removal, and the techs test accordingly to ensure they know the type they are dealing with, such as: 

  • Monoammonium phosphate S
  • Sodium or potassium bicarbonate
  • Class D dry powder 
  • Class K wet chemical fire extinguishers 

The techs use several different types of cleaning methods to dry residues off surfaces carefully. This can be done using dry cleaning sponges to pick up both dry smoke and powdery residues. Wet smoke and residues usually require a solvent-based cleaning agent to release their grip on the surface.

Local Concord residents look to SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 for their fire damage cleanup and restoration services. 

Enjoy Ice Skating at the Everett Arena in Concord

1/31/2021 (Permalink)

Concord skyline Water damage in your Concord home? SERVPRO can make it "Like it never even happened."

Concord Dwellers and Visitors Can Have Fun Ice Skating at the Everett Arena

If you are a fan of ice skating, you can enjoy the sport at the Douglas N. Everett Arena. The address is 15 Loudon Road Concord, NH 03301. The event takes place on January 31, 2021 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM. The event continues through March 12, 2021. For the duration of the ice skating season, the arena provides:

Stick practice

Public skating

Learn to play hockey

Skating lessons 

Travel youth hockey

High school hockey

Admission is six dollars for attendees aged 14 and above and five dollars for ages 13. Skate rentals are available for five dollars. Due to the uncertain times, guests are required to complete screening before entry. The main entrance is for entry only and the side doors are for exit. Every guest is required to wear masks and maintain social distancing even while on the ice. 

SERVPRO of Concord is happy to welcome you to the ice skating event at the Everett Arena. If you need water mitigation services for your Concord home, we are the right company to hire. Our restorers are experienced and we use advanced water restoration equipment. Call us any time at (603) 225-2825. 

Dog Owners in Bow are Welcome to the No Monkey Business Dog Training Video Workshop

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

Dog sitting for a treat After a fire incident takes place. You can trust that your business is in good hands with the experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

Join Other Bow Residents in Learning How to Maintain Harmony and Safety in a Multi-dog Household

Dogs are fun to be with, but if you own over one, sometimes the fun can turn to chaos. As a dog owner in Bow, learning how to train your dogs to co-exist and create a safe and happy environment is vital.

If you are thinking of having over one dog or you already have multiple, it is advisable to attend the No Monkey Business dog video training workshop. The workshop informs pet owners how they can keep their multi-dog household happy and safe. Also, attendees can learn:

  • Multi-dog household management
  • Fun multi-dog games
  • Training exercises

Taking place on January 24th, 2020 via Zoom, attendees are expected to join the event by 11 AM. Those interested should expect the Zoom link and how to join instructions after registration.

SERVPRO of Concord humbly welcomes you to the Multi-dog household workshop event. We support enterprises that make these events possible. If you need commercial fire damage restoration for your Bow business, call our restorers at (603) 225-2825 to avoid costly repairs and restore your property in a brief period. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.  

Ensuring that Concord Properties Look “Like it never even happened.”

1/13/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician consulting with customer Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include storm damage. Don't let the moisture take over your home. Contact SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Responds Fast to Restore Concord Properties with Flood Damage

Concord is the county seat of Merrimack County and the capital city of New Hampshire. It has a population of 42,695, according to the 2010 census. A population estimation held in 2019 reported that the city was home to about 43,627 people.

People initially settled in Concord were at Penacook village, situated at the city limits in the northern boundary. The city is the resting place of the 14th President of the United States, Franklin Pierce.

The history of Concord

Originally, Penacook of the Wabanaki Confederacy settled in the area thousands of years ago. The Abenaki Native Americans fished using nets strung at the Merrimack River. The tribe fished for various types of fish, including:




The stream also served as the tribe’s route to the Atlantic Ocean from Lake Winnipesaukee, where travelers used birch-bark canoes. The tribe also used the good soil at the Merrimack River valley floodplain to farm gourds, melons, maize, beans, and pumpkins.

The Province of Massachusetts Bay claimed the western territories of the Merrimack River on January 17th, 1725. The Province also granted the area as the Plantation of Penacook. Captain Ebenezer Eastman from Haverhill, Massachusetts, among others, settled in the area between 1725 and 1727. The town’s authorities incorporated the town on February 9, 1734, as “Rumford.” In 1765, Benning Wentworth, the town’s Governor, renamed it “Concord.” That was after a bitter dispute involving the town’s boundary and that of Bow town.

The Governor used the name to reflect the new concord between the two disputant towns. The resulting border adjustments displaced several citizens who were compensated with land elsewhere. In 1779, local authorities granted Timothy Walker Jr and his associates the New Penacook Plantation, which was incorporated as Rumford, Maine, in 1800.

Throughout the 18th century, the city grew into prominence, and the first houses exist at Main Street’s northern end. After the Revolution, the city’s geographical location made it the best choice for the state capital. That was after Samuel Blodget opened and launched the canal and lock system in 1807 around Amoskeag Falls as a passage for vessels connecting Concord with Boston. The local government named Concord as the official seat of state government. The oldest capital in the country is the 1819 State House, where the state’s legislatures gather in the chambers.

Concord is famous for granite quarrying and furniture making. Lewis Downing united with Stephen Abbott in 1828 to come up with Abbot and Downing, a coach and carriage company. The company became famous across the nation after producing the Concord coach, which people used while developing the American West.

The city became the center of the railway industry in the 19th century. The 114-kilometer (71 miles) long Contoocook River powered the textile manufacturing area. Currently, Concord is the hub for several insurance companies and health care.    

The city’s government

A council-manager system governs the city of Concord. The city council has 14 members, where the public elects ten of the members from single-member wards while four are elected at large. The public elects the city mayor every two years.

The city charter, a concept developed during the Middle Ages in Europe, offers the city mayor the opportunity to chair the council that comprises 15 members. Over the day-to-day city management, the mayor has limited formal powers. The city manager oversees the actual operations of the city.

Sites of interest in Concord

The oldest statehouse in the nation is the New Hampshire State House, and the legislature still gathers at its original chambers. Designed by architect Stuart Park, the government built the statehouse between 1815 and 1818. In 1866, the government remodeled the building, and in 1910, a contractor added the west wing and the third story.

The Eagle hotel on the main street across the State House has been the downtown landmark since 1827. The hotel hosted a few dignitaries, including the U.S Presidents Benjamin Harrison, Ulysses S. Grant, and Rutherford Hayes. Franklin Pierce spent the night in the hotel before his inauguration. In 1961, the hotel closed its doors.

South of the Eagle hotel is Phenix Hall. It replaced the previous Phenix Hall after it caught fire in 1893. The two buildings had a multi-purpose auditorium used by residents for theater productions, fairs, and political speeches. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln spoke at the old Phenix hall. In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt spoke at the new Phenix Hall.

The Walker-Woodman House, also called the Reverend Timothy Walker House, is located North on Main Street. It is the oldest two-story building across the city. It was constructed between 1733 and 1735 for Reverend Timothy Walker.

The Pierce Manse is another site of interest. It is a historic home where Franklin Pierce resided shortly before he became president. The home is a tourist attraction, and anyone can visit it. Various displays and artifacts in the house showcase how people lived in the mid-19th century. Original objects and furnishings that belonged to Pierce are also available. Visitors can take a guided tour of the home to learn more about it and President Pierce.

Flooding events in Concord City

Minor flooding occurs around Merrimack River, but on May 15th, 2006, heavy rainfall caused the river to rise over 8 feet above flood stage. The flooding forced evacuations and damaged property, including the sewage pipeline in Haverhill city. Over 1,500 people lost their homes.

A record-breaking flood in Merrimack occurred in March 1936. A double flood or heavy rainfall and melting snow as well as ice swelled the Merrimack river to 20.8 meters and raised it to 3 meters higher compared to the 2006 flood.

How does SERVPRO’s storm flood damage restoration process preserve Concord Properties?

When flooding occurs in your property, it affects various surfaces and damages the structure’s stability, carpet, furniture, among other valuable items. Immediately the unfortunate happens, contact a certified restorer like SERVPRO to help minimize property damage and get your home to its former glory. Before our team gets to your property, avoid the affected area or getting into contact with the standing water. If you must get to the affected area, wear personal protective gear such as:




When we get to your property, our experienced flood damage restoration crew can evaluate the affected area to determine the best course of action.

If you delay contacting restoration experts, floodwater can damage various items, including the expensive wood floors. If your carpet is affected, we cannot salvage it. The best course of action is to remove it, dry your flooring, and then install a new carpet. Our technicians use drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture from affected areas. We also monitor and document the drying conditions of property regularly. We write down and evaluate readings for temperature, relative humidity, and moisture content to determine if drying goals are being reached.

Also, if floodwater stands for over 24 hours, mold growth can occur. The mold spores may spread to other unaffected areas and cause health effects to your family. At SERVPRO, we use advanced products during our mold remediation process. We can leave you and your family in a safe property.

If flooding occurs in your property after a storm, do not wait long before beginning the restoration process. Contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 for fast and effective restoration.      

Learn About Concords History – Walking Tour

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

County map of concord New Hampshire. SERVPRO provides an elite service when it comes to water restoration damage. We have the technicians and equipment

Enjoy a Burgeoning Arts Scene While Enjoying Concords Historical Walking Tour

The city of Concord's initial settlement dated from 1659, when the first settlers arrived. Main St was laid out in 1726, and the town's location made it an important trade and transportation center. Interested residents and tourists can learn about Concord's history and the stories behind some of the city's historic buildings by taking a walking tour covering approximately 2 miles and taking around one and ½ hours. There are many local sites and buildings to visit along the way. However, a few of the more notable places on tour are:

  • New Hampshire State House dating from 1819
  • The Eagle Hotel dating from 1852
  • Upham – Walker House 1831
  • New Hampshire Historical Society 1909
  • And over 50 additional stops on the walking tour.

The tour is self-guided, and tour participants can enjoy the tour over several days or all in one day, depending on their schedule.

SERVPRO of Concord provides flood damage restoration services to Concord residential and commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (603) 225-2825. We respond 24/7 to help with all your flood damage restoration needs.