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What is the Best Local Water Removal Service in Concord?

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

A bucket in a living room catching dripping water. Regardless how the water gets to your Concord home, SERVPRO has you covered from start to finish.

The Most Effective Water Removal Service in Concord is SERVPRO.

Various unexpected problems could cause serious water issues in your Concord home.  Some of these are immediately noticeable, while others could take weeks or even months to make themselves known.  Catastrophic pipe ruptures, resulting from freezing pipes, are relatively common causes of standing water in your residence.  Leaky roofs and clogged gutters are others, less immediately noticeable sources of water problems.  Yet other culprits of such troubles are malfunctioning appliances and rusted out water containers.  That said, regardless of how the water got there, SERVPRO is uniquely skilled in removing it from your home, mitigating its impact, and restoring any resulting damage.

What Are SERVPRO’s Unique Qualifications?

We have built a strong reputation as one of the most trusted and highly effective Concord water removal services.  This is a testament to both our technicians’ advanced skills and dedication to customer satisfaction.  A few of our remarkable achievements and accolades are:

  • We have successfully served our neighbors for the past twenty-eight years and been recognized as one of the best-performing SERVPRO franchises in New Hampshire  
  • Our technicians have been widely recognized as water damage restoration specialists and are individually certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in water damage restoration, applied structural drying, applied microbial remediation, carpet cleaning, and rug cleaning
  • Customers have often praised us for how we never consider a job complete until they are pleased with the work we have performed
  • We have achieved perfect 5-star customer satisfaction ratings on both Facebook and Yelp Reviews

As you can see, our dedicated professionals have established an excellent rapport with those they serve.  Over the past twenty-eight years, they have become well-known as knowledgeable and trustworthy water removal and remediation experts.

How Does SERVPRO Remove Water from Properties and Restore It to Its Former Condition?

In dealing with your water problem, we follow a well-planned, time-tested process.  This process generally involves the following steps:

  • The initial contact stage, when we collect your contact details and ask several important questions about what may have caused your particular situation
  • Next, workers perform a thorough inspection of your home, locating and blocking the responsible water sources, identifying the contamination level of the water, and assessing your residence’s water-related damage
  • Then, they extract the standing water from your house with powerful pumps and extractors
  • Afterward, they move or otherwise protect your household contents from further damage
  • Then, we dry your residence with state-of-the-art dehumidifiers and monitor the drying process with moisture sensors and meters, as well as thermohygrometers   
  • Next, our technicians clean, disinfect, and deodorize all impacted surfaces using various cleaning methods and advanced chemical agent-aerosolizing foggers
  • Finally, if necessary, company workers remove irreparable structural elements, install new drywall, repair or replace floorings, fully reconstruct destroyed rooms or other parts of your home, and repaint walls and ceilings      

In following this procedure, performing both cleaning and rebuilding functions, and always trying to restore water-damaged materials first, rather than simply replacing them, SERVPRO saves you time and money.

What Are Some of the Special Advantages of Using SERVPRO?

There are several notable benefits of using our company.  These involve, among other things, our innovative service offerings, access to massive amounts of manpower, extensive arsenal of high-tech equipment, and meticulous methods.  The following are just some of the advantages of enlisting our help:

  • We enable you to establish an Emergency READY Profile (ERP) with us, so that we know crucial information about your property and can develop a clear plan of action before a crisis occurs
  • As a locally owned and operated franchise that is also affiliated with a large nationwide chain, we can draw on the manpower and equipment resources of 1,700 stores and be onsite quickly to solve your water problems
  • Our high-tech, commercial-grade equipment, like truck-mounted extractors, can successfully remediate your home even if your electric is off
  • We provide move-out services and temporary storage to protect your furniture and other possessions while we are restoring your residence  
  • Company technicians meticulously keep track of your household contents and expertly plan and monitor the drying process
  • Our staff, trained in insurance matters, handles all the insurance paperwork for you

In these ways, we take care of you from the beginning of the remediation process to its conclusion.  Ultimately, all of our efforts are focused on trying to eliminate as many of the headaches associated with your water event as we can.

So, whenever your home is affected by a water issue or you are preparing for one ahead of time, remember that your neighbors at SERVPRO of Concord can help.  Call us at (603) 225-2825 for assistance.

How Can I Recover Lost Documents From a Flooded Property?

9/3/2020 (Permalink)

Living room flooded with floating chair and no one above Document drying is a specialty service that could preserve precious or vital papers in your home.

Passports, Birth Certificates, and Other Documents Can Be Lost After Flooding. SERVPRO Offers Concord Residents Specialty Document Drying for Flood Damage Victims.

What documents can be recovered after flooding?
Many crucial documents are stored digitally, which can protect you should your Concord home become flooded. However, some essential paperwork may not have a digital backup or hold sentimental value. Many document losses from floods include legal paperwork, books, accounting, insurance documents, or identification. Emotional papers may consist of photographs, letters, and artwork. SERVPRO technicians are experts at restoring the contents and structure of a flooded home. We include specialist document drying among services. While it is not possible to reverse the water impact on paperwork, we can stop further deterioration through mitigation and advanced drying techniques. In some situations, these methods can return documents in a usable or workable condition providing that we are informed of the status with enough time to perform the necessary mitigation tasks.

How does document recovery work?
When there is flood damage in your Concord home, it is not only the contents and structure that is affected but everything that you collect over the years. We can control cost depending on the length of exposure, the value of the documents, and the type of water damage sustained; clean, grey, or black. Books that are damaged by clean water are often saveable, providing they are dried within the first forty-eight hours and have an exposure time of under twenty-four hours. We can offer Vacuum freeze-drying or vacuum thermal-drying, although these methods can be expensive and should be reserved for valuable documents. Communicating with us quickly about potentially relevant documents can aid the recovery process significantly.

Document drying is a specialty service that could preserve precious or vital papers in your home. Contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 immediately to ensure that documents do not suffer irreversible harm.

Why Do I Need Help with Cleanup After a Fire?

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Hands holding home After a fire incident takes place. You can trust that your home is in good hands with the experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

SERVPRO’s Skilled Technicians Use Industry-Proven Methods at Your Concord Home to Execute Effective Fire Damage Restoration.

Any fire damage within your Concord property can bring about post-event residue and hazardous chemicals. Expert restoration services help clean these stubborn residues and ensure that your interior is left like before the fire incident. Our SERVPRO crew also takes future hazards such as mildew and mold growth into consideration, which might develop if any moisture lingers from first responders extinguishing the flames.

Why Can’t Fire Restoration Be a DIY Project?

There are several reasons that make skilled fire damage restoration in Concord better than do-it-yourself methods alone, including:

  • Industrial-grade vacuums pull up all traces of soot, smoke, chemicals, and ash.
  • Odor eliminators quell odorous particulates from burnt substances like wood, plastic, and other materials.
  • We perform a detailed inspection to help us identify and then safely remove any salvageable items for cleaning.
  • We know what items are beyond repair and dispose of them properly.
  • Controlled demolition using skilled building and reconstruction services allows us to replace any studs, drywall, window panes, and subflooring that had to get removed. 
  • Our fire and smoke damage restoration technicians take steps to secure any areas during the renovation by way of plastic sheeting or other protective measures.

Each of these aspects points to the utter importance of calling in the help of restoration pros whenever you have a fire, big or small, within your home. It is vital that you consider all of the hazards involved with fire cleanup and know that our crew always arrives wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Even a small kitchen fire extinguished quickly can leave behind odorous materials that bring a constant reminder of the incident. 

We are Faster to Any Size Disaster here at SERVPRO of Concord, and you can count on us for 24/7 emergency service should you require fire damage restoration. To have a crew deployed to your property, call us at (603) 225-2825.

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A Burst Pipe Led To Water Damage In My Concord Living Room – Is Everything Lost?

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

flood in building Our crews understand how crucial immediate water extraction is to restoring your home quickly.

Water Damage Mitigation in Concord is One of SERVPRO’s Specialties – We Can Work with You to Establish What Can Be Restored

Things like burst pipes are common reasons for water intrusion in Concord homes. Gallons of water can stream into your home in a very short time. If your living room was impacted, it could mean water damaged furniture, carpets, and bookcases.

My Carpet is New – Can It Be Saved?

Water from pipes is typically clean water, which means your carpet has a good chance of restoration. Water extraction in your Concord home is going to be the initial priority. Three methods work well in restoring carpets to preloss condition. These include:

•    Deluxe precondition and rinse works well on moderate to heavily soiled carpets. Our technicians use a cleaning product that is applied to the rug and remains on it for 10 – 15 minutes. An extraction wand can then be used along with a rinsing solution or water.
•    Rotary jet extraction does much of the same as the Deluxe method, but an RX-20 device is used. This is a rotary jet device that agitates the carpet while compressing the fibers to extract water.
•    The Showcase method is an excellent choice in carpet cleaning as the rug gets cleaned twice. The technicians use a special cleaner and rinsing agent to improve the PH levels making the item easier to clean.

Furniture & Drapes

If you caught the plumbing problem in time, the furniture might not have suffered much damage. Our water damage restoration experts are often able to mitigate any water damage that affected upholstered furniture, wood furniture, and drapes. They can dry the content and carpet using powerful air movers and dehumidifiers.

There is no reason your living room content should be lost. Our crews understand how crucial immediate water extraction is to restoring your home quickly. Contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 for service that is, Faster to Any Size Disaster.

How Can SERVPRO Save My Eager Business Money On A Move-Out During Fire Damage Restoration?

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

An element of smoke/fire If you are concerned about fire damage to your business premises, call SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825.

Concord Business Owners Are Eager To Save On Costs

Concord business owners know how important it is to watch their budget in every area of business. A savvy CEO will look for the best ways to save on costs without compromising on quality to keep their business' accounts healthy. However, most people most likely do not consider the price of a fire in terms of lost working hours and damage to valuable equipment. A blaze can be costly for a business, so it is vital to get good value for money during the fire damage restoration process.

Fire damage restoration is a must for Concord business owners after a fire. It isn't easy to get business premises truly usable again without some help from the experts. SERVPRO teams are equipped with all the tools and training to handle any size of fire damage cleanup. Hiring a professional organization is one way to save money – we get your back on your feet and able to start earning again, faster.

One way we can help you with costs is by lowering the price of a move-out.

What is a move-out?

A move-out removes various items such as office furniture, equipment, records, and more, to a secure location after a fire. A move-out is not always necessary, but in some cases, it is the best way to clear space for restoration crews to do their job.

SERVPRO of Concord takes great care to monitor and log your inventory before moving, and to handle all items with the utmost care and attention. After all, broken items cost you money, so protecting each piece is vital.

How can SERVPRO help save me money on a move-out?

A move-out can add to the restoration fee, which is why we only use it as a strategy when necessary. However, even when a move-out is needed, we are always budget aware. Some things we can do to keep the cost down include:

    •    Cleaning items before moving them out to cut down on the labor cost of unpacking, cleaning, and then re-packing at the storage facility
    •    Storing some things on the business premises, if there are secure areas that are safe to use as storage, the overall labor and move-out cost is less
    •    Liaising with you and showing you your best plans and options, so you always know how your money is being spent and why

What does SERVPRO do after the move-out?

After the move-out, SERVPRO teams set to work cleaning and restoring your business premises to leave it “Like it never even happened.” For example, we:

    •    Use water extractors to remove water from fire-fighting efforts
    •    Utilize hand-cleaning, scrubbing, vacuuming, immersion, and spot cleaning to remove soot stains from everything including the walls, ceiling, furniture, and upholstery
    •    Send items out for deep or dry cleaning if necessary
    •    Assess paper files and records for damage, and use vacuum freezing to prevent further damage if needed
    •    Bring in air scrubbers and fogger to remove smoky smells and leave the building smelling fresh once more

What happens when it's time to move things back in?

When cleaning is complete, it is time to return your items to your business premises. Don't fret – when it comes time for a move-back, our teams will take excellent care of your contents and ensure their safe return. We start our move-back process by double-checking that your inventory is accurately logged. Then we load your items onto our trucks, secure them to prevent damage, and return them to your premises. If we have your permission, we can also take care of unpacking your items and returning them to their rightful positions.

We stay in touch with you, our staff at your premises, and, if necessary, your insurance adjuster to ensure a smooth and easy move-back.

Is there anything I can do in advance to prepare for a move-out?

It is always a good idea to prepare for a disaster. We recommend using the SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) to stay one step ahead. ERP helps you complete a full assessment of your business premises and plan for potential emergencies. The free ERP app guides you through assessing your business and taking detailed notes about the premises.

You can include your fire damage plan and an inventory of your business items in your Emergency Ready Plan. You can also use it to establish SERVPRO as your go-to fire damage restoration experts so that you can contact us more quickly in the event of a blaze.

Planning with ERP means you and your staff know exactly what to do if a fire occurs, saving valuable time.

If you are concerned about fire damage to your business premises, call SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825.

Who Can Clean Up the Water from My Concord Home?

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

pipe spewing water Not all water damage is obvious like this pipe spewing water. Sometimes slow drips go unnoticed. Inspect your home often for signs of leaks.

Contact SERVPRO for All Your Water Cleanup Needs

Everyone encounters this issue at one time or another. Maybe it is a leaky pipe in your Concord home that was not too noticeable, and you just let it go because it did not seem like a big deal. But before you knew it, the wall and baseboard around it were discolored, and there was a moldy, damp smell that would not go away. After removing the water, what is the next step so that your home is as good as new? SERVPRO has the answer.

What can the experts at SERVPRO do to help you clean up the water problem?

Once there has been water damage in your Concord home, you might think that using conventional cleaning methods will eliminate any underlying damage; however, this is not the case because there are several steps to clean water damage thoroughly. We use the following processes:

Contents Restoration

We train the professionals at our company to restore what items they can rather than leave you to replace them. Some possessions are irreplaceable, such as photos and other family heirlooms. Our team knows how to remediate these situations. These experts will also monitor and keep records of the drying process, ensuring proper completion.

Odor Removal and Deodorization

Water damage can leave behind odors that are unwanted and unhealthy. Our experts can permanently remove these odors by using high tech equipment and leave your home smelling fresh. The machinery they use for these services is fogging equipment and air scrubbers, which effectively remove lingering odors from the air. The services to remove unwanted smells are deodorization and odor removal. These services take care of lingering odors that air fresheners barely cover or cannot cover at all.

Sanitizing Treatments

While all sanitizing treatments used depend on the extent and amount of water damage, you can be sure that they will ensure complete sanitization of your home. We offer the following deep cleaning treatments:

  • Disinfectant and Sanitizing Treatments
  • Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Treatments

The amount of water damage determines which services are needed to treat your home effectively.


Since some items and materials are not reparable, our company offers a disposal service. They will remove irreparable materials and items under your and your insurance agent's supervision to ensure proper disposal.

So, for any water damage cleanup, be sure to contact our company. Your home is where you should be the most comfortable without worrying about water damage and the problems that come because of it. Make the call, and you will never regret contacting the professionals that treat your home as if it is their own. Do not delay, call (603) 225-2825 and talk to a SERVPRO of Concord specialist today.

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How Can Flood Damage in My Ceiling Get Dried?

7/16/2020 (Permalink)

Tarp on roof No matter when you make the call, we have technicians who can assist you.

When roof leaks allow flood water to flow through your Concord home, our sophisticated tools and technologies can help to dry out this damage. 

Severe weather is nothing new to Concord homes and businesses. As violent as hurricane-strength storms might be throughout the rainier seasons, some threats exist in every season that can lead to flooding. Knowing what to do in the event of a flood can help you to minimize the time that you wait for help to arrive. The sooner that you can get technicians involved, the less costly and widespread that these loss effects become. 

The presence of flood damage in Concord homes is enough of a challenge without dealing with the structural concerns that come with it. Roof damage from heavy snow or fierce winds can present vulnerabilities for runoff to move directly into your home. The result of this penetration sends flood water throughout your property, beginning in the attic and moving through the floor system to the lower levels of your home where the living spaces exist. Identifying potential flood damage is among the first steps to restoring the house to its original condition.

How Do I Know Flood Damage Exists? 

A visual inspection of the property can be a reliable source of information in determining whether flood damage exists. Knowing what to look for and where to find it can hasten Your securing of qualified restoration professionals like our team. Flood damage does not resolve itself, so it is pressing to address these concerns as soon as possible. If you are unsure if flooding exists in your home, our professionals can help with a thorough inspection and evaluation of the property after a storm passes. You can also begin looking for telling signs such as:

  • Damp Spots
  • Dripping
  • Sagging Materials
  • Structural Collapse

What Emergency Services Are Necessary? 

With a team of in-house contractors working alongside our restoration professionals on the roster, we can offer a more comprehensive approach to flood recovery. Meeting the individual needs of the property as a whole with a singular presence saves you money and time. Our complete roster also allows us to provide emergency services that come before job scoping and mitigation. These steps are among the most crucial to preventing worsening flood damage, including both water penetration and the deterioration of the property. Some of these emergency services include:

What is a Controlled Demolition? 

One of the mitigation and emergency services approaches provided by our residential contractors is controlled demolition. This demolition is one of the practices designed to make restoration more efficient and simplify the re-installation of removed materials. We have experienced professionals actively working to identify the potential structural problems in the property as soon as we arrive. Finding compromises in specific construction materials allows our professionals to remove these portions of drywall, ceiling materials, and flooring as quickly as possible.

With roof damages that can allow flooding in the attic, controlled demolition means removing saturated and compromised supports, joists, underlayment, and plywood. The removal of these damaged elements prevents further wicking of moisture and allows for emergency services like roof tarping to occur more easily. Controlled demolition within the house also has multiple benefits, including:

  • Prevents Migration
  • Removes Damaged Materials
  • Provides Access to Damp Areas

How Do Ceiling Systems Get Dry? 

The migration of water through the unfinished floor of your attic is a fast process. Several of the materials in the ceiling system of the level below should slow the pace of water movement, however. With a short window to identify a developing problem, you can prevent more widespread loss effects by addressing these concerns as soon as possible. Controlled demolition starts this process, so we can remove sagging materials and other structural threats and expose the cavity to tools and machines that can dry it out.

We have centrifugal air movers and desiccant dehumidifiers that work together to evaporate water and remove the moisture in the environment. When drywall and ceiling tile does not require removal, we might also consider the positive pressure systems to evaporate trapped water in materials like insulation and structural framework.

Knowing what to do when floodwater penetrates your roof can be a challenge without the experience and cutting-edge equipment of our SERVPRO of Concord team. No matter how we can help, from temporary construction solutions and extraction through the final touches on successful restoration, give us a call anytime at (603) 225-2825.

What Should I Do if a Fire Burns My Concord Ceiling and Attic?

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

burnt house interior If you ever notice that your attic got burned or smoke damaged after a fire, call SERVPRO.

For Fire Damage Mitigation Inside Your Attic in Concord Call SERVPRO

Once flames light up inside your Concord home, the heat will rise, and the blaze will start torching your building materials that are above the initial source. Commonly, an inferno can engulf the components that make up your ceiling, attic, and roof.

How can you tell what materials will have to be removed and what can be saved?

During every fire damage project in Concord, whether or not your structural components will have to be removed and replaced depends on how severely the item got burnt and how deep the charring went. Our SERVPRO technicians can conduct a thorough inspection of your building and determine which items we think we can save through sanding or sandblasting, refinishing, cleaning, and sealing. When the flames have consumed sections of your ceiling and made their way into your attic, we inspect the following building materials for issues:

    •    Acoustic Ceiling Tiles and Drywall- In most cases, if your ceiling tiles or drywall got anything more than just surface charring, the materials must be removed. In this case, we can remove just the burnt pieces of your ceiling and dispose of them in sealed plastic bags. If other parts of your sealing are coated in soot residues, then we can clean them with dry sponges or wet cleaning techniques.
    •    Insulation- If the insulation inside your attic got burned during the fire, in most cases, it must get removed. If your insulation is just smoke-damaged, it can be deodorized, but it is usually more cost-effective to remove and replace it.
    •    Trusses- When determining whether we can save your affected roof trusses or not, we follow the general quarter inch rule. If the charring is less than a quarter-inch deep, then we can sand down or sandblast the charring off. As a final step, we can then apply a specialized sealant paint to your entire attic to seal in any foul odors.

If you ever notice that your attic got burned or smoke damaged after a fire, call SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 24/7.

What Should I Do When Flooding Affects my Construction Site?

6/29/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians Call SERVPRO for any type of water removal and remediation efforts you need. We can get you back to work in no time.

SERVPRO is a Concord Restoration Service for Commercial Flood Damage and Loss Recovery.

What is Commercial Flood Mitigation?

A construction site can contain expensive equipment as well as metal and concrete building materials. When flooding occurs, this equipment is at a high risk of sustaining damage from water exposure, which could present itself as rusting or as mold damage to the building's structure. As a foreman, you may need to act quickly in the face of flooding by using a restoration service in Concord to avoid permanent losses to equipment or the structure itself. SERVPRO water restoration technicians (WRT) can perform essential mitigation at a building site to ensure that damages to scaffolding, equipment, and concrete structures are kept to a minimum. We are available for emergencies twenty-four hours a day and, as a local service, can arrive on-site within four hours of notification of loss. 

How can you prevent rusting to metals during flooding?

Rusting of scaffolding or equipment and machinery can be an unfortunate by-product of commercial flood damage in your Concord building site. The most effective method of mitigation is to remove floodwaters using an electric submersible pump before establishing humidity controls to prevent the upper areas of the structure from adversely affected. By ensuring that the work-site is dry, we can perform the crucial steps to avoid water exposure from affecting metals. The next step is to ensure that corrosion does not occur by applying an industrial rusticide directly onto vulnerable materials to remain resistant to lasting damage. 

What steps can I take to avoid water losses at a construction site?

- Inventory any equipment that can be removed from the site before flooding occurs

- Use a restorer with access to external storage for any material that does get wet

- Dry out the affected area quickly and establish humidity controls

If flooding threatens the equipment and scaffolding of your construction site, contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825.

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My Concord House Smells Like Smoke, What Can I Do?

6/22/2020 (Permalink)

Burnt mansion interior after fire If your home still smells like fire damage even weeks later, give us a call today!

SERVPRO of Concord Can Help You Remove the Smell of Fire Damage!

One of the worst feelings a Concord homeowner can face is the aftermath of fire damage. You may feel hopeless and like you have lost so much, but never give up. There is help nearby, and the damage may not be as bad as it seems.

Imagine a scenario where, after extensive fire damage restoration, your Concord home finally looks like it did before everything happened. However, what can you do if it still smells like smoke, even weeks later? Sometimes restorations are not as thorough as they should be, but don't worry. We're here for you at SERVPRO.

Why Does My House Still Smell Like Fire?

The malodor of burning plastics, wood, and other materials can linger in the air for weeks after a fire, and it could happen because:
• The malodor was not dealt with on a particle-level, using advanced equipment
• Putrid smells linger behind on the walls, and sealant paint is needed
• Bits of greasy soot may have been missed, trapping the odor

Here at SERVPRO, we're committed to removing all the signs of fire damage that we can. It is always our goal to leave your home feeling like it did before the fire happened. Our Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration-certified technicians can identify problem areas and use advanced equipment to remediate the damage.

What Can SERVPRO Do that The Previous Company Didn't?

Our technicians have access to advanced equipment that can help reduce and remove lingering odors. We can:
• Use hydroxyl generators to eliminate volatile organic compounds from the air
• Use thermal foggers, to trap scent-causing particles and neutralize them
• Set up air scrubbers with HEPA filters to filter the malodor out of the particles in the air and trap them
• Use sealant paints

Here at SERVPRO, we want to help you make your home feel like it did before the fire.

If your home still smells like fire damage even weeks later, give us a call today! Dial (603) 225-2825 to speak with a representative of SERVPRO of Concord. We're ready to help.