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Steps to Take During Commercial Water Removal in a Concord College

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

A room with a bunch of sinks, yellow ceiling and checked floors. We know more than just the basics when it comes to your Concord water damage.

SERVPRO will take on your Concord water damage no matter how deep the water gets.

Several disasters can occur in a college, including water damage. Since many buildings exist in an institution of higher learning, the dangers of water damage vary. For example, a water intrusion problem in the administrative block can differ from one that occurs in a gymnasium or lecture hall. Students and staff members can face various risks during a water loss.

Water can ruin the structures and contents of the affected buildings, and slips and falls can happen because of wet and slippery floors. Performing commercial water removal in a Concord college can prevent the risk of electric shock and health risks from contamination in the water. It can also prevent secondary damage such as rotting, oxidation, and mold growth. To clean up and dry the affected areas quickly and adequately, you can work with a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO.

In the unfortunate event of water damage at a college, notifying the facility manager is vital. The operations manager can take the following steps while waiting for professionals to arrive:

  • Determine the source of the flooded water. It could be from sink overflows, broken pipes, or other issues.
  • Stop the source of the water leak.
  • Determine if there are any other risks at the facility like electrical hazards, slip hazards, and other injury risks.
  • Communicate to students and staff at the college about the disaster.

When we arrive, we can handle the job efficiently since we have advanced equipment and experience. We can inspect the affected buildings thoroughly to document the water category. Our restorers can document primary damage, pre existing damage, and potential secondary damage. Preexisting destruction can include rotting flooring and peeling paintwork.

We can also determine which materials are salvageable and the level of personal protective measures to take. We use moisture detection devices to find the location of saturation. We can inspect everywhere the water could have moved through the buildings. Our SERVPRO crew can complete the cleanup and drying process quickly to prevent secondary damage. We can also apply disinfectants like formaldehydes, phenols, quaternaries, chlorines, and alcohols to affected areas such as floors and walls to kill microbes.

After a water loss incident, you need prompt, professional aid. SERVPRO of Concord can help restore your college to preloss state. Call us at (603) 225-2825. We can deal with the water loss to make it “Like never even happened.”

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Types of Cleaning Products Used in Cleanup for Concord Homes

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Soapy bubbles on blue surface. SERVPRO will have your home properly clean from water damage in Concord.

We know how serious water can contaminate your Concord home.

We never settle for a singular approach to any effect that our professionals must overcome after a disaster strikes your Concord residence. With cleaning being a vital element of every restoration project, we understand the value and worth of pursuing the best possible cleaning agents and products to make this task efficient and safe. After water damage, surfaces can become marred, and residues can get left behind.

We do not expect our customers to know our cleaning products and the wide range of antibacterial agents that we employ when performing water cleanup in Concord homes. Part of the training and ongoing education that we encourage for our technicians involves recognizing the threats present in damaged property and the best products to use to address them. We classify our cleaning agents into specific categories, and some of the most popular options include:


We understand the need and want for businesses and homeowners to have a greener approach. Even with the cleaning of the property, our SERVPRO professionals can take an active stance on the effect to the environment by the use of specific botanical-based cleaning agents, disinfectants, and antimicrobial sprays.


Chlorine-based cleaning agents are powerful options that can be highly effective for the removal and elimination of bacteria, viruses, and germs. These products can even help to reduce the presence of fungi, which can be an effective antimicrobial effort after a widespread water loss incident. As potent as these options might be, they do not come without some risk of use, namely the potential to strip dyes and finishes from certain surfaces and materials. Additionally, without the appropriate ventilation, this cleaning product can be a health hazard.

Quaternary Ammonium 

These options are the ones most readily selected for disinfection purposes by our SERVPRO professionals, as they have a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and contaminants that they can eliminate. This substance mixes easily with certain detergents, which can allow them to be more versatile with their application in a home after a loss incident.

Cleaning up your home from the residues and debris that water losses can leave behind involves our qualified team and the advanced products available to them. No matter when disaster strikes, you can count on our SERVPRO of Concord team to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (603) 225-2825.

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Concord Basement Flooding Woes? Let's End It with a Call to SERVPRO

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

Overhead view of a sump pit and the pump in a basement Sump Pump-Regrading-Flooding in a Concord Basement Gets Help from SERVPRO

Lasting Solutions for Regularly Flooding Concord Basements

Water penetration in subterranean levels of your Concord home is an unfortunate circumstance that many homeowners have to battle year after year. From natural flooding situations through the penetration of water and moisture through the groundwater with hydrostatic pressure, our professionals help to manage these loss emergencies quickly to get spreading symptoms under control. In many cases, just drying up the damage is insufficient to what the property needs to prevent recurring flooding in the years to come.

Flood damage in Concord home must often get addressed and overcome before these permanent solutions can get implemented and successfully installed. Our SERVPRO professionals can meet with you to determine the best approach both to clear up this damage through both extraction and rapid drying machines. Additionally, our moisture detection devices can identify saturation pockets and vulnerable areas of your home’s construction to indicate the best solutions for better protecting your basement.
French Drains
One of the time-honored solutions to reduce the pressure of water and moisture against the blockwork of your residence is through the installation of a French drain system. This perforated pipe can help to grab moisture in the ground-runoff from your house and direct it away from your home’s foundation.
Trenching and Re-Grading Concrete Flooring
Much like the installation of additional drainage around the exterior of your home, redirecting water flow and preventing situations like leeching from concrete floors is another positive step our SERVPRO team can help homeowners make. We can regrade the slope of flooring or force standing water to a drying or diversion tool.  
Installation of Permanent Drying or Diversion Equipment
Dehumidifiers are a common choice for permanent fixtures that must get installed and used in the damp basement of homes. In some circumstances, the only practical option remaining is a dehumidification unit like our desiccant or low grain refrigerant option set to residential specifications.  
Sump Pumps that are permanently installed in the basement can channel any water intrusion from the gathering sump to the exterior of the structure. Ask us about the many options available to prevent future groundwater flooding into our basement.

Flooding can be a bothersome situation, especially when you are trying to accomplish part of the work yourself. No matter how severe the situation, or how widespread, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. Let our SERVPRO of Concord team help however you need by calling (603) 225-2825.

We Have The Proper Techniques To Restore Your Bow Home After A Fire

9/5/2019 (Permalink)

Living room bar cabinets covered in soot and smoke damage The photo shows the master bedroom suite which did not suffer any actual fire damage but soot and smoke damage affected this room of the house.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration For Bow Homes

With the Merrimack River as its Eastern border, Bow residents usually think floods when talking about local disasters. Despite the proximity, more homeowners find fires to be a more damaging and costly problem.

Fortunately, most fire damage in Bow and in general does not result in the complete loss of the home. SERVPRO restoration teams often find themselves spending more time and effort to clean a residence of smoke and soot, rather than pulling down walls or constructing a new roof. Damage comes in the form of residues left by the smoke and soot. To remove them, team members use a variety of methods, tools, and agents.

Surface Cleaning techniques include spray and wipe and foam cleaning. Spray and wipe is the first action technicians use on most surfaces. They can use water or a cleaning agent to break down residues for fire damage removal. SERVPRO technicians use foam cleaning for the same results on items where the color might run like furniture fabrics and curtains or drapes since it uses far less water.

Absorption is an excellent method to clean items too fragile for water or solvent-based cleaners. Here, our technicians apply a layer of powder that absorbs the residues and then vacuum up everything without damaging the surface. The cleaning powder is also very useful on difficult, porous surfaces like brick, concrete, and marble.

When there is no concern about colors running or fragility, and the item is covered heavily in residues, technicians immerse the item in a tank of cleaning and then use Ultrasonic Cleaning to break them down for removal. A device generates sound waves to agitate bubbles and force them through fabrics and across surfaces. It is an extreme method of cleaning, and we use it only when other methods cannot get the job done.

These are only several of the methods available to SERVPRO of Concord restoration teams. To return homes to their original, pre-fire condition, we use every possible method and cleaning agent at our disposal. If you have had a recent fire here or in other areas like Penacook, start the restoration process by calling us at (603) 225-2825 today. We are here for you.

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We Make Your Bow Building Safe Again After A Fire

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Pictured is an air scrubber that recycles the interior air through HEPA and activated carbon system to capture the airborne particles and the odors.

Challenges When Fire Damages Your Bow Day Care Center

Keeping the space safe for vulnerable little one is the charge after a fire loss in you Bow Day Care Center. The families who depend on you and your staff for loving care now look to you for answers. They need assurance that safeguards are in place to prevent another fire. The certainty that the residues, odors, and debris left after the blaze can wholly and safely be removed is another understandable demand. We can help with the cleanup.

Small Fires Can Feel Like Big Problems

Although the minor blaze in an office of your Bow Day Care Center confined fire damage away from the children's areas, the risk of spreading residues and odors worries you and your staff. Contacting us for advice and mitigation and remediation services helps you answer the concerns of your small charges' families and should meet the requirements of licensing agencies. 

Containment of the Remediation Work Space

To keep the unaffected spaces in the day care free of hazardous residues during the cleanup, SERVPRO partitions the fire site off. We use heavy plastic sheeting and add an air scrubbing system to accomplish several goals. The negative pressure generated by the air scrubber seals the edges of the partition. The suction pulls the contaminated air in the office through HEPA filters and then vents it to the outside. Our technicians wear personal protective equipment while working to clear the office of all residues. This also prevents the toxic debris from the fire from spreading on our employees' clothing or shoes. 

Proprietary Cleaners and Disinfectants Safe for Use Around Children

The last thing SERVPRO wants when completing a fire damage project is switching the fear of exposure to fire residues with concerns about the hazards of cleaning and disinfecting agents. We are always upgrading our products to strike a balance between effectiveness and safety. Today botanically derived cleaners and disinfectants deliver the results needed in the restoration agency while being safe to use around pets and children.

Count on SERVPRO of Concord to use industry best practices and innovative new products to keep you and your littlest customers safe after fire damage. Contact us at (603) 225-2825 for a fire damage assessment and project plan.

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Commercial fire damage restoration for Restaurants in Bow

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

We can sweep in and take away all your fire fears in Bow as soon as they appear.

Let SERVPRO come in and sweep you off of your fire in damage in Bow.

A busy restaurant kitchen is full of potential fire causing hazards, including naked flames, butane gas, oils, animal fats, and other flammable materials. As a business manager, your responsibility in the immediate aftermath of a fire is to get your commercial services back up and running with as little loss of revenue as possible. In places that serve food, professional restoration services are even more essential to ensure that health and safety standards are met.  

A restaurant manager with commercial fire damage in Bow, you may find that soot, smoke, odors, and surface damages are too extensive to be restored by your regular cleaning contract. SERVPRO provides a commercial service to businesses with trained fire restoration technicians that know what to do to get your restaurant back to its preloss condition. We can dispatch a team of trained technicians alongside an experienced crew chief to ensure your business can re-open as quickly as possible. 

Larger commercial recovery operations after a fire are usually affected by two factors that affect cleanability. Impingement is a process where increasing air temperature creates air perpetual air movement during a fire. This phenomenon is why smoke creates a billowing effect during a fire. In terms of restoration, impingement causes smoke residues to contact vertical surfaces at high speed resulting in a splatter effect. In an enclosed environment, like a kitchen, heat can also cause the finish on appliances to melt, char, or bubble. 

SERVPRO fire restoration technicians can use mechanical cleaning equipment, like air whips, to loosen the heavy soot caused by impingement before dissolving them in oil-based solvents for a clean finish. Appliances may require a more concentrated effort using corrosive cleaning agents to remove both finish and soiling. The resulting clean equipment can then be refinished to get your contents back to their pre-fire condition. 

Temporary closures can have a significant impact on revenues, especially during busier times of the year. Contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 for a commercial recovery team. 

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Drying Your Bow Residence Quickly Is Vital

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

Call us any time at (603) 225-2825 for restoration services.

Why Drying Your Bow Residence After Water Damage Quickly Is Essential

One problem that property owners dread is water damage. Water can cause costly destruction to wood furniture, electronics, flooring, upholstery, plumbing equipment, and household appliances. Some common causes of water loss in homes are leaky dishwashers, overflowing washing machines, broken pipes, and leaky water heaters. Water intrusion can escalate mold and bacterial growth issues in a few days, compromising the health of the inhabitants of your home.

You need quick structural drying to restore your water damaged home in Bow to its normal condition with minimal money and time put into the restoration process. Rapid structural drying employs specific principles to dry a building effectively and quickly. The principles of applied structural drying (ASD) include:

Rapid drying
The priority is to get the water out of a home. Our SERVPRO team uses powerful pumps to extract the water. Depending on contamination potential and origin, we can extract water from carpets and other materials without having to remove them. We use vacuum squeegees to remove water from hard surfaces and structural cavity drying systems to dry moisture, which has spread to hard-to-reach areas. Thorough extraction reduces drying time and limits the chance of furniture stains and rust.

Reducing humidity
When high humidity spreads throughout a house, it exacerbates water damage by causing secondary destruction to areas water has not contacted. We can use centrifugal air movers to remove water vapor from your home and high-volume dehumidifiers to dry circulating air.

Continuous monitoring
Our crew takes measurements throughout the home at scheduled intervals during the drying process. We use non-penetrating and penetrating moisture meters to take spot measurements and moisture sensors to detect moisture in carpets and padding. We also use thermohygrometers to measure the relative humidity and temperature of air masses. We set drying goals by taking moisture content readings of dry materials in areas without water exposure. Precise measurements provide our ASD technicians with the necessary data to confirm when drying goals have been achieved.

Our drying process takes every building element into account, ensuring that you get over the water intrusion incident quickly and resume your normal life. Getting your home dried speedily also helps reduce restoration expenses. It can minimize your insurance claims, and this can keep your premiums from increasing. Our technicians know how water exposure affects various materials negatively. That means that after assessing your home, we know what the job entails and can apply efficient practices from the beginning to ensure savings.

Fast-drying also reduces replacement expenses since you are less likely to replace valuable contents or structural components of your home. Homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for most water loss incidents. SERVPRO works with all insurance providers, and we can assist you in filing the paperwork for a hassle-free claims process.

When there is damage in your home, you can trust SERVPRO of Concord to clean up and dry the affected areas promptly. Call us any time at (603) 225-2825 for restoration services.

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Attention Concord Homeowners! Call SERVPRO for Structural and Cosmetic Restorations after Damages Occur

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO for No Mold, Water or Fire Damage Suffering in Your Concord Home

Why SERVPRO is the Restoration Service of Choice for Concord Residents

A Concord home is more than just a location and structure, which is why property damages can become a sensitive issue. Many homeowners have accumulated possessions over years or decades so are rightly devastated when dangerous water, fire, storm or mold-related incidents occur. Our restoration services are dedicated to restoring your contents rather than replacing them. We communicate openly and honestly with you throughout service, working quickly to ensure that these incidents pose as little inconvenience to you as possible. Our strong business ties with local adjusters, contractors, and chambers of commerce mean you may only have to deal with one company, throughout the process.

The presence of mold in a structure can do significant harm to the property overtime by infesting porous materials and spreading throughout the home. Sometimes, mold damage in Concord homes can occur from roof deterioration that allows water to seep into your attic space. Microbial infestations thrive on porous, warm materials like insulation and can quickly spread throughout. You may only notice the signs of mold growth later on when it begins to grow into ceilings or the upper top corners of your walls. It may only be noticeable by a musty odor in some regions of the house.

Once the indications of mold have been spotted in the property, you need to bring in professional restoration services. SERVPRO technicians are qualified to both assess and remediate microbial problems without resorting to expensive, time-consuming laboratory tests. The signs and smells of mold in your Concord home are enough to begin a procedure. We start by creating a containment area to control the spread of mold and avoid cross-contamination.

In your attic space, there are many different food sources for microbial fungi, including clothes, cardboard, untreated wood, insulation, and other materials. Usually, a porous material needs to be disposed of to avoid mold returning. Layers of insulation may need to be lifted for removal and replaced with uncontaminated insulation once the mold issue is under control. In situations where materials hold significant sentimental value, we may be able to restore them using Esporta washing machines. These industrial cleaners are capable of removing up to 99% of soiling from fabrics.

Housefires are an unfortunately common occurrence and can be the result of leaving on unattended a space heater, iron or stove. Restoring the damages left behind is far more complicated because materials combust differently, producing different types of smoke damages. Our restoration services for fire damage in Concord cover the removal of debris, cleaning contents and structure as well as deodorizing the property. If significant structural damage is sustained, SERVPRO can arrange for remodeling specialists to conduct repairs on your behalf.

Combusting materials can release toxic gases into the surrounding air, including carbon monoxide. Once the flames are extinguished, these harmful gases are significantly reduced, but inhaling soots from debris or surfaces can be harmful to your health. SERVPRO technicians can enter the affected area of your Concord home to remove charred debris as well as permanently damaged appliances to be safely disposed of according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

When hot smoke contacts with cooler surfaces during a fire, chemical and carbon deposits are left behind in the form of smoke residues and soot. The fastest method of removing these smoke residues is by dissolving them in a cleaning solution, before wiping both solution and residue away. Deodorization of your property is included as part of our restoration services should an odor issue be present. Usually, once surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and dried, odors dissipate. If malodors remain SERVPRO can deploy thermal fogging equipment alongside spray-on air fresheners to find, mask or neutralize the offending odor.

Dealing with large quantities of water in a home environment is a challenging task for professionals and should not be attempted without training, equipment, and expertise. Cosmetic damages- or those that are apparent to the naked eye- are often just the tip of the iceberg with slow leaks, interior plumbing issues or damage to the property's structural integrity at the heart of the issue.

A visual inspection of water damage in your Concord home may involve moving contents around, untacking carpets or viewing inside wall cavities with thermal imaging cameras. Restoration services need to be conducted thoroughly; otherwise moisture can reside unnoticed for weeks and months before causing permanent problems. SERVPRO technicians use proper drying techniques over the course of twelve hours to a few weeks- depending on severity- to resolve water problems rather than just cleaning them.

Fabrics in your home like carpets absorb moisture, weakening the carpet itself by up to 50% while also increasing humidity levels and subfloor moisture content. SERVPRO Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) float carpets by detaching the corners and placing rapid air-movers between carpet and subfloor. The process dries the underside of your carpets while raising the surface temperature of the subfloor below to draw out moisture. Replacing the subfloor mats and re-tacking the dry carpets is just one of the ways we can restore your home to a preloss condition.

When rainstorms breach your property, the resulting flooding can be exceptionally damaging to structure and contents. Restoration services for storm damage in Concord need to have a tried and tested gameplan to control the extent of the loss. SERVPRO technicians are qualified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and trained to the highest standards. During predicted extreme weather events, our rapid response units are ready to help you in a time of crisis.

Eliminating excess quantities of water needs to happen quickly to avoid permanent losses. Using submersible gas pumps, SERVPRO can remove a practically limitless amount of water in one go. Once standing water drops below two inches, truck-mounted extractors can be brought in to get rid of the remaining moisture. After that, the next step is to dry the structure thoroughly using dehumidifiers and rapid air-movers. This process can be time-consuming but is vital to avoiding secondary damages like mold growth.

During the restoration service of your Concord home, SERVPRO technicians can inventory contents and outcomes to be passed on to your insurer. This process takes the workload away from the homeowner because you only have to deal with one point of contact throughout the service. A walk-through is conducted at the end to show you specific of restoration as well as the predicted outcomes, meaning you stay in the loop from start to finish.

SERVPRO of Concord is a tried and tested restoration service that has gained a leading reputation in the community. Contact us today at (603) 225-2825 for mold, water, fire or storm-related property losses.

Call Our Fire Damage Technicians If Your Bow Home Experiences A Disaster

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Call (603) 225-2825 immediately after the fire truck drives away to ensure a speedy and favorable outcome.

Separate And Conquer Fire Damage In Your Bow Home

No matter how hard you and your family members try to simplify, the quantity of furnishings, household goods, and personal items in your Bow home is significant. When even a small fire takes hold, those who extinguish it cannot worry about the effect chemical fire retardants and water might have on your possessions. Once the fire is out, not only do the structural components of your home need cleanup, but the contents need specialized attention as well.

After the first responders release it back to you, arrange for our team to assess your Bow home’s fire damage. The sooner we arrive on your scene, the better the chance for our joint success. We might recommend a pack-out of both damaged and seemingly untouched contents as part of the comprehensive mitigation and remediation plan. Moving your possessions shields them from the residues disturbed and drifting during the on-site tasks. Soot is finely grained yet corrosive and abrasive, capable of accelerating damage to your portable possessions. Contaminated water also threatens to harm the contents further.

SERVPRO employs the Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) to document what we move out using detailed lists, digital photos, and barcodes. The system permits us to share with you and your insurance company the evaluation of every item our production facility technicians complete and the next steps they suggest to clean, dry, deodorize, and restore the items.

As SERVPRO technicians complete processing of each item using their Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training they package and store the goods in our climate-controlled storage area. We select different techniques appropriate to clean and dry different articles, following industry best practices. Examples include ultrasonic immersion tank cleaning for intricately detailed decorative items or window blinds. Freeze drying halts deterioration of papers and photos, removing water by skipping the liquid phase through the application of carefully controlled pressure in a vacuum.

The SERVPRO crews working at your home are unimpeded by furniture and boxes, able to rapidly remove the dirty water, clear away soot, determine whether charred surfaces need replacement, and follow a multi-step protocol to deodorize the space.

Allow SERVPRO of Concord to serve your fire damage remediation needs better by sorting tasks between on-site cleanup and production facility pack-out strategies. Call (603) 225-2825 immediately after the fire truck drives away to ensure a speedy and favorable outcome.

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SERVPRO Ties a Bow Around Your Flood Damaged Property

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

Need Help with Floodwater Removal in Bow? We can Help. SERVPRO

The Different Approaches to Flood Damage and Contamination in Bow

Adverse weather conditions in Bow can present a range of property issues that require immediate attention, chief among them, flooding. Depending on the area, and the age of your property, flooding can be the result of external or internal plumbing issues. External issues could include nearby road overflow or flash flooding. Internal issues may include a burst or split pipe that could last several hours if you are away from home.

Our experienced professionals are capable of dealing with both types of flood damage in Bow. SERVPRO restorers can make immediate assessments of potential hazards as well as the type of water or possible contamination issues. These contamination issues are prevalent in external flooding situations where the water may contain raw sewage, animal carcasses, or pathogens.

Different levels of water contamination- white, grey, or black- require approaches that are sensitive to possible health risks. A black water issue requires personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as extreme caution. Your SERVPRO restorer must quarantine the affected area, establish a de-contamination zone as well as demolish items like carpets, drywall or insulation that has come into contact with Black Water. White and grey water emergencies also require some level of health risk concern, but usually, possessions and structural components can be restored rather than replaced.

Clean water emergencies need to be remedied quickly because the longer standing water remains in the home, the more likely it is to become increasingly contaminated- white water scales to grey water, which in turn scales to black water over time. SERVPRO mobilize submersible gas-powered equipment to pump large volumes out of your home and into a nearby open sewer point. This equipment is exceptionally effective at removing standing water of two inches or more. The last part of decontamination is the application of anti-microbial treatments as well as disinfectants to ensure secondary issues are kept to a minimum.

In an emergency situation, a quick response is essential, contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825.

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