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Virus Pandemic Threatens Concord Area

4/3/2020 (Permalink)

close up of virus cells on a red background Cleaning and sanitizing are both keys to helping stop the spread of viruses.

SERVPRO of Concord Protects Our Community 

Government officials and the scientific community continue to discuss the value of social distancing to reduce the pandemic threat. We all have to do our part in “flattening the curve” of the infection rate.  Now is the moment for each of us to be accountable in preventing the spread of the virus. SERVPRO of Concord is uniquely qualified to provide a professional-grade preventative cleaning service for homes and businesses in Concord and surrounding locals.

One of the options available to you in the fight against this virus pandemic in Concord is to enlist the help of a professional service provider such as SERVPRO. Our technicians train specifically to handle biohazardous situations, environmental microbial cleanup. We are ready to do so at your home or business.  Our company and many of our key employees are certified in remediation by the Institute of Inspection Cleanup and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We are experts with experience in the field of bioremediation. We understand how to follow CDC guidelines and EPA and OSHA protocols.  Right now, all our knowledge, expertise and resources are at your disposal to help fight this virus. 

  • Special training
  • Advanced equipment and cleaning techniques 
  • Commercial cleaning agents
  • Strategies for commercial and residential locations
  • Deep cleaning and preventative cleaning maintenance programs

SERVPRO of Concord can be an essential part of your virus protection plan. We offer one-time and scheduled services. Call us at (603) 225-2825 to discuss your needs and for an inspection appointment. 

Advice from the medical and scientific community regarding how to deal with the coronavirus is based on present knowledge, which is subject to change as the situation continues to develop. There can be no assurance that disinfectants alone will be adequate to fully eliminate the virus. We are not physicians or infectious disease professionals. Consult your medical professionals for individual medical advice.

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Why do I need commercial water removal services in Concord?

4/1/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Ensures Commercial Water Cleanup in Your Concord Office is Addressed Quickly to Reduce Damage

When you arrive at your office to find out that a pipe burst, it adds a great deal of stress to your plate. However, having the experts help with restoration ensures your business is back up and running sooner than later. The restoration process often includes securing your contents and moving them to a dry area so mitigation can get underway.

How Do Skilled Technicians Rid My Office of Moisture?
Successful commercial water cleanup in Concord involves more than removing all visible fluids. Your office has carpeting, furnishings, and small cavities where water migrates, leaving behind notable damage and the potential for mold and mildew growth. Our team of skilled technicians at SERVPRO brings along powerful equipment to tackle the job, including:

    •    Submersible and truck-mounted pumps that allow us to remove hundreds to thousands of gallons of water.
    •    Light wand technology for the removal of excess water and moisture from carpets and the padding below.
    •    Moisture sensors allow us to detect moisture left behind in soft materials, while moisture meters help us to monitor the total moisture content in various materials so that we can determine when the structure is thoroughly dry.
    •    Antimicrobial agents are applied to fight against the development of microorganisms and bacteria that cause foul odors.

There are some situations where DIY mopping from your maintenance crew can get the job done. However, the real issue lies in failing to locate all areas of hidden moisture where damage multiplies. SERVPRO is Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we work hard to restore your office space to normal quickly so that you can resume daily operations.

SERVPRO of Concord is available whenever you need help with high-quality commercial water cleanup. Give our team a phone call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (603) 225-2825, and we send out a team as soon as possible to begin the assessment.

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Flooding In Your Concord Basement

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

flood damaged home Give us a call anytime that you need us at (603) 225-2825.

Ground Infiltration Flooding for Concord Basements

Flooding is a situation that many Concord homeowners might experience throughout the year, and without this being a cause for standing water in a basement, these same property owners might not realize there is an issue. Damp basements are almost a staple of residences around the city because groundwater is such a formidable force against buried blockwork and mortar joints. Ground infiltration can occur in many stages, each of which presents potential hazards and a pressing need for water removal.

No matter how severe you believe flood damage in your Concord home to be, our SERVPRO team must prepare for the situation to be worse than described. Steady moisture penetration in the basement can be a launching pad for widespread mold development, and these colonies can present acute and chronic health effects for those exposed. Addressing water penetration involves several practices that our team can offer damaged homes.

Water Removal
Removing water pooling on the concrete floors of your basement involves whatever extraction device is best suited to the situation. For standing water above two inches in depth, we can utilize electric submersible pumps. Less than this, wet vacuums with wands can take care of the surface water.

Evaporative drying practices involve several machines working together. Air movers are the cornerstone of this drying process, but without a balanced use of dehumidification tools, basements suffer elevated humidity levels, which is equally enticing to mold spores.

Ground infiltration can often occur through the blockwork in your home’s foundation, which either requires the replacement of these concrete masonry units (CMU) or patches using products like hydraulic cement. Reducing the ability of moisture to pass through the walls in their vulnerable points can help to dry up the damp basement permanently.

Water penetration might not always feel like flooding, but it can often produce the same destructive effects. Our SERVPRO of Concord team has the experience and cutting-edge equipment to help remove water pooling and dry up your basement for the foreseeable future. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (603) 225-2825.

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Handling Water Removal in a Concord Rental Home After Bathtub Flooding

3/3/2020 (Permalink)

Bathroom flooded "We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster."

SERVPRO’s how to for water damage

For many students, college is a time where they adapt to the responsibilities of adulthood during their studies. However, things may not always go as planned: lapses in memory and judgment are liable to happen, as they are with any home. Students living in a rental house with roommates may not know what to do right away when their second-floor bathroom floods because they left the water on in the bathtub. 

When accidents require water removal in Concord, certified SERVPRO technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to address it. These cleanup specialists use tried-and-true, eco-friendly methods to take care of disasters quickly and efficiently.

Stopping a Bathroom Flood

In the event a water-related mishap occurs in your home, use these guidelines for cleanup:

Turn off the water supply immediately. It may be necessary to hit the shutoff valve on the wall behind the fixture. If this valve is stuck, use the house's water main shutoff valve instead.

Use your circuit breaker. Electrocution is always a potential hazard with indoor flooding, so turn off bathroom electricity safely.

Remove standing water. Use mops, sponges, and towels to clean water. Wet/dry shop vacs can make the job easier. If the disaster is a toilet flood or other disaster involving unclean water, call a professional right away.

Keep the bathroom well-ventilated. Use fans and open windows to keep clean air continuously moving through the area. 

How SERVPRO Can Help

When a SERVPRO team comes to your home, these certified experts are you able to go in with state-of-the-art technologies to address water-related disaster safely and effectively. If walls and carpeting have been affected by water from bathroom flooding, SERVPRO can use commercial wet/dry vacuums, mops, and back-mounted extractors to eliminate water.

Eco-friendly, OSHA-approved, and EPA-registered antimicrobials are used to disinfect while minimizing allergens. Air movers, dehumidifiers, and industrial box fans are utilized to ventilate and dry residual moisture in walls, carpet, and tile. If water has leaked through tile grout and into the subflooring, drying from underneath the subfloor is a possible way to address moisture. 

SERVPRO of Concord is always available for disaster mitigation. The goal is to ensure that your home looks, "Like it never even happened." If you need fast clean up for your disaster, call (603) 225-2825 today.

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We Act Fast In Concord After A Flood

2/26/2020 (Permalink)

One of our large trailer mounted generator We bring own source of power to the disaster site when a storm has hit. Here is our large trailer mounted generator which is used in such instances.

Drying Exterior Walls

Flooding after a storm can wreak havoc in many areas, inundating streets and homes with floodwaters. Basements may be flooded, either through water backing up through basement drains or even through porous walls. It is imperative to remove water from walls in addition to any moisture that may be present inside the basement.

SERVPRO provides flood damage services in Concord and surrounding areas. We have lived and worked in the community providing emergency services for over 28 years. Our people have dealt with almost every emergency possible and have been trained to deal with these emergencies. We respond quickly to your home or business and are available on a 24 / 7 basis.

Drying Exterior Walls After a Flood

After the floods have receded, there can still be high humidity levels in basements, even those that did not have an excessive amount of water inside the basement. Initial cleanup includes removing flood-damaged contents and drying the area. We use water extractors for carpeted floors, air movers, and dehumidifiers. Note: if the water was contaminated, some items might need to be removed or decontaminated following industry procedures.

The walls of your basement may present additional challenges. Flood cuts may be required above the water line to remove flood damaged drywall and expose pockets containing water inside the wall. Homes with cinderblock construction may also contain water inside the cinderblock. Failure to remove this water may be the source of high humidity levels and even mold infestations later on.

SERVPRO can check all exterior walls using moisture sensors. If there are high moisture levels, holes can be drilled at the bottom of the wall to drain water from the interior of the cinderblock wall. We may drill a hole at the top as well to enable airflow and force air into the wall to remove all of the moisture.

An inspection of the exterior areas of the building may also be needed to ensure there is appropriate drainage away from the building to avoid future high moisture conditions inside the cinderblock walls. SERVPRO reviews all of these actions with our clients and their insurance companies.

Call SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Bow, Penacook, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Commercial Water Cleanup In Your Concord Office

2/13/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property The certified technicians can clean and dry the loss area and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Concord Tax Prep Office Needs Commercial Water Cleanup

When tax season rolls around, tax preparation companies count on a brisk business and not dealing with commercial water cleanup.

A local Concord tax filing service needed commercial water cleanup after a pipe break overnight saturated one of their offices. Since this type of business is seasonal, the property owner wanted to reopen as fast as possible.

Immediate Scoping for Water Loss
One of the first actions taken by the techs is to scope the property and determine areas of excessive moisture. The advanced detection equipment lets the techs see behind walls and under floors, so the appropriate steps get taken for opening areas for extraction and drying, such as removing baseboards when elevated moisture gets detected behind them.

Extraction Techniques
SERVPRO technicians found the glue-down carpet delaminated, and it required removal and disposal. The technicians did several passes with their extraction equipment to pull up as much moisture as possible with their portable pumps to expedite the drying process.

Protection of Items During Mitigation
Because elevated humidity can ruin paper and some electronics, SERVPRO technicians moved boxes of IRS forms and computer equipment out of the loss area to ensure those items were not affected by the moisture.

Drying So the Business Can Reopen Quickly
When SERVPRO mitigates water loss, their goal is to get the business open and running again as fast as possible. Through the use of multiple air movers, they can bring down the ambient moisture levels in the office rapidly and get the building dried.

Final Touches
After a water loss, it is vital to restore the property to sanitary standards as well as remove any residual water odors. The techs wiped down all surfaces with their professional-grade cleaning agents. To ensure no foul scents remained, the application of low volume fogging uses a heated fogging solution that penetrates areas and neutralizes any odorous molecules.

SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 is available to help local properties with commercial water cleanup needs. The certified technicians can clean and dry the loss area and make it “Like it never even happened.”

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We Are Available 24/7 In Concord After A Flood

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

A large trailer mounted generator Pictured is a large trailer mounted generator used by our technicians to bring our own source of power to the disaster site.

Credible Flooding Threats to Concord Homes this Winter

When many Concord homeowners think of flooding scenarios, it is often a rushing wall of water pouring in from the rising creeks and streams throughout our service areas. As much of a possibility as this natural flooding might be, there are other more pressing concerns for your home this winter that could threaten your property without flooding out the entire neighborhood as well. Understanding a few of these risks and what you can do about them can save your property from excessive, costly damages.

While in some situations, flood damage to Concord homes cannot get avoided, there are precautionary measures that can get taken when you recognize areas where your property lacks the appropriate protection. With the high volume of water loss incidents and flooding situations our SERVPRO team gets asked to restore and recover every winter, it is evident that homeowners are not as prepared as they might believe for the harsh conditions of the season.

Frozen Pipes

The insulation of various areas of your home can be a direct point of concern during the winter months. Not only can poor insulation result in higher heating expenses, but it can leave exposed pipes of your plumbing more susceptible to freezing. This solidification is even more possible when the water flow has stopped overnight, and temperatures drop well below freezing. The expansion of water freezing in the pipes can cause vulnerable areas to burst, allowing water to flow from the broken pipes until you reach the shutoff valve.

Ice Dams

Ice dams can also get tracked directly to poor insulation of the attic floor in your home and underneath the roof. When areas of the roof get warmed during bitter temperatures outside, melting snow can freeze along the eaves of the roof and continue to build on itself. As it moves back up the roof, it can force itself underneath shingles and remove them, leaving vulnerable areas for snowmelt to penetrate the attic space.

Our SERVPRO professionals can appreciate the severity of both of these situations, as they both require varying forms of extraction and drying to start immediately. In addition to the water loss and flood damage recovery that our team can begin, we also have a team of in-house contractors to address the rebuilding of damaged roofs and the repair of burst plumbing to make these conditions “Like it never even happened.”

No matter how our SERVPRO of Concord team can help in an emergency, give us a call 24/7 at (603) 225-2825.

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Water Cleanup Inside Your Concord Home

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged flooring Give us a phone call at any time, day or night, at (603) 225-2825 so that we can make it “Like it never even happened.”

Why Choose SERVPRO When Faced with Water Cleanup Inside Your Concord Home?

A significant water loss incident is both stressful and challenging, especially if you wait too long before you reach out to trained professionals for restoration. When it comes to water cleanup of any kind, you can trust that our team at SERVPRO has your best interests in mind. We come armed with all of the best solutions for addressing your needs promptly.

When it comes to water cleanup in Concord, it can be challenging to bring down moisture levels throughout your home if flooring and carpets become saturated. The ability to reduce damage is a matter of the techniques and equipment used, which is where SERVPRO is on point.

Why Call SERVPRO First?
If you suffer from a water loss incident, we deploy Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) and Carpet Cleaning Technicians (CCT) to assess your needs. We use the latest technology and methods to preserve the appearance and integrity of your soiled, wet carpets from water infiltration.

On the surface, the carpeting may not show how severe the damage is. Most carpets absorb a magnitude of water before it shows on the surface. Our SERVPRO team has multiple extraction options at our disposal to help bring up water deep down in your carpeting and flooring. This includes the use of weighted, ride-on extractor units as well as handheld units to ensure no area is left where moisture can fester.

To further solidify that your home is free from leftover water, we have moisture sensors used to detect moisture left behind in both carpeting and the padding below. Our moisture sensor uses sharp probes that get down under the surface level to determine if moisture has gotten into the subfloor below. SERVPRO technicians also have infrared cameras, or thermal imaging cameras, that inspect and monitor moisture that might be left within your home’s building materials. These and other specialized tools help us make sure that your house is adequately dry.

Regardless of the scope or size of the water emergency, you are faced with, you can trust that our skilled technicians at SERVPRO of Concord get to work fast to help with water cleanup. Give us a phone call at any time, day or night, at (603) 225-2825 so that we can make it “Like it never even happened.”

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Fire Damage And Restoration In Your Concord Home

1/21/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged property We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Professional Results for Safe Fire Damage and Restoration in Concord

A structure fire can start small and then turn into a significant catastrophe within minutes. The longer it takes to extinguish the fire, the more damage and debris is left behind. Working with a professional team for restoration, such as SERVPRO, helps you to ensure that the cleanup process gets underway promptly. After all, the more time that burnt materials sit around, the longer all of the pungent odors linger.

With any restoration process that we take on, SERVPRO technicians work quickly to ensure we return your home to the preloss condition. We are experts when it comes to fire damage in Concord, making sure that you can re-enter your home to get back to your daily life sooner.

Whenever something burns within a structure, soot residue, smoke, and burnt particles linger and create pungent, unpleasant odors. Even when moving quickly to remove burnt, charred materials, further deodorization might be necessary to rid your home of all foul odors.

SERVPRO technicians start by securing the building, inspecting your property thoroughly to rule out any potential safety hazards. Once the area is deemed safe, we remove all fire-damaged items and double-check to ensure no moisture is left behind from extinguishing the fire. Many materials and items may have to be removed and replaced, but there are times when our technicians can save items by cleaning and disinfecting.

In a situation where building materials like wooden studs are charred less than ¼ of an inch, we fix it by removing the charred portion. We then seal the item, refinishing if necessary. Should the materials only be slightly charred, we can sand them, use steel scrub brushes to remove the burnt portion, or use dry ice blasting or soda blasting for effectively removing all the damage.

Regardless of the level of fire damage that you are faced with, our team of restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Concord makes it look, “Like it never even happened.” If you need immediate help to get your household back to normal after a fire, please give our experts a call at (603) 225-2825, and we can send a team out as soon as possible.

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How SERVPRO Removes Water From Concord Businesses

1/8/2020 (Permalink)

man, working on laptop,  sitting on floatation device in flooded office Is flooding causing your office to float? SERVPRO can quickly remove water and restore your business.

Make a Resolution to Better Prepare for Disasters Needing Commercial Water Removal in Your Concord Business 

SERVPRO realizes that the demands of running a business keep business owners and managers in Concord busy. We also understand that unexpected disasters can force a company to falter or even fail. We want business owners in our area to succeed and encourage each one to become better prepared for such crises. We can help your business survive a disaster by decreasing the time it takes to recover.  

Many disasters that affect businesses require commercial water removal in Concord as part of the mitigation process. Our READY Profile Plan helps businesses of all sizes and types, from small storefronts to major manufacturing facilities, service providers like gymnasiums, restaurants, and schools, to speed up the restoration work. This Plan, once completed, cuts away the time needed to communicate the scope of the problem, as well as help us in preparing to serve your business during a crisis.  

Restoration to dry conditions after a water leak, flood or fire must happen for other mitigation efforts to achieve their full effectiveness. Damp conditions destroy many building materials while also providing an ideal environment for unwanted lifeforms like vermin and microbes. Our goal is to remove any water present in your business after a disaster. Having a Plan with us helps us immensely in setting up our machinery.  

When leaks in your plumbing caused the problem, we can refer to the Plan's details. Entryways and other openings play a role in how we position our extraction machines, air movers, and dehumidifiers. Placing these machines in specific ways facilitates peak performance, ensuring they dry structure, contents, and the air, all at optimal rates.  

Water removal does include extracting water with pumps and other direct removal machinery. We use a range of devices to both remove moisture and measure the steadily decreasing moisture throughout your business. We recommend starting the new year prepared for disasters by calling SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 to complete your business' READY Profile Plan. 

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