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Ozone Generation Can Help with Commercial Fire Damage in Concord

4/11/2022 (Permalink)

inside of gift shop, potted plants shown Even small fires can cause significant damage to your business. SERVPRO is trained and ready to restore your property.

SERVPRO Is Available for Commercial Fire and Smoke Restorations in Concord

One day things could be going as usual with your gift shop when suddenly your furnace malfunctions and a fire starts. Even if you or the fire department extinguishes the flames quickly, several problems could still result. One major issue with structural blazes is the partially combusted particles (or smoke) released during the burn.

The process of mitigating commercial fire damage in Concord often requires mitigating issues caused by smoke. When smoke touches cooler surfaces like your walls or ceilings, it can solidify and turn into soot residues. The smoke can also penetrate all porous materials throughout your structure and leave a burnt aroma. If a fire starts in your gift shop, any of your cloth or paper products could become sources of foul odors.

We can offer services to make your gift shop seem "Like it never even happened."

  • Smoke Remediation
  • Structural Deodorization
  • Fire Damage Debris Removal
  • Water & Fire Damage Restorations
  • Content Cleaning and Deodorization

Our SERVPRO technicians can take the first steps to remove any burnt debris and clean any soot residues that contaminate the surfaces of your gift shop's building materials or contents. If foul odors remain once the restoration steps get taken, we can make efforts to deodorize your structure. We can use an ultra-low volume (ULV) or thermal fogger that can break deodorizers down into microscopic particles that can mimic how smoke moves through your building. We can also use an ozone generator that creates unstable O3 molecules that oxidize and neutralize malodor particles. We can use ozone machines to deodorize your structural components or your gift shop's products once they get packed out and moved to a separate location.

If your furnace ever causes a fire inside your gift shop, call SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825.

What Is the Best Flood Damage Management Solution in Concord Premises?

2/27/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded office with water covering the floor Regardless of the cause, flooding at your commercial location needs to be dealt with right away. Contact our certified technicians 24/7.

SERVPRO Evaluates Flooding Sources for Appropriate Restoration of Concord Properties

Flooding can arise at your concord property for various reasons, including torrential rain or rising water overflowing from natural waterways such as rivers or lakes. Since buildings are constructed to withstand extreme weather, there might be additional reasons why your property floods, such as a roof breach or shattered windows. Whatever the cause, you must take action to control the flood damage for your business to continue normally.

The water source matters as you take action against flood damage at your Concord facility. Some sources like rising groundwater from rivers lead to heavy contamination, unlike torrential rain breaching through a roof. The amount of water involved also differs depending on the source. SERVPRO provides comprehensive solutions to match the different challenges arising after flooding.

The most challenging aspects of dealing with flooding include:

  • Controlling contamination
  • Handling deteriorated materials
  • Cleaning the property

Contamination falls into different categories, with level 3 being the most severe. Rising water from streams and rivers falls in this category. Exposure to such water necessitates teardown and removal of several materials since decontamination is not possible in all areas. Our SERVPRO technicians help identify what items you need to remove based on their porosity.

Other necessary actions to manage contamination include:

  • Spraying broad-spectrum disinfectants
  • Securing the demolished materials for safe disposal
  • Moisture management to halt further microbial development

Receding flood waters leave various residues like silt and mud, thus significantly soiling materials and surfaces. A thorough cleanup exercise is necessary to address diverse soils depending on the affected material. Our SERVPRO technicians help because we have appropriate resources, including powerful agitation equipment such as pressure washers and rotating brushes which simplify the cleanup of structural areas like floors or contents like carpets and upholstery.

When you need assistance in dealing with flood damage, SERVPRO of Concord can help. You can reach us at (603) 225-2825.

Does Your Concord Commercial Property Require Water Damage Repair?

12/14/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded storage room with boxes floating everywhere Has your business been affected by water damage? Our SERVPRO team is standing by with knowledgeable technicians and equipment to tackle the repair.

Calling SERVPRO to Your Concord Commercial Property Gets You Reliable Water Damage Repair, Fast!

Property damage from water intrusion is the last thing you want at your commercial building. Closing your doors will lead to lost revenue, especially if you are in the service industry. Nobody can afford water damage downtime, so you need a team on your side to reach 24-hours a day. SERVPRO’s commercial property restoration team will help you keep or re-open the doors of your Concord business in a timely manner.

Facility directors, property managers, and business owners in the area can trust our skills when you contact us for commercial water damage repair in Concord. We are a trusted restoration provider in the industry and proud to be locally owned and operated. These are a few of the commercial operations we can serve with water removal services and restorations:

  • Small retail outlets and large shopping centers
  • Entertainment venues and hotels
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Condos and apartment buildings
  • Nursing homes, labs, healthcare facilities, and hospitals
  • Industrial sites, production facilities, and packing plants
  • Storage facilities and warehouses
  • Religious institutions and churches
  • Municipal and government buildings
  • Private and public educational buildings
  • Offices and professional buildings

Get Back to Business Faster with a Call to SERVPRO!

Water damage within a commercial setting brings unique problems to the table. Ceilings, office furnishings, walls, and carpeting need prompt attention. Subfloor and sheetrock that get saturated can impact the structural integrity of your building. Additionally, the damp environment turns into a breeding ground for mildew and mold. SERVPRO responds within hours of your call to begin water mitigation, drying, and deodorization to ensure everything gets back to pre-water event condition. With SERVPRO, you never miss a beat!

Call SERVPRO of Concord to inquire about our water damage repair or to have us come out to your commercial building to assess the damage present. You can reach us for emergency response by dialing (603) 225-2825.

How Can SERVPRO Save My Eager Business Money On A Move-Out During Fire Damage Restoration?

10/28/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo over fire When you experience a fire in your property, you need expert assistance. Call our team at SERVPRO at (603) 225-2825.

Concord Business Owners Are Eager To Save On Costs

Concord business owners know how important it is to watch their budget in every area of business. A savvy CEO will look for the best ways to save on costs without compromising on quality to keep their business’ accounts healthy. However, most people most likely do not consider the price of a fire in terms of lost working hours and damage to valuable equipment. Ablaze can be costly for a business, so getting good value for money is vital during the fire damage restoration process.

Fire damage restoration is a must for Concord business owners after a fire. It isn’t easy to get business premises truly usable again without some help from the experts. SERVPRO teams are equipped with all the tools and training to handle any size of fire damage cleanup. Hiring a professional organization is one way to save money – we get you back on your feet and able to start earning again, faster.

One Way we Can Help You With Costs is by Lowering the Price of a Move-Out.

What is a Move-Out?

A move-out removes various items such as office furniture, equipment, records, and more, to a secure location after a fire. A move-out is not always necessary, but in some cases, it is the best way to clear space for restoration crews to do their job.

SERVPRO of Concord takes great care to monitor and log your inventory before moving and to handle all items with the utmost care and attention. After all, broken items cost you money, so protecting each piece is vital.

How Can SERVPRO Help Save Me Money on a Move-Out?

A move-out can add to the restoration fee, which is why we only use it as a strategy when necessary. However, even when a move-out is needed, we are always budget aware. Some things we can do to keep the cost down include:

  • Cleaning items before moving them out to cut down on the labor cost of unpacking, cleaning, and then re-packing at the storage facility
  • Storing some things on the business premises, if there are secure areas that are safe to use as storage, the overall labor and move-out cost is less
  • Liaising with you and showing you your best plans and options, so you always know how your money is being spent and why

What Does SERVPRO Do After the Move-Out?

After the move-out, SERVPRO teams set to work cleaning and restoring your business premises to leave it “Like it never even happened.” For example, we:

  • Use water extractors to remove water from fire-fighting efforts
  • Utilize hand-cleaning, scrubbing, vacuuming, immersion, and spot cleaning to remove soot stains from everything, including the walls, ceiling, furniture, and upholstery
  • Send items out for deep or dry cleaning if necessary
  • Assess paper files and records for damage, and use vacuum freezing to prevent further damage if needed
  • Bring in air scrubbers and fogger to remove smoky smells and leave the building smelling fresh once more

What Happens When It’s Time to Move Things Back in?

When cleaning is complete, it is time to return your items to your business premises. Don’t fret – when it comes time for a move-back, our teams will take excellent care of your contents and ensure their safe return. We start our move-back process by double-checking that your inventory is accurately logged. Then we load your items onto our trucks, secure them to prevent damage, and return them to your premises. If we have your permission, we can also take care of unpacking your items and returning them to their rightful positions.

We stay in touch with you, our staff at your premises, and, if necessary, your insurance adjuster to ensure a smooth and easy move-back.

Is There Anything I Can Do in Advance to Prepare for a Move-Out?

It is always a good idea to prepare for a disaster. We recommend using the SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) to stay one step ahead. ERP helps you complete a full assessment of your business premises and plan for potential emergencies. The free ERP app guides you through assessing your business and taking detailed notes about the premises.

You can include your fire damage plan and an inventory of your business items in your Emergency Ready Plan. You can also use it to establish SERVPRO as your go-to fire damage restoration experts so that you can contact us more quickly in the event of a blaze.

Planning with ERP means you and your staff know exactly what to do if a fire occurs, saving valuable time.

If you are concerned about fire damage to your business premises, call SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825.

How Does Water Damage Restoration by Concord Professionals Compare to Handling by Janitorial Staff?

9/13/2021 (Permalink)

Call Now! SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and trained for any size commercial water damage service you need.

Professionalism and Preparation by SERVPRO Help Improve the Outcome of Water Damage Repair

Whenever burst pipes or leaking roofs from storms release water into unwanted areas of your Concord business premises, you must find a way to restore normalcy first. It is easy to dismiss the exercise as something your regular janitorial staff can handle easily. However, professional restorers might offer some extra benefits.

The differences noted when water damage restoration of Concord properties is handled by professionals arise for various reasons, including the level of preparation, technical skills, and attitude of the work crews. Unlike your staff, who may view water removal and drying of materials as an additional burden on top of their regular work, professional restorers are prepared to get the situation under control quickly and hand over the property to you. SERVPRO provides highly trained and IICRC certified Water Restoration Technicians to ensure such a quick turnaround. 

Speedy results are also realized because of better preparation before the job starts:

  • Estimating the number and type of restoration equipment needed
  • Better evaluation of the loss situation
  • Identification and addressing of any safety issues 

Water damage may require a wide array of equipment, including extractors such as dry/wet vacuums, cleaning equipment such as rotating brushes, and drying equipment. If structural materials deteriorate extensively from moisture exposure, controlled demolition may be required, necessitating the use of cutting saws, drills, pry bars, and rubber hammers, among others. The need for specialized tools your cleaning staff might not have means the task is likely to be more inconvenient. 

Finally, water damage remediation may not be as clear-cut as you expect. SERVPRO professionals are ready to guide, educate and offer any information that a property owner might need to resolve immediate or long-term issues.

SERVPRO of Concord handles water damage conveniently for business owners ensuring minimal disruptions. Call us at (603) 225-2825. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

We Make Your Concord Building Safe Again After A Fire

8/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Fire loss to your commercial building isn't a complete loss. SERVPRO Technicians are trained and experienced in all phases of fire damage restoration.

Challenges When Fire Damages Your Concord Day Care Center

Keeping the space safe for vulnerable little one is the charge after a fire loss in your Concord Day Care Center. The families who depend on you and your staff for loving care now look to you for answers. They need assurance that safeguards are in place to prevent another fire. The certainty that the residues, odors, and debris left after the blaze can wholly and safely be removed is another understandable demand. We can help with the cleanup.

Small Fires Can Feel Like Big Problems

Although the minor blaze in an office of your Concord Day Care Center confined fire damage away from the children's areas, the risk of spreading residues and odors worries you and your staff. Contacting us for advice and mitigation and remediation services helps you answer the concerns of your small charges' families and should meet the requirements of licensing agencies. 

Containment of the Remediation Work Space

To keep the unaffected spaces in the day care free of hazardous residues during the cleanup, SERVPRO partitions the fire site off. We use heavy plastic sheeting and add an air scrubbing system to accomplish several goals. The negative pressure generated by the air scrubber seals the edges of the partition. The suction pulls the contaminated air in the office through HEPA filters and then vents it to the outside. Our technicians wear personal protective equipment while working to clear the office of all residues. This also prevents the toxic debris from the fire from spreading on our employees' clothing or shoes. 

Proprietary Cleaners and Disinfectants Safe for Use Around Children

The last thing SERVPRO wants when completing a fire damage project is switching the fear of exposure to fire residues with concerns about the hazards of cleaning and disinfecting agents. We are constantly upgrading our products to strike a balance between effectiveness and safety. Today botanically derived cleaners and disinfectants deliver the results needed in the restoration agency while being safe to use around pets and children.

Count on SERVPRO of Concord to use industry best practices and innovative new products to keep you and your littlest customers safe after fire damage. Contact us at (603) 225-2825 for a fire damage assessment and project plan.

How Does an Air conditioning Malfunction Necessitate Water Mitigation for Concord Businesses?

6/11/2021 (Permalink)

ceiling in office, vent and lights Water damage in Concord commercial buildings are not always readily visible. SERVPRO can dry the ducts and restore good indoor air quality

You Can Call SERVPRO to Help with HVAC Issues Including Water Damage Repairs at Your Concord Office

Ventilation systems in commercial buildings often provide an unwanted conduit for transporting water and mold odors.

In most cases, water mitigation in Concord business premises is required when internal water sources such as burst pipes or external sources like rain introduce moisture in unwanted areas. However, the moisture can also originate from uncommon sources such as a malfunctioning HVAC system.

The ductwork in a faulty HVAC system produces condensation, seeping out through cracks wetting porous materials in the surrounding areas. The state of the building can worsen the problem. For instance, in older buildings with scissor truss work, you might not notice the issue until the water is significant enough to flow through. SERVPRO helps establish the problem with the air conditioning unit and also resolves the damage moisture causes in structural elements.

The water restoration may involve:

  • Water clean up
  • Water damage repairs
  • Water damage remediation

SERVPRO takes various steps to address condensation issues that lead to water damage. Cleaning air ducts and filters is one way to manage the condensation if the system is not physically damaged since contaminants restrict airflow. Our technicians use dry/wet vacs to unclogged ducts or specialized duct cleaning equipment.

Our technicians also inspect the system for cracks and other physical damages such as rusted drain pans or broken condensate pumps. Low or leaking refrigerants can also lead to moisture problems. After addressing the problem with the system, our technicians dry the affected structural materials eliminating the problem, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Concord helps with water mitigation under different circumstances. Call us at (603) 225-2825 for assistance to restore your business place to its preloss state.

Is SERVPRO a Reliable Water Damage Restoration Company in Concord?

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

Office with desks and chairs sitting in water damage When your office has water damage, contact SERVPRO. We’re Here to Help.

When Your Office needs Water Damage Restoration, Call SERVPRO

Water damage to your Concord office can put any business owner under stress. Water damage remediation is a complicated task that needs to be done by professionals. If you observe any water damage to your office space, quickly call SERVPRO's water damage restoration (WRT) experts for mitigation from a burst pipe, ceiling leak, or even a flood restoration. Our team of professionally trained technicians has the right equipment and technical know-how to restore your business place in no time. Burst pipes can cause water accumulation in your Concord office, necessitating professional water removal services. Our professionals extract the water from the premises with state-of-the-art extraction units. Once the water is removed, we use various equipment to assess the moisture content using hygrometers, thermal imaging cameras, and thermal sensors. The goal is to restore standard moisture content levels and reduce the potential of secondary water damage.

SERVPRO's Water Damage Restoration Process

Our SERVPRO team of water damage repair experts in Concord begin the restoration process as soon as we arrive at the site. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

  • The first step is usually to assess the extent of the damage.
  • The next step is to remove any standing water by pumping or vacuuming it out and to speed up the evaporation process.
  • The next step involves cleaning the water damaged contents and structural materials.
  • Antimicrobial application is the final step of the process, especially if we clean up after a sewage backup.

Water damage to a commercial space can spell disaster if not addressed promptly. It can disrupt the office routine and staff paychecks. Contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 for 24/7 help.

Dog Owners in Bow are Welcome to the No Monkey Business Dog Training Video Workshop

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

Dog sitting for a treat After a fire incident takes place. You can trust that your business is in good hands with the experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

Join Other Bow Residents in Learning How to Maintain Harmony and Safety in a Multi-dog Household

Dogs are fun to be with, but if you own over one, sometimes the fun can turn to chaos. As a dog owner in Bow, learning how to train your dogs to co-exist and create a safe and happy environment is vital.

If you are thinking of having over one dog or you already have multiple, it is advisable to attend the No Monkey Business dog video training workshop. The workshop informs pet owners how they can keep their multi-dog household happy and safe. Also, attendees can learn:

  • Multi-dog household management
  • Fun multi-dog games
  • Training exercises

Taking place on January 24th, 2020 via Zoom, attendees are expected to join the event by 11 AM. Those interested should expect the Zoom link and how to join instructions after registration.

SERVPRO of Concord humbly welcomes you to the Multi-dog household workshop event. We support enterprises that make these events possible. If you need commercial fire damage restoration for your Bow business, call our restorers at (603) 225-2825 to avoid costly repairs and restore your property in a brief period. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.  

Concord NH: History Early Settlers, Statehood, Presidents and Water Damage.

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

New Hampshire State House Don't let your company suffer from water damage. Call SERVPRO for expedite service to mitigate all of your water damage needs.

Present Day Film Making Supports Local Concord Film Makers 

The city of Concord, New Hampshire, is the capital of the state. There have been people residing in the area for thousands of years. The Pennacook, a native American tribe, lived in the area, fishing, raising crops, and hunting before settlers moved into the area. Captain Ebenezer Eastman settled in the region in 1727, naming the settlement Penacook. The original village lies in the northern boundary of Concord.

In 1735, the town was incorporated as Rumford. The town was renamed Concord in 1765 following a dispute between Rumford and the village of Bow to the south. Over the years, Concord was viewed as a natural choice as the state capital. Industries included furniture making, the Concord coach, textiles, and a railway hub, making this a prosperous city. Today, enterprises have evolved to include insurance companies and a center for health care.

Service Clubs in Concord

The city of Concord supports a variety of service clubs in the community. The Kiwanis, Lions Club, Woman's Club, Rotary, and Masons have active clubs operating in the area. Every year they provide support to the community in many ways such as:

  • Fundraisers for charity
  • Youth programs
  • City programs
  • Food banks
  • Sports
  • And many more

New in Town? Try These Interesting Things to Do in Concord

Perhaps you're a resident of the area and have decided on a staycation with your family. Why not try these exciting things in the city and get to know it a little better. If you're new in town, try out these suggestions to learn about your new community.

Take in a Movie - Red River Theater

Watch local movies focusing on art-house productions. The community provided funding for the theater to support the Concord cultural scene. This theater is not the place to see mainstream movies.

Visit the Granite Street Candy Shop

Initially started in 1927, the shop served sweets using the same recipes and much of the original equipment for many years. The Candy Shop is an integral part of the business community.

Visit Local Landmarks

The New Hampshire State House, constructed in 1819, is still in use today. Visit the home of the 14th president of the United States, President Franklin Pierce. The New Hampshire Historical Society started in 1823 and now occupies a building constructed in 1911, with many New Hampshire exhibits. Visit the gravesite of President Pierce in a cemetery dating back to 1730.

Enjoy Local Entertainment

From picking your apples at Carter Hill Orchard, in existence from the 1700s, to dining in style at local restaurants including the Granit Restaurant & Bar or catching a game at the Draft Sports Bar and Grill, there is something for everyone.

Walking Tours Are Great to Learn About Local History

Walking tours can be an exciting approach to learning about the local history of many towns and cities. A walking tour around Concord takes visitors to many of the city's landmarks and reviews how the city came to be. Main Street was laid out in 1726 with modest farmhouses, small shops, and houses lining the street. The addition of the statehouse in 1819 followed the designation of Concord as the capital of the state in 1808. These facts are just a few of the interesting tidbits that visitors and residents can learn on a walking tour of downtown Concord.

SNOB (Somewhat North of Boston) Film Festival

The SNOB film festival sponsors independent films and brings them to the theater for local audiences to view. Shown at the Three Rivers Theater, audiences can enjoy one of a kind films that often highlight complimentary messages from Concord artists and across the state and beyond. Prizes are awarded during the festival based on votes from the audience during the festival.

The film festival has been running for the past 18 years. However, during 2020, adjustments to the schedule and showings had to be made as Concord residents adapted to the health regulations currently in place. While the festival was shorter this year compared to others, the show will continue in future years. Typically, the film festival runs from labor day until mid-November of every year.

The SNOB Film Festival posts guidelines for producers to adhere to if they would like to submit their films for showing at the festival. A full set of guidelines can be found on their website. However, their main focus is to review original content produced within two years of the deadline and not shown online or in other venues. Films with a New Hampshire regional connection should hi-lite the details. For example:

  • The location made, edited in NH
  • Actors, directors, or filmmakers from NH
  • Local production crews
  • Other local information such as film sets, families living in NH

This festival is an initiative that supports the local film industry of Concord.

Fast Response, Highly Trained Technicians Reduces Water Restoration Time in Concord

Plumbing leaks, overflowing sinks, and leaking windows are among the common reasons many commercial buildings suffer from water problems. It is not only the physical damage that can be a massive concern for building owners. There can be many issues, but those that top the list are:

  • Lost revenue due to office or store closing
  • Damaged contents that must be replaced
  • Productivity losses when employees cannot work
  • Slips and falls on wet flooring materials
  • Damaged flooring and walls

That's why SERVPRO responds in less than four hours at any time of the day. We understand the importance of being onsite quickly, mitigating the water damage, and beginning the water restoration process. The first steps are always: assess the situation, stop the water leak, and deploy equipment and resources to remove the excess water.

Water restoration includes removing all excess water and moisture, drying the building to bring humidity levels down to normal levels, and removing moisture from all hard to reach cavities to avoid later problems with mold. SERVPRO technicians are expert water restoration professionals.

SERVPRO of Concord provides water restoration services to Concord commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (603) 225-2825. We respond 24/7 to help with all your water restoration needs.

How Do Concord Storeowners Protect Their Merchandise After a Flood?

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in property For 24/7 assistance after a flood, contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825.

SERVPRO Warehouses the Merchandise from Your Concord Shop in an Offsite Location

For an immediate solution following a flood in your Concord business and before professional assistance arrives, it is critical to get your merchandise physically away from the floodwater. You may remove it and store it offsite or store it above the flood line to ensure its safety. Once our emergency mitigation team arrives, they can inventory your items, assess the merchandise's damage, and place it in a secure offsite storage facility. Technicians keep an inventory list for each step of the cleaning and storage process, ensuring everything comes back to you in the best condition possible.

Can Business Remain Operational After a Flood?
Flood damage in your Concord damage can be devastating, both to you and the business. The quicker items are up off the floor and away from excess moisture, and your shop is dry, the faster you can get back to business. SERVPRO technicians understand the importance of safe and efficient restoration procedures. One of the most critical steps in the restoration process is drying your merchandise and the shop structure itself.

What are Some Low-Profile Options for Drying the Business?
    •    Technicians use air movers that are close to the ground and can be placed in inconspicuous areas, facing the walls, so they do not impede business.
    •    If floors sustain flood damage, SERVPRO technicians may place drying mats flat on the floor to dry the floors using heat from an Injectidry machine adequately.
    •    Technicians can place dehumidifiers behind the register or in a backroom to remove excess moisture while still being out of the way.

For 24/7 assistance after a flood, contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

What Should I Do When Flooding Affects my Construction Site?

6/29/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians Call SERVPRO for any type of water removal and remediation efforts you need. We can get you back to work in no time.

SERVPRO is a Concord Restoration Service for Commercial Flood Damage and Loss Recovery.

What is Commercial Flood Mitigation?

A construction site can contain expensive equipment as well as metal and concrete building materials. When flooding occurs, this equipment is at a high risk of sustaining damage from water exposure, which could present itself as rusting or as mold damage to the building's structure. As a foreman, you may need to act quickly in the face of flooding by using a restoration service in Concord to avoid permanent losses to equipment or the structure itself. SERVPRO water restoration technicians (WRT) can perform essential mitigation at a building site to ensure that damages to scaffolding, equipment, and concrete structures are kept to a minimum. We are available for emergencies twenty-four hours a day and, as a local service, can arrive on-site within four hours of notification of loss. 

How can you prevent rusting to metals during flooding?

Rusting of scaffolding or equipment and machinery can be an unfortunate by-product of commercial flood damage in your Concord building site. The most effective method of mitigation is to remove floodwaters using an electric submersible pump before establishing humidity controls to prevent the upper areas of the structure from adversely affected. By ensuring that the work-site is dry, we can perform the crucial steps to avoid water exposure from affecting metals. The next step is to ensure that corrosion does not occur by applying an industrial rusticide directly onto vulnerable materials to remain resistant to lasting damage. 

What steps can I take to avoid water losses at a construction site?

- Inventory any equipment that can be removed from the site before flooding occurs

- Use a restorer with access to external storage for any material that does get wet

- Dry out the affected area quickly and establish humidity controls

If flooding threatens the equipment and scaffolding of your construction site, contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825.

Learn more about Concord.

Who Assesses Odor Buildup in Concord Stockrooms?

6/21/2020 (Permalink)

business stockroom with shelves and boxes Many items can get damaged when your commercial stockroom suffers from water damage. Contact SERVPRO for water removal.

SERVPRO Technicians Are Experts at Finding the Source of an Unpleasant Odor and Performing Commercial Water Restoration in your Business.

Why Does My Stockroom Smell Musty?

The stockrooms and storage areas of Concord businesses can often suffer water-related problems over-time. Since these areas are infrequently visited and not open to customers, it may feel like there is less urgency when odors strike. Musty odors commonly occur as a result of water leaks or rainwater intrusion. The source of these damp spots may not be noticeable without a thorough inspection of the affected area. SERVPRO technicians can perform a professional inspection of your stockroom and put in place a drying strategy.

How can I remedy water odors on my business premises?

Reaching out to a commercial water restoration company in Concord can help you address your issue's root cause. Air fresheners may be a useful stopgap solution. These need changing every few weeks, and there is a strong likelihood of an untreated water problem causing damage over time. These damages can be permanent if left long enough, while the odor may become more potent and overpower air-fresheners or affect your indoor air quality.

How can I stop water odors at the source?

- Remove items that are covering walls or ceilings

- Visually inspect for any signs of discoloration or wetness

- Place a dehumidifier where odor is strongest

Do water odors disappear by themselves?

Changing seasons and temperatures are more or less noticeable, but they generally do not make odors disappear completely. To effectively remediate odors, you need to address the source of the problem and dry out any damp spots. SERVPRO can inspect and dry the wall cavities to ensure that your stockroom returns to its preloss condition. To address indoor air quality, we can place premium air filtration devices that can remove particles as small as 0.3 microns from an indoor environment.

If you need help dealing with stubborn odors in your business, contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825.

Click here for more information about Concord.

Why do I need commercial water removal services in Concord?

4/1/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Ensures Commercial Water Cleanup in Your Concord Office is Addressed Quickly to Reduce Damage

When you arrive at your office to find out that a pipe burst, it adds a great deal of stress to your plate. However, having the experts help with restoration ensures your business is back up and running sooner than later. The restoration process often includes securing your contents and moving them to a dry area so mitigation can get underway.

How Do Skilled Technicians Rid My Office of Moisture?
Successful commercial water cleanup in Concord involves more than removing all visible fluids. Your office has carpeting, furnishings, and small cavities where water migrates, leaving behind notable damage and the potential for mold and mildew growth. Our team of skilled technicians at SERVPRO brings along powerful equipment to tackle the job, including:

    •    Submersible and truck-mounted pumps that allow us to remove hundreds to thousands of gallons of water.
    •    Light wand technology for the removal of excess water and moisture from carpets and the padding below.
    •    Moisture sensors allow us to detect moisture left behind in soft materials, while moisture meters help us to monitor the total moisture content in various materials so that we can determine when the structure is thoroughly dry.
    •    Antimicrobial agents are applied to fight against the development of microorganisms and bacteria that cause foul odors.

There are some situations where DIY mopping from your maintenance crew can get the job done. However, the real issue lies in failing to locate all areas of hidden moisture where damage multiplies. SERVPRO is Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we work hard to restore your office space to normal quickly so that you can resume daily operations.

SERVPRO of Concord is available whenever you need help with high-quality commercial water cleanup. Give our team a phone call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (603) 225-2825, and we send out a team as soon as possible to begin the assessment.

For more about Concord click here.

Commercial Water Cleanup In Your Concord Office

2/13/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property The certified technicians can clean and dry the loss area and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Concord Tax Prep Office Needs Commercial Water Cleanup

When tax season rolls around, tax preparation companies count on a brisk business and not dealing with commercial water cleanup.

A local Concord tax filing service needed commercial water cleanup after a pipe break overnight saturated one of their offices. Since this type of business is seasonal, the property owner wanted to reopen as fast as possible.

Immediate Scoping for Water Loss
One of the first actions taken by the techs is to scope the property and determine areas of excessive moisture. The advanced detection equipment lets the techs see behind walls and under floors, so the appropriate steps get taken for opening areas for extraction and drying, such as removing baseboards when elevated moisture gets detected behind them.

Extraction Techniques
SERVPRO technicians found the glue-down carpet delaminated, and it required removal and disposal. The technicians did several passes with their extraction equipment to pull up as much moisture as possible with their portable pumps to expedite the drying process.

Protection of Items During Mitigation
Because elevated humidity can ruin paper and some electronics, SERVPRO technicians moved boxes of IRS forms and computer equipment out of the loss area to ensure those items were not affected by the moisture.

Drying So the Business Can Reopen Quickly
When SERVPRO mitigates water loss, their goal is to get the business open and running again as fast as possible. Through the use of multiple air movers, they can bring down the ambient moisture levels in the office rapidly and get the building dried.

Final Touches
After a water loss, it is vital to restore the property to sanitary standards as well as remove any residual water odors. The techs wiped down all surfaces with their professional-grade cleaning agents. To ensure no foul scents remained, the application of low volume fogging uses a heated fogging solution that penetrates areas and neutralizes any odorous molecules.

SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 is available to help local properties with commercial water cleanup needs. The certified technicians can clean and dry the loss area and make it “Like it never even happened.”

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How SERVPRO Removes Water From Concord Businesses

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man, working on laptop,  sitting on floatation device in flooded office Is flooding causing your office to float? SERVPRO can quickly remove water and restore your business.

Make a Resolution to Better Prepare for Disasters Needing Commercial Water Removal in Your Concord Business 

SERVPRO realizes that the demands of running a business keep business owners and managers in Concord busy. We also understand that unexpected disasters can force a company to falter or even fail. We want business owners in our area to succeed and encourage each one to become better prepared for such crises. We can help your business survive a disaster by decreasing the time it takes to recover.  

Many disasters that affect businesses require commercial water removal in Concord as part of the mitigation process. Our READY Profile Plan helps businesses of all sizes and types, from small storefronts to major manufacturing facilities, service providers like gymnasiums, restaurants, and schools, to speed up the restoration work. This Plan, once completed, cuts away the time needed to communicate the scope of the problem, as well as help us in preparing to serve your business during a crisis.  

Restoration to dry conditions after a water leak, flood or fire must happen for other mitigation efforts to achieve their full effectiveness. Damp conditions destroy many building materials while also providing an ideal environment for unwanted lifeforms like vermin and microbes. Our goal is to remove any water present in your business after a disaster. Having a Plan with us helps us immensely in setting up our machinery.  

When leaks in your plumbing caused the problem, we can refer to the Plan's details. Entryways and other openings play a role in how we position our extraction machines, air movers, and dehumidifiers. Placing these machines in specific ways facilitates peak performance, ensuring they dry structure, contents, and the air, all at optimal rates.  

Water removal does include extracting water with pumps and other direct removal machinery. We use a range of devices to both remove moisture and measure the steadily decreasing moisture throughout your business. We recommend starting the new year prepared for disasters by calling SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 to complete your business' READY Profile Plan. 

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Steps to Take During Commercial Water Removal in a Concord College

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A room with a bunch of sinks, yellow ceiling and checked floors. We know more than just the basics when it comes to your Concord water damage.

SERVPRO will take on your Concord water damage no matter how deep the water gets.

Several disasters can occur in a college, including water damage. Since many buildings exist in an institution of higher learning, the dangers of water damage vary. For example, a water intrusion problem in the administrative block can differ from one that occurs in a gymnasium or lecture hall. Students and staff members can face various risks during a water loss.

Water can ruin the structures and contents of the affected buildings, and slips and falls can happen because of wet and slippery floors. Performing commercial water removal in a Concord college can prevent the risk of electric shock and health risks from contamination in the water. It can also prevent secondary damage such as rotting, oxidation, and mold growth. To clean up and dry the affected areas quickly and adequately, you can work with a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO.

In the unfortunate event of water damage at a college, notifying the facility manager is vital. The operations manager can take the following steps while waiting for professionals to arrive:

  • Determine the source of the flooded water. It could be from sink overflows, broken pipes, or other issues.
  • Stop the source of the water leak.
  • Determine if there are any other risks at the facility like electrical hazards, slip hazards, and other injury risks.
  • Communicate to students and staff at the college about the disaster.

When we arrive, we can handle the job efficiently since we have advanced equipment and experience. We can inspect the affected buildings thoroughly to document the water category. Our restorers can document primary damage, pre existing damage, and potential secondary damage. Preexisting destruction can include rotting flooring and peeling paintwork.

We can also determine which materials are salvageable and the level of personal protective measures to take. We use moisture detection devices to find the location of saturation. We can inspect everywhere the water could have moved through the buildings. Our SERVPRO crew can complete the cleanup and drying process quickly to prevent secondary damage. We can also apply disinfectants like formaldehydes, phenols, quaternaries, chlorines, and alcohols to affected areas such as floors and walls to kill microbes.

After a water loss incident, you need prompt, professional aid. SERVPRO of Concord can help restore your college to preloss state. Call us at (603) 225-2825. We can deal with the water loss to make it “Like never even happened.”

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Commercial fire damage restoration for Restaurants in Bow

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We can sweep in and take away all your fire fears in Bow as soon as they appear.

Let SERVPRO come in and sweep you off of your fire in damage in Bow.

A busy restaurant kitchen is full of potential fire causing hazards, including naked flames, butane gas, oils, animal fats, and other flammable materials. As a business manager, your responsibility in the immediate aftermath of a fire is to get your commercial services back up and running with as little loss of revenue as possible. In places that serve food, professional restoration services are even more essential to ensure that health and safety standards are met.  

A restaurant manager with commercial fire damage in Bow, you may find that soot, smoke, odors, and surface damages are too extensive to be restored by your regular cleaning contract. SERVPRO provides a commercial service to businesses with trained fire restoration technicians that know what to do to get your restaurant back to its preloss condition. We can dispatch a team of trained technicians alongside an experienced crew chief to ensure your business can re-open as quickly as possible. 

Larger commercial recovery operations after a fire are usually affected by two factors that affect cleanability. Impingement is a process where increasing air temperature creates air perpetual air movement during a fire. This phenomenon is why smoke creates a billowing effect during a fire. In terms of restoration, impingement causes smoke residues to contact vertical surfaces at high speed resulting in a splatter effect. In an enclosed environment, like a kitchen, heat can also cause the finish on appliances to melt, char, or bubble. 

SERVPRO fire restoration technicians can use mechanical cleaning equipment, like air whips, to loosen the heavy soot caused by impingement before dissolving them in oil-based solvents for a clean finish. Appliances may require a more concentrated effort using corrosive cleaning agents to remove both finish and soiling. The resulting clean equipment can then be refinished to get your contents back to their pre-fire condition. 

Temporary closures can have a significant impact on revenues, especially during busier times of the year. Contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 for a commercial recovery team. 

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Our Team Has The Equipment And Skills To Satisfy Our Concord Clients

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Water damage to this Concord home was caused by a water line in an upstairs bathroom bursting. We arrived right away and began restoration.

Reliable Commercial Water Cleanup Services to Revive Your Concord Business

The role of commercial water cleanup services is to help your business return to its former state after experiencing a water damage event. Since you can never predict when such experiences are likely to take place, knowing the right actions to take is essential. Every hour your business remains closed means you are losing a lot in terms of productivity and revenue. Our team offers reliable and fast restoration services to residents of Concord, and we are here to highlight some of our operations.

When our SERVPRO technicians visit your Concord property for commercial water cleanup, there are several aspects we consider. Remember, there might be several items in the structure, and each may have differing cleaning needs. It is our work to evaluate the different cleaning needs of different items by looking at their level of exposure to high humidity or water. For instance, we may decide to clean and polish your furniture as part of the restoration process. On the other hand, electronics may require specialized attention in an attempt to return them to their preloss state.

Our SERVPRO team thoroughly inspects all the storage areas, closets, and other locations at the site for items such as clothing, photographs, and wall hangings. After that, we come up with appropriate restoration techniques for the affected items. It is also our work to return the items to their original positions once the cleaning is complete. In instances where your electronics needs further inspection that is outside our scope of operations, we may advise you to subcontract such services.

We understand that a smooth restoration process requires constant communication with our clients. Our SERVPRO team always keeps you updated in every step we undertake to make you feel involved. At the end of the job, we check whether the site has the required moisture levels and perform a walk-through to make sure everything is in order.

SERVPRO of Concord has the equipment and skills to satisfy the residential and commercial needs after the experience of any size disaster. Call (603) 225-2825 at any time of the day and get a chance of working with highly trained and experienced Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT).

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We Will Hep You Get Back In Business After Water Damage In Concord

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SERVPRO can extract the standing water from your business quickly to reduce damages and disruptions. We are available 24/7 so don't hesitate to call.

How to Handle Commercial Water Damage to Your Concord Retail Store

If your retail store has sustained water damage, leaving the cleanup to your staff can expose you to some significant risks, including structural damage and mold growth. Insurance cannot cover this damage if you could have prevented it by taking the right steps. To avoid additional damage, you need professional water removal services. Prompt and proper action recovers more items, prevents secondary damage and delivers the soonest return to re-opening.

Commercial water damage to your Concord retail store could occur due to a faulty fire sprinkler system, burst pipe or a roof leak. To prevent secondary damage, you can contact SERVPRO. We offer water damage restoration services on a 24 hour 7-day basis. We bring the latest in equipment and decades of experience to the table, and we can be at your store within a short time.

Water can ruin your stock, store fixtures, furnishings, flooring, and equipment. Without prompt removal, drying, dehumidification, and sanitizing, secondary damage adds to repair time and expense, often requiring the complete shutdown of a business. Lost customers may not return. SERVPRO franchise professionals can assess the extent of the damage, and create a comprehensive plan for extracting water and drying out your retail store.

Our technicians can use sophisticated equipment to remove water from vinyl tile flooring, which is common in retail stores. We can use portable extractors to remove water from restricted areas. The three major components of an extractor are the heater, pump, and vacuum system. The heater heats cleaning and rinsing solutions so that they penetrate a surface quickly. The pump generates pressure to spray solutions through a wand onto the surface. The vacuum removes moisture and soil from the surface and collects it in the waste recovery tank.

If your store has carpet flooring, we can use weighted extractors to force the water out of the wet carpeting. We also use dehumidification equipment to remove moisture from the air. Our technicians monitor and maintain proper humidity, temperature and moisture levels throughout the drying process to ensure complete and fast drying.

When dealing with commercial water damage, SERVPRO of Concord has the expertise and specialized equipment to make it appear “Like it never even happened.” Contact us at (603) 225-2825 for water damage restoration services in Concord, Bow, Penacook, and neighboring areas.

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Our Crew Is Your Best Option When It Comes To Restoring Your Commercial Property In Bow To Pre-Damage Condition

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Seeking professional help makes it easier to deal with the different aspects of fire damage.

Balancing Expectations After Commercial Fire Damage In Bow

The damages left by a fire at your workplace may disrupt regular operations, but perhaps the most pressing issue is the expectations from different parties affected by the blaze. Your customers want you to resume serving them immediately, while your employees could be traumatized by the event thus requiring a few days off. You also need to liaise with the property owner to ensure the restoration done does not lead to friction later on. We offer professional restoration services in Bow that can help you meet all these needs.

Depending on the intensity of the blaze, restoring commercial fire damage in Bow can take days or weeks. Giving your regular employees time off as you handle the restoration can help them cope with the loss. Since we send an entire team of restorers from SERVPRO, it is easy for your employees to take days off. Our team handles the core restoration tasks such as cleanup of residues, debris removal and refinishing, as well as mundane tasks such as moving items and rearranging spaces to their preloss state.

Working quickly to fix the damage helps you resume serving your customers as usual. It can also help save costs. For example, smoke residues are acidic so cleaning them from surfaces fast prevents secondary damages like staining. By working in teams, our SERVPRO crew can deliver results faster. We also use different equipment like HEPA vacuums to clean residues from surfaces, and self-propelled scissor lifts to ease access to different sections in a house including high walls and ceilings.

Fire can leave severe damage to structural components necessitating replacement. Apart from the extra costs involved whenever replacements are necessary, there is also a need to involve the property owner to ensure you meet expectations. Our SERVPRO technicians help in different ways. First, we do a thorough inspection to unearth every possible issue including problems in the HVAC system. We also prioritize restorative cleaning over replacement where possible saving unnecessary costs. We also work closely with the parties involved including the property owner and insurance adjusters.

Seeking professional help makes it easier to deal with the different aspects of fire damage. Call SERVPRO of Concord to assist. You can reach us at (603) 225-2825 any time.

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Could SERVPRO be the Reason for Commercial Fire Damage Remediation Success in Bow?

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Foul odors can linger in your bed & breakfast hotel long after the fire damage has been restored. Contact SERVPRO to ensure odor removal.

Professional Fire Odor Removal For Your Hotel In Bow

The internet has numerous suggestions, ideas, tips, and fanciful instructions about dealing with odors on your property after a fire. Bow area business owners may even get motivated to attempt odor removal on their own, trying to save a few bucks. However, this often causes additional problems and ends with you calling a professional regardless.

You need to understand that calling a fire odor removal specialist in Bow provides you with the highest chances of successfully removing unwanted odors. Keep in mind that every fire damage situation is entirely different. Often requiring a different solution, depending on your specific situation. Someone getting lucky by using vinegar, baking soda, dry coffee grounds, and Febreze to remove smoke odors on their property does not mean that their solution is going to remove smoke odors from furniture in your hotel.

You can safely ignore most of what you read on the internet about removing smoke odors from your property. Save yourself a headache, your time and money are more valuable. Stop chasing someone’s step-by-step instructions and avoid causing secondary damages that drive your guests away. It is easier and faster to obtain much better results by contacting a local restoration company, like SERVPRO. Gain access to IICRC-certified professionals that can help you remove smoke odors the right way and get smoke odors in your hotel under control after the first visit.

Removing odors from a specific location in your hotel can be a challenge, even for trained professionals who understand the different methods and techniques that make odor removal possible. It can take several attempts, using a variety of services to remove all of the tiny smoke particles that stick to surfaces found on your property. SERVPRO’s cleaning and deodorization specialists put every resource available to work for you, turning every area of your hotel into a clean, welcoming environment that makes you and your guests feel great.

SERVPRO of Concord provides quality cleanup and restoration services for every customer in our local area. Take advantage of full-service solutions and 24-hour emergency response. (603) 225-2825

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Hit With Commercial Fire Damage? SERVPRO Has Got Your Back

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Our technicians have the certifications and training to take care of your warehouse and restore it "Like it never even happened."

Working with Professional Restorers after Commercial Fire Damage in Bow Helps

There is no convenient time for a fire, but if you are prepared, you can deal with the aftermath better. In case of a warehouse fire, a lot needs to be done to restore the property to its preloss condition. Apart from removing charred remains of the contents that once occupied the expansive space, the structure also requires cleaning and any damaged areas fixed. Working with restorers can help reduce the cost of your claim by minimizing the number of items that need replacement. Knowing the right restorers in Bow before a fire happens is an important aspect of preparedness.

There are several aspects of fire damage in Bow, so restoration takes different approaches. Seeing everything covered in soot and other fire residues might tempt you to throw every item out and replace them with new ones. However, the cost involved is prohibitive of such actions. You can reduce the costs through resurfacing of some items. Common ways to resurface affected items include repainting, refinishing or covering upholstered surfaces afresh. The cheapest option though is cleaning. When our SERVPRO technicians visit your affected property, we do a thorough inspection to establish which areas can be cleaned thus reducing the costs you incur.

Cleaning a large building such as a warehouse is tedious work. Lack of the right equipment or workforce further compounds the level of difficulty. When you call SERVPRO, our team has the necessary tools such as high-pressure washers which clear smoke residue from walls faster than using brushes. We also have scissor lift platforms which enable our technicians to reach various sections of the structure for close-quarter cleaning or inspection.

Because of the different contents in a warehouse, the fire residues left might not be uniform. Our SERVPRO technicians use different approaches to address every type of residue. The primary method is the agitation of affected surfaces. We might also rely on chemical action by applying professional cleaning products that dissolve, emulsify, bleach or oxidize the residue. Do you also know that the temperature of the cleaning product when it is applied to a surface affects the outcome?

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

In the aftermath of a fire, call SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Why SERVPRO Is Not Missing The Mark When It Comes To Commercial Fire Damage In Bow

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Small businesses in Bow can suffer drastically when commercial fire damage strikes.

Commercial Fire Damage From Congested Ducts In Your Bow Laundromat

Smaller laundry facilities in Bow provide area residents with quieter environments than larger laundromats can. This more quiet atmosphere can seem attractive to young mothers who want their baby to sleep and college students who count on every possible minute to study. If your smaller laundromat uses traditional dryers, cleaning out the vents on a regular basis only helps prevent fires but can never eliminate the risk.

Small businesses in Bow can suffer drastically when commercial fire damage strikes. September is National Preparedness Month, and while we offer the free READY Plan Program, we also hope local businesses, especially smaller ones, take part this month in becoming better prepared for disasters.

The Red Cross addresses issues of public health and how disasters can affect individuals. The EPA focuses on disasters that affect property, land, and drinking water. Wildfires are also a disaster that federal agencies focus on this month, mainly because they cause damage to both open land and residential and business properties when fires spread, and containment efforts fail. Inside your own business, however, a fire can have equally devastating effects on your ability to remain open for business.

Small items that slip through dryer vents can cause fires. Shoestrings, lace ribbons, and other things disappear in both washers and dryers, never to be seen again. However, these items can cause clogs in both drains and ducts. When they build up in tubes, lint gets trapped, and in turn, this keeps steam from exiting. Heated items inside can eventually ignite and spread a fire.

SERVPRO wants to help your business recover as quickly as possible from all kinds of business-killing disasters. Fire damage can cause some of the worst damage because of the widespread scope of it and the water used to stifle the fire. This makes it so much easier for mold to grow unchecked, hidden with the soot. Our technicians have experience in mitigating the damage and restoring your business back to normal. Removing the damaged materials and the water that soaked your property makes sure your building is ready for new materials to come in and for installation to begin.

SERVPRO of Concord also serves those in the Penacook area. Fire damage causes many businesses to fail, but our IICRC-certified technicians can help you successfully reopen your small laundromat and get back to providing your customers with the service that is so crucial to their well-being. Contact our 24-hour services line at (603) 225-2825 any day of the year.

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Cleaning and Removing Commercial Fire Damage in Bow

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Paper in your insurance office is quickly combustible and can spread fire. Contact SERVPRO after a fire in your place of work.

Team SERVPRO First Determines the Materials That Burned in Order to Clean the Residues Efficiently

Business owners in Bow do not have to deal with a massive blaze unless it comes from a forest fire. Even then, the physical effects rarely include major damage like total loss of the structure.
Commercial fire damage to a Bow insurance office can be a mix of damage, to include some effects from the water of the fire suppression system or the firefighters. Most of the fire effects come in the form of smoke and odors. SERVPRO technicians begin the cleaning process by determining the extent and finding the source of the fire and determining what burned to better clean and eliminated them.
For a business like an insurance agency, the fuel for the fire is primarily building material like wall and ceiling panels. There can also be a significant amount of paper that burned as well. These materials often burn quickly and cleanly, leaving behind mostly dry, powdery residues and mild odors.
Depending on where the fire started, other materials that fed it could be the linoleum floor in a break room, small appliances, and commercial, plastic furniture. These items burn slowly, with more smoke, leaving behind thicker, grease-like residues and stronger odors.
SERVPRO technicians start eliminating both with circulation and removal. They set up air movers and exhaust fans to push the odors in the air out of the facility. For stronger odors, some of our team specialists put out granulated air fresheners to block and replace the smoke odors with a more pleasant scent.
As team members increase air circulation, others remove items affected by the smoke. They immediately dispose of property with physical damage and place any items with odors or residues in another location, or even outside, if weather permits.
For these items, technicians apply a cleaning agent, a deodorizer, or both. Once the chemicals have taken effect, the techs wipe down each surface with a dry or wet sponge, depending on the thickness of the residue. If the items are paper products like contracts or payment records, technicians can use only a deodorizer and a dry sponge to avoid damaging them.
Eliminating the effects of a fire often depends on what burned. SERVPRO of Concord has the experience to restore items and help every owner reopen their doors to support their customers as quickly as we can provide a clean environment. If you need us, call today at (603) 225-2825.

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When a Fire Breaks Out In Your Bow Breakfast Cafe, What to Do

5/29/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Helps Clean Up Your Bow Cafe After a Fire

Fast SERVPRO Response Can Mitigate the Fire & Smoke Damage and Downtime

Fire damage is never an ideal situation for any business. In fact, when your business operates during morning and early afternoon hours because it is centered on selling breakfast and lunch, it is even worse. When a fire breaks out in the early hours of the morning during food prep, the time it takes to deal with it can cut into your service. As a restaurant, an interruption to the foot traffic of your business can sometimes be a missed opportunity for daily profits.

Situations like this are precisely why it is a good idea to call for a professional restoration company to come to your breakfast cafe in Bow to handle the fire damage. Calling for help allows you to focus on opening the doors of your business again. You do not have to lose out on valuable customers and essential daily profits if we do the restoration work.

Here at SERVPRO, we understand that time matters, especially when it comes to the damage that a blaze leaves behind. A fire breaking out in the kitchens of your establishment can cause problems with preparing food, even if the blaze was small. Soot and smoke damage can be left behind and, as a result, a foul-smelling odor can be left in the air. A kitchen fire may result in powder dusting the prep areas and exposed foods. There is always the possibility of needing official post-food inspection okay before reopening.

SERVPRO can get to your business as soon as possible after your call and bring the right equipment to handle the job. To leave space in your kitchen for your employees to work while our techs start the cleanup, we can section off the area that has suffered damage from the small fire, if at all feasible. After, we can employ the use of a hydroxyl generator to neutralize odors in the air safely. We can use chemical cleaners to loosen and remove the soot residue that was adhered to the surface of your equipment. At SERVPRO, we make it our priority to clean and disinfect the area that suffered damage as quickly as possible so you can go back to business as usual.

Do not hesitate when a fire breaks out in your cafe kitchen. Dial (603) 225-2825 to contact SERVPRO of Concord.

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When a Small Fire Happens in Your Bow Restaurant Kitchen

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

If a small fire in your restaurant kitchen occurs, call on the professionals at SERVPRO for help.

Rely on SERVPRO for Fast and Thorough Fire Damage Remediation

Fire damage can be pesky when it comes to operating your business smoothly and keeping your doors open. Unfortunately, the stress of running a kitchen in a restaurant can frazzle employees when something like a fire happens. As a result, a small kitchen fire can get a little out of hand quite quickly and leave small damages and soot behind. When such an occurrence happens, it can create a mess that needs to be cleaned up by a professional hand. Luckily there is help close by that can execute the remediation swiftly and quietly.

Our IICRC-certified technicians can work around the schedule of your Bow restaurant to ensure that the doors stay open when they need to while we address the fire damage. We can stay out of the way while your business operates and then perform the clean up during closed hours. We strive to be as unintrusive as possible so that we do not interfere with the flow of customers in your restaurant and its daily revenue.

To start the process, SERVPRO can clean the soot off of any surfaces in your kitchen and return them to their pre-fire state. We use wet and dry cleaning procedures to remove the stains from the surfaces of your equipment, walls, and floors. While rare, smoke can damage equipment. If smoke damage has occurred to any of the equipment on your property, our technicians can take inventory to make it easy for you as a business owner. Whether you send it to be thoroughly cleaned or choose to replace it is up to you.

SERVPRO technicians can bring specialized equipment to your restaurant to remediate the fire damage in the kitchen. We can use thermal foggers and hydroxyl generators to neutralize the odors left behind by fire and ensure that no smells linger in your kitchen. Once we deal with the smell and the sight of the fire damage, our work has finished, and your business can return to normal.

When a small fire breaks out and causes damages on your property, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825. Day or night we can take your call and get our technicians to your business to return it to its preloss state as soon as possible.

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Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup for Your Bow Business

2/5/2018 (Permalink)

Having too many cords plugged into one electrical strip is a hazard and can result in an electrical fire.

Trust the Professionals at SERVPRO to Properly Restore Your Business after Fire Damage

Electrical fires can occur at any time in your Bow pizza parlor, many times from outdated wiring, faulty outlets, or too many items plugged into one electrical strip. To reduce the risk of this happening, make sure all your electrical outlets, wiring, and cords in your building are up-to-date, not damaged or broken, or running underneath an appliance or rug which can make the wires overheat. Make sure extension cords work correctly and do not have exposed or frayed wiring.

If an electrical fire did break out in your pizza parlor in Bow, the fire damage left behind wouldn’t be just from the heat and flames. You are looking at soot and smoke damage as well, plus perhaps water damage from firefighting efforts. It is a lot to deal with, so call our professionals at SERVPRO to help you. We are professionally trained to handle all aspects of fire damage, and we have the tools to do the job efficiently and correctly so you can get your business back on track.

When restoring materials that have been damaged by smoke, our goal is to restore them back to their preloss condition. We apply some basic principles of cleaning to accomplish this task.

First, SERVPRO techs locate smoke residues by carefully inspecting the area affected. We begin near the source of the fire and then trace how far the smoke moved through your structure. Different kinds of smoke residues can be in the same loss environment. We select a cleaning method which effectively removes the kind of smoke residues that are present.

We also need to identify the kind of surface the residues are on, which determines what cleaning methods and products are safe to use on the particular surface. We are careful to preserve the surface or material being cleaned. However, we may not be able to restore some materials if they cannot withstand the process of cleaning.

Smoke residues bond with surfaces they contact, so we use dry and wet cleaning procedures to release and carry the residue particles away from the surface affected. Then we can properly dispose of the cleaning waste and debris.

The methods of cleaning up after a fire at SERVPRO of Concord are designed so we can thoroughly restore your business in Bow, Concord, or Penacock. Get in touch with us immediately after a fire at (603) 225-2825 so we can get you back and up and running quickly.

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Professional Water Damage Remediation Saves Concord Nature Center Displays

12/31/2017 (Permalink)

Exhibits often house priceless history that cannot be replaced. If your exhibit has suffered from water damage, it is best to contact SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Bring Moisture Detection Tools For Thorough Remediation at Your Commercial Location

Honoring a sense of Concord's natural history through dioramas and other educational displays offers citizens and visitors a grasp of the past, present, and future in our area. Significant damage to the indoor exhibits is possible when water intrusions go unnoticed or ignored. Our water damage crews employ best practices to restore affected areas, preserving both the structure and the history contained within its walls.
Persistent leaking from a poorly draining flat roof caused commercial water damage to the Concord nature center. Some of the educational exhibits affected have soaked walls, and the depictions of plants, animals, and birds are at risk of severe deterioration. We offer the tools and the training to find and remove water, and then to dry out and restore the displays.
A thorough assessment of the extent of the water damage informs the next steps taken by the SERVPRO team. Because of the unique characteristics of the rooms affected, water damage may be hidden. Our employees train in effective methods to measure and monitor the moisture content of both the underlying materials forming the structure of the building and the various natural and artificial components that make up the displays. Sophisticated scanning equipment helps us locate water pooled in recesses, between walls and behind partitions, and any other pockets of moisture that are likely to cause continuing damage if not removed.
We extract standing water, taking care not to damage the exhibits further. The next step is to develop and execute a drying plan to reduce the remaining moisture to normal levels. With the high risk of damage threatening articles that cannot be replaced, speed and skill are both necessary. SERVPRO crews train under the auspices of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), an international standard-setting organization for the water damage remediation industry.
Training in psychrometry, also known as the science of drying, is a core IICRC course taken by our crews. We learn how to balance air movement with heat and dehumidification to move water vapor permanently out of structures and contents. Air movers, heaters, and desiccant dehumidifiers positioned appropriately swiftly lower the moisture content from the water damaged areas, allowing us to repair and touch up deterioration, making the center look “Like it never even happened.”
SERVPRO of Concord is ready to tackle any water damage in your business or community space. Call us at (603) 225-2825 to set up an appraisal and get the restoration process moving.

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Water Removal in Your Concord Office Building After a Failed Sprinkler System

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Water Removal from Your Concord Office? Call SERVPRO

Malfunctions Lead to Water Damage in Many Office Workplaces

If your Concord office building is older, the sprinkler system could be as well. Keeping them updated is essential, as older systems can fail and cause water damage that is debilitating to your business. Not only do you have much water to clean up, but there are also many items that are now damaged such as expensive computers and other electronics, and necessary paperwork.
Because of the scope of the damage from a sprinkler system malfunctioning in your Concord office building, you need professional help for your commercial water removal problem. Our staff at SERVPRO are fully trained and ready to help you anytime you need, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us after an emergency strikes.
Besides all the items in your building which require drying, we need to dry out the structure as well. Once the standing water is pumped out with our heavy-duty truck-mounted pumps in the event of large volumes of water, there are structural items which need to be dried out to prevent additional damages such as those caused by mold.
Drying multiple layers of sheetrock requires a longer drying time. Cost is also a factor. The time and expense to dry the material to its preloss condition could be more than replacing the actual sheetrock. Drying a single layer of saturated drywall takes five to seven days on average. Typically, when business continuity and production is of paramount importance, the most rapid means of either restoration or replacement is the solution.

Drying two layers of drywall could take ten to fourteen days. SERVPRO techs can monitor the layers using a penetrating moisture tester with long, Teflon coated probes. We use the probes in areas that are inconspicuous, and patch the holes during the process of restoration. Drywall gets more fragile when it is wet and more stable as it dries out.
Ceiling tiles are usually less expensive to remove and replace than to dry out. As the building owner, you likely want to have new tiles since water usually stains tiles and causes them to bow. Some kinds of ceiling tiles can withstand moisture better than acoustical tiles. Ceiling tiles should usually be removed so air can circulate and dry wet areas above the gridlines. Some tiles are salvageable depending on how severe the damage is. Older ceiling tiles which contain asbestos require removal by licensed contractors.
SERVPRO of Concord ensures your office building is dry again so that you can continue normal operations as fast as possible. Businesses in the areas of Bow, Concord, or Penacook should contact us at (603) 225-2825 as soon as they notice a problem.

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Professional Water Removal Saves The Day For Concord Brides

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You can rely on SERVPRO when your bridal shop needs water removal services.

Water Removal Services for Your Business

Specialty shops have a unique mission, providing one-of-a-kind goods and services that are not easily found quickly elsewhere. Concord customers depend on these types of businesses to meet particular needs and rarely make contingency plans once they make their choice to go with an individual vendor. A water disaster threatens the ability of a retailer to deliver, but an experienced restoration company comes to the rescue.

Creating special days for both the bride and groom is your dream for each couple who consults with you. This dream becomes a nightmare when a significant leak in the plumbing system of your building requires emergency water removal from your Concord bridal boutique. Our disaster restoration team offers a fast response and practical help to empty your space of water and protect the clothing that makes wedding days magical for your customers.

SERVPRO water removal specialists earn certification through attendance at IICRC courses before joining one of our highly-qualified work crews. They learn when and how to use the cutting-edge equipment we trust to remove water and dry out our customer’s commercial spaces. Our submersible pumps and industrial strength water extractors are truck-mounted, arriving with the crew members and ready to address the problem at hand without waiting.

If the flood of water from your plumbing makes it unsafe to access your electrical power our self-contained setup permits us to get to work immediately. The moments after water invades are crucial, and the more quickly SERVPRO starts the task necessary, the better. As we pump and vacuum up the water other staff assess moisture levels and position air movers and dehumidifiers to eliminate airborne water and dry out your retail and storage areas.

We determine whether stored articles of clothing need to be packed up and moved out of the flooded area while the water removal progresses. Depending on the condition of other areas within your commercial space we may transfer the clothing to a dry space in your shop or move it to another safe site. Our crew is familiar with efficient inventory methods to ensure none of your bridal parties’ orders go missing as we deal with the water.

Your clients count on you to make their day special. SERVPRO of Concord wants to support your commitment to our community’s wedding parties through our expert restoration services. Call (603) 225-2825 to obtain the help needed when water endangers happy nuptials.

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Water Damage Restoration Services Available For Your Concord Area Restaurant

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Keep Your Concord Coffee Shop Open, Call SERVPRO for Water Removal

SERVPRO Keeps Concord Eateries Feeding the Public

Even though we use it to sustain life and create growth within our community, at some point, water can become an enemy. Whether you want to deal with the problem or not, it is something that every business owner must face at some point.  
Never hesitate to take control of water damage found in your Concord area restaurant, make sure to contact someone you trust before things get out of control. If you are unsure, take too long, or deliver poor quality solutions, the water issues get larger, leading to additional damage and loss.
SERVPRO can help you get water damage anywhere on your property under control in a quick and efficient manner. We strive to help you keep your doors open, doing everything we can to limit any disruption to operations while providing you with exceptional services that provide excellent results.  
It does not take much, small leaks hidden in your restaurant's walls can cause severe damage to your building’s structure, your dining, or food prep areas and lead to significant health issues if given enough time to develop. You want to find qualified restoration technicians in your area, like SERVPRO, that can put expertly trained technicians, advanced equipment, and years of experience to work for you.  
SERVPRO technicians make themselves available 24-hours, 7-days a week, to respond quickly to your requests for assistance. We care, treat you and your property with respect and provide you with quality solutions you can afford. Our staff communicates well, works with your insurance and takes the time to explain every service we intend to use to correct the situation.
When you need someone to tackle water damage in your restaurant, maintain a safe, clean working environment and ensure that the task gets completed in a timely, efficient manner, call us. We handle every aspect of your restoration from start to finish and make sure that you are satisfied with the results you receive.
SERVPRO of Concord has IICRC certified technicians standing ready to answer your call. Take advantage of our experience and get the results you deserve. (603) 225-2825

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Loss Of Business Can Be Crippling!!!

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Emergency water extraction is key to drying out a building quickly.

Any type of business interruption can mean loosing thousands of dollars in lost revenue not to mention the stress that comes along with it. This picture shows what happened when a flash flood caused a local office building to fill with water affecting all the carpeting and walls in the lower level. Rapid response from SERVPRO performing emergency water extraction services and installing specialty drying equipment limited the time that the tenants were without the use of their office space and reducing the revenue lost for the building owner. Proper documentation of the drying process ensures that any concerns from office employees can be addressed and make everyone feel at ease about any health issues that might arise. Don't settle for just any restoration company. Call the experts from SERVPRO.