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Reliable Flood Damage Remediation Services in Concord

10/15/2023 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen with furniture floating everywhere To efficiently deal with flood damage, you need to call in the professionals. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for professional remediation services.

SERVPRO® Ensures Proper Flood Damage Remediation After a Flood

The impacts of flood damage to your property can be devastating. The situation worsens when you do not know where to turn for help. That is why you need prompt remediation services from a reliable professional to help clean, dry, treat, and successfully restore your home and prevent further damage.

A restoration company like SERVPRO® is dedicated to availing immediate flood damage remediation services in Concord. Our well-trained team is there to save you the hassle and worry of restoring your property. Every team member acknowledges the essence of time during emergencies and disasters like floods.

After you contact us, our team responds immediately to assess the extent of the flood damage to formulate a comprehensive cleaning, drying, and restoration plan for your specific situation. We also move out some items when necessary and advise evacuating the premises accordingly to ensure your safety. All our technicians wear PPEs to avoid harming themselves and compromising the restoration process per IICRC requirements.

After assessing the damage, thorough water extraction follows. Our skilled specialists place and use pumps and modern extraction tools to remove standing water from your property swiftly. The extraction is done until all affected areas, including floors, ceilings, furniture, personal belongings, and walls, are thoroughly dried. That way, we can mitigate more damage from warping, swelling, and mold growth.

Floodwater is unsanitary and often carries contaminants that may lead to health effects. SERVPRO employs professional cleaning and sanitization methods to leave your home dry and safe to reoccupy. We have industry-grade disinfectants to remove any present contamination. Our powerful air movers and dehumidifiers also ensure we completely dry all materials and places, including the hard-to-reach ones.

After your property is dry, our specialists restore and repair damaged walls, floors, ceilings, and upholstery to their preloss condition. With your consent, we also advise on replacements for unrestorable content.

SERVPRO of Concord is ready 24/7 to assist with reliable fire, water, flood, and mold remediation services. Call us at (603) 225-2825 to get the professional services you deserve after a disaster.

Concord Flood Damage Cleanup Costs Are Often Relatively High

5/12/2023 (Permalink)

wood floors When a flood hits your property, you need to call the technicians at SERVPRO.

Cost-Effective Flood Damage Cleanup in Concord 

Floodwaters bring unique challenges to Concord residents that other water events do not. These troubles result from this “black water” because it is usually fouled with chemicals, animal carcasses, feces, and harmful bacteria in these wastes. In order to effectively clean up and restore this type of damage, professional assistance, industrial-grade disinfectants, and equipment, as well as advanced techniques, are required.

Although flood damage cleanup in Concord is generally quite costly, SERVPRO prides itself on offering the best services it can for the lowest prices possible. As a top biohazard cleaning company, we have become highly efficient at, among other things, and overall flood restoration measures. This efficiency helps you, the homeowner because it often enables us to get your job done more quickly and with less expense. However, the following factors ultimately determine how much your project is going to cost:

  • Type of water involved – clean water-related issues generally cost half as much to remediate than those produced by black water.
  • The extent of water damage – small, cosmetic problems in one room are, of course, much cheaper to handle than large areas or multiple rooms with compromised structural elements
  • Parts of the home/rooms affected – foundation damage is typically the most pricey thing to deal with, compromised roofs and ceilings are also expensive to fix, bathrooms and laundry rooms tend to cost more to clean up and repair than others, while walls and flooring remediation are often more moderate 
  • Location of the home – cleanup, and restoration costs can vary wildly, depending on the city and state your property is located in 

All that said, your dedicated neighbors at SERVPRO of Concord are always here and ready to assist you with flood damage cleanup. Contact us anytime at (603) 225-2825 for fast, friendly, and cost-effective service.

Crucial Considerations during Water Restoration in Concord Homes

12/14/2022 (Permalink)

Water Mess On Floor Our techs are ready 24/7, 365 days a year.

SERVPRO Reliably Handles Water Damage at Concord Premises

A storm is generally an unpleasant experience, but when the incident affects your property, sending water inside, you have many things to worry about. Some may be readily apparent when planning water restoration, while others come as a surprise. A bit of foresight and preparation can help you cope better.

How you approach the water restoration exercise your Concord home requires varies depending on how the incident unfolds or where you are when it happens. In many cases, you might not be home when it happens, so you have to derive a response based on the outcome. However, if you are home as it occurs, you have firsthand information on how things unfolded.

Critical Considerations When Planning Restoration:

  • Did structural breaches let in water
  • Are there landscaping issues
  • How contaminated is the intruding water

The gale-force winds or lightning characteristic of storms can damage roofs or shatter windows. The breach points can be readily seen, such as when heavy debris such as tree branches fall on the structure letting in copious amounts of rainwater, or they might be harder to spot, such as a few missing shingles. Inspecting the structure before starting regular water restoration processes is essential to identify all structural problems. Our SERVPRO crews also take immediate corrective steps, such as installing tarps or boarding up the affected areas.

Flooding Because of the Landscaping

Despite the rough storm conditions, most structures are well-built to withstand such incidents. However, the ground surrounding the property can create problems, especially if there have been changes such as paving or landscaping. If the ground slopes house-wards (negative pitch) or the storm drains need to be bigger, rising groundwater can find a way into your house. In such cases, our crews focus on other tasks, such as pack-outs, while waiting for the water to recede. Since the situation involves groundwater, contamination is also likely.

Handling Contamination:

  • Remove and dispose of affected porous materials
  • Shovel any out silt and mud left
  • Incorporate biocides in the cleaning processes

SERVPRO of Concord proactively handles the problems that crop up during water restoration, making an incident “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (603) 225-2825.

Flood Damage in Concord and Your Home

8/8/2022 (Permalink)

Fallen tree on roof If storm damage strikes your home, call the professionals at SERVPRO to restore your home "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO's Crew is Trained and Experienced in Thoroughly Restore Your Home after Flood Damage

Torrential rain and lightning storms wash away the dirt and grime covering the city of Concord, but the damage it can cause to your home through flooding can bring about severe problems. This water carries that washed-away grime directly into your home and leaves it there once the waters recede. This grime also includes pathogens, microbes, and other biological matter that can cause health effects.

SERVPRO assists homeowners in Concord by undoing the flood damages affecting their homes. Our extraction equipment removes the water of any amount, and then we thoroughly dry out your home's interior. Heat, air currents, and drying equipment all work together at specific times to create a drier atmosphere. Our training and experience help us determine the best approach, even in homes with closed spaces and long hallways.

In addition to drying your home's interior, we perform sanitation services to return your home's interior pathogen load to normal ranges. We not only have equipment that reads the amount of moisture in a material, but we also use devices that can read how many foreign particles cover the surface. Our extraction machines also remove those tiny organisms, which can cause health effects in both people and pets.

Our experience with flood damage and its effects include the control of odors left behind by water. These odors, evidence of microorganisms, and decaying matter can last for months or even years, or until we remove them. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) holds IICRC certification and can help your home lose its post-flood musty odors. Ozone treatments or the use of hydroxyl gas can eliminate such problems. Helping restore even how your home smells remains an essential goal for our crew members.

SERVPRO of Concord can help your family after flood damage makes things unlivable. Call us at (603) 225-2825.

Water Contamination Concerns When Flood Damage Affects Concord

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

House In Flood Contact SERVPRO after a flooding event in the home. We will assess the situation, begin removing standing water, and formulate a restoration plan.

SERVPRO’s Technicians Remove Water First After Flooding and Then Assess the Remaining Damage

Severe storms over the past few months have Concord residents concerned about flooding in their homes. Saturated soils and overwhelmed storm sewers allow water to seep through foundations and backup in basements. When water floods into your house, we can help, especially if the water standing in your lower level is at risk of contamination.

It is always important to remove water intruding into a building quickly, but removal needs to be speedy and safe when post-storm flood damage threatens your Concord home. Water that floods your home after days of rain collects all manner of chemicals and debris from the surrounding area. Adding a sewer backup to the mix increases the risk from gray to black water. Our crews have experience with the dirty water that fills your foundation. We assure you we know how to remove it safely and dispose of it properly.

Whenever a sewer backs up, you face the probability of human waste, animal waste, bloodborne pathogens, and a broad array of lawn and pavement residue depositing inside your house. Even water that seeps through the foundation because the soil surrounding your home is overloaded with rain and runoff can carry hazardous chemicals and other pollutants into the pools forming in your basement or crawl space. SERVPRO has the equipment operated by certified staff that extracts and contains this foul water for disposal according to local regulations.

When dealing with black water, you need a professional flood damage restoration company to partner with. Unless the contaminated water is eliminated immediately, you risk microbial proliferation and permanent damage to HVAC systems, appliances, and personal possessions stored in the affected areas. SERVPRO requires and supports advanced training for our workers managing your contamination and flooding issues. After the water exits, we evaluate your heating and cooling system for safe operation capability, cleaning and sanitizing it to prevent the spread of any dangerous substances to which it was exposed.

We also help determine whether furnishings and stored items are safe to dry out given the nature of the water soaking them. You can count on SERVPRO’s professionalism as we review your options, ensuring that you and your family are safe now and in the future.

SERVPRO of Concord awaits your call if storm flooding damages your property and threatens your health and well-being because of contaminated water. We are available around the clock to answer questions and schedule an inspection at (603) 225-2825.

Restoration Plans for Unique Cases of Flooding in Bow

4/11/2022 (Permalink)

drawing of stairs descending into flood damaged room Flooding happens quickly and can bring mold into your house if not dealt with right away. Be prepared by having SERVPRO on speed dial.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive Equipped to Remove Flood Waters from Your Property

Our community lies to the west of the Merrimack River, occasionally posing a flood risk. Intense storms also threaten residents with watery basements due to roof runoff or seepage. Appliances and tubs overflow, among other household water hazards. No matter the cause, SERVPRO offers experienced crews and powerful equipment to restore residences affected by flooding. 

To extend the growing season year-round, you installed a hydroponic garden system. The reservoir holds more than thirty gallons and unfortunately sprung a leak while you were out of town over a long weekend. The lower level, including a carpeted family room, suffered flood damage in your Bow home. Water, fortified with the nutrients necessary to grow plants without soil, needs removal, and structures, fixtures, and belongings need drying. Expect us at your home within hours, quickly implementing a plan to return the flooded spaces to preloss condition.

Floodwater classifies as clean, gray, or black. Gray is somewhat black and significantly contaminated with substances that can be harmful to buildings, contents, and occupants. Professional cleanup is essential when the water has added chemicals, as with your hydroponic system, and SERVPRO ensures technicians trained in abating tainted water complete your job. 

First, an experienced project manager assesses the challenges presented by the flood of water mixed with the hydroponic growth medium. The fertilizer intended for plant growth may instead encourage microbial colonies as it soaks into building materials, flooring, and up the walls. Just 48 hours of wetness risk mold growth, so the first task is removing water with pumps and extractors. Our truck-mounted system allows us to collect the gray water for disposal off-site according to local hazardous waste procedures. 

Because carpeting and drywall soaked up the water, we evaluate whether drying of these materials is possible. The disintegration of the pressed fibers in the drywall signal that removal and replacement may be necessary. The padding under the carpet is relatively inexpensive to switch out and increases the likelihood that the carpeting dries thoroughly. Air movers and dehumidifiers speed the removal of moisture in the carpet, the floor beneath, the walls, and the air itself. The SERVPRO team applies antimicrobial agents to the carpeting during the restoration process as a safeguard. 

SERVPRO of Concord is up to any challenge, including the concerns that arise when your lower-level floods due to a hydroponic growth system leak. Call (603) 225-2825 for an inspection and the development of a plan that fits your unique flood damage issues. 

SERVPRO Provides Critical Rapid Water Clean Up to Protect Your Bow Home and Family

1/19/2022 (Permalink)

cartoon basement flooding, stairs appliances Contact your local Bow area SERVPRO for reliable and honest flood damage cleanup and restoration

What Are the Risks of Delaying Bow Flood Damage Remediation?

 The effects of extreme weather patterns can be shocking, but you must rise to the occasion faster than the flood damage in Bow basements. Advice given in other contexts to obtain a number of bids before moving forward on water damage repairs can result in severe structural harm, secondary damage, and the potential for significant health risks for you and your family.

Should Bow Homeowners Sign Up the First Basement Flooding Cleanup Contractor Who Calls?

In the wake of storm activity, Bow property owners might encounter itinerant flood restoration company representatives traveling door to door in ravaged neighborhoods. Although arranging promptly for professional assessment and emergency services after water damage is optimal, obtaining local and properly certified assistance is essential. Roving restorers move with the storms, rarely available for all necessary follow-through. In contrast, SERVPRO has more than three decades of history in the Bow area, providing a resource today and into the future for our neighbors facing:

  • Sewage Cleanup
  • Basement Flooding Cleanup
  • Leaking Roof from Storms
  • Ceiling Repairs from Water Damage

Can Local Demand Outstrip SERVPRO’s Ability to Respond?

Emergency services for water damage provided by SERVPRO can be scaled up to meet our community’s needs. Our Bow team of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians is also part of a nationwide network of SERVPROs, quick to mobilize additional resources for an area hard-hit with wind, rain, snow, or other storm damage. Collaboration among our fellow flooding damage restoration partners is seamless as all crews adhere to the same best practices and standards established by the IICRC.

SERVPRO of Concord has the resources to help you and your neighbors in the aftermath of severe storms that cause flooding to multiple properties. Call (603) 225-2825 to hire our local and highly qualified team and affiliates.

Addressing Basement Flood Damage After a Bow Storm

12/14/2021 (Permalink)

puddles of water on a basement floor Regardless of how the excess water got into your basement, team SERVPRO can help. Contact our technicians 24/7 to evaluate the flood damage.

Never Let Flood Damage Fester – Call SERVPRO to Your Bow Property for 24/7 Response

You need to handle it fast when you have water in your basement after a storm in the Bow area before more significant problems arise. With the right amount of rainfall, all it takes is a bad sump pump or overflowing storm drains, and you have water building up. SERVPRO is available to help you face the basement flooding you have so that you can get everything cleaned up, dried out, and back to normal. With our 24/7 response, We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

SERVPRO has been a trusted name for handling flood damage in Bow for years. We have an expertly trained and IICRC-certified team to address your basement after a flood, finished or unfinished!

Our Green Fleet is standing by, ready to provide you with water removal services and repair to restore your basement and home to pre-storm condition:

  • Flood damage inspection – An untrained eye is unable to identify everything impacted by water. This is where SERVPRO comes in.
  • Water extraction – We bring all the right equipment to remove water from your property, including industrial-grade pumps and tools.
  • Sewage backup cleanup – If your flooding situation has a chance of involving sewage, that means bacteria and pathogens are present. Our team removes waste materials carefully, then sanitizes and decontaminates the zone. 
  • Structural drying and dehumidification – Any saturated building materials become vulnerable and must get addressed accordingly. Our customized plan allows for proper drying of drywall, flooring, ceilings, and framing. Dehumidifiers and fans help us to restore relative humidity (RH) throughout the area.
  • Controlled demolition – In some situations, controlled demolition is a must to remove and replace unsalvageable baseboards, drywall, trim, flooring, carpeting, and more.

There is help available for storm flood damage cleanup and restoration – all it takes is a phone call to SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825. We’ll make it “Like it never even happened.”

Flooding and Storm Damage Call for Skilled Cleanup in Concord

12/14/2021 (Permalink)

a woman in yellow gloves holding a bucket to catch water falling from her ceiling Ceiling and roof leaks can quickly affect the moisture level inside your home. Team SERVPRO can help once we are brought in. Contact us right away.

SERVPRO Assists Concord Residents Dealing with Flood Damage After Concord Area Storms

Significant rainfall is often expected during the Fall months in New Hampshire, leaving many Concord residents with flood damage. Whether you notice a leaking roof from storms or basement flooding, you need to act fast to limit the damage and overall costs for restoration. This is where SERVPRO comes in. Once the autumn winds blow and bring heavy rain, we have crews on stand-by so that you know you have help 24/7.

Whenever your property floods, the receding water leaves behind significant damage impacting your interior and belongings. If you have a business that floods, you need to recover quickly to keep your doors open. No matter the situation, SERVPRO is the team to call for storm flood damage in Concord and the surrounding region.

Our Green Fleet is available to respond to the following flood disasters and so much more:

  • Basement floods
  • Frozen, burst piping
  • Flooding after firefighting efforts
  • Sewage backup
  • Plumbing or appliance leaks

Never let flood damage sit, as it can bring on secondary damage and the onset of mildew and mold. Not only that, but storm waters contain various contaminants like bacteria, chemicals, vermin, sewage, and more. It is also important to note the potential dangers of floodwater. Some signs of being aware of around your property when storm flooding occur includes:

  • Gas leaks from issues with your gas lines or local gas main
  • Downed power lines or damaged components inside the home
  • Obvious structural damage to your ceilings, floors, and walls
  • Electrical shorts, HVAC issues, or extinguished pilot lights

In the event you lose power, SERVPRO arrives with trucks onsite offering backup power sources. We work day or night to restore your property to take the stress and worry out of the equation. Call SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825, and we will dispatch our highly-trained technicians.

How Can Flood Damage in My Ceiling Get Dried?

9/29/2021 (Permalink)

Storm damage home Storm damage remediation is very stressful. Let SERVPRO handle all the hard work for you. Call now!

When Roof Leaks Allow Flood Water to Flow Through Your Concord Home, Our Sophisticated Tools and Technologies Can Help to Dry Out This Damage. 

Severe weather is nothing new to Concord homes and businesses. As violent as hurricane-strength storms might be throughout the rainier seasons, some threats exist in every season that can lead to flooding. Knowing what to do in the event of a flood can help you to minimize the time that you wait for help to arrive. The sooner that you can get technicians involved, the less costly and widespread that these damages effects become. 

The presence of flood damage in Concord homes is enough of a challenge without dealing with the structural concerns that come with it. Roof damage from heavy snow or fierce winds can present vulnerabilities for runoff to move directly into your home. The result of this penetration sends flood water throughout your property, beginning in the attic and moving through the floor system to the lower levels of your home where the living spaces exist. Identifying potential flood damage is among the first steps to restoring the house to its original condition.

How Do I Know Flood Damage Exists? 

A visual inspection of the property can be a reliable source of information in determining whether flood damage exists. Knowing what to look for and where to find it can hasten Your securing of qualified restoration professionals like our team. Flood damage does not resolve itself, so it is pressing to address these concerns as soon as possible. If you are unsure if flooding exists in your home, our professionals can help with a thorough inspection and evaluation of the property after a storm passes. You can also begin looking for telling signs such as:

  • Damp Spots
  • Dripping
  • Sagging Materials
  • Structural Collapse

What Emergency Services Are Necessary? 

With a team of in-house contractors working alongside our restoration professionals on the roster, we can offer a more comprehensive approach to flood recovery. Meeting the individual needs of the property as a whole with a singular presence saves you money and time. Our complete roster also allows us to provide emergency services that come before job scoping and mitigation. These steps are among the most crucial to preventing worsening flood damage, including both water penetration and the deterioration of the property. Some of these emergency services include:

  • Roof Tarping
  • Board Up
  • Extraction

What is a Controlled Demolition? 

One of the mitigation and emergency services approaches provided by our residential contractors is controlled demolition. This demolition is one of the practices designed to make restoration more efficient and simplify the re-installation of removed materials. We have experienced professionals actively working to identify the potential structural problems in the property as soon as we arrive. Finding compromises in specific construction materials allows our professionals to remove these portions of drywall, ceiling materials, and flooring as quickly as possible.

With roof damages that can allow flooding in the attic, controlled demolition means removing saturated and compromised supports, joists, underlayment, and plywood. The removal of these damaged elements prevents further wicking of moisture and allows for emergency services like roof tarping to occur more easily. Controlled demolition within the house also has multiple benefits, including:

  • Prevents Migration
  • Removes Damaged Materials
  • Provides Access to Damp Areas

How Do Ceiling Systems Get Dry? 

The migration of water through the unfinished floor of your attic is a fast process. Several of the materials in the ceiling system of the level below should slow the pace of water movement, however. With a short window to identify a developing problem, you can prevent more widespread damage effects by addressing these concerns as soon as possible. Controlled demolition starts this process, so we can remove sagging materials and other structural threats and expose the cavity to tools and machines that can dry it out.

We have centrifugal air movers and desiccant dehumidifiers that work together to evaporate water and remove the moisture in the environment. When drywall and ceiling tile does not require removal, we might also consider the positive pressure systems to evaporate trapped water in materials like insulation and structural framework.

Knowing what to do when floodwater penetrates your roof can be a challenge without the experience and cutting-edge equipment of our SERVPRO of Concord team. No matter how we can help, from temporary construction solutions and extraction through the final touches on successful restoration, give us a call anytime at (603) 225-2825.

What Can Homeowners Expect From Professional Contractors After Flood Damage in Concord?

7/18/2021 (Permalink)

a person standing in water boots in a flooded room When you are facing flooding in your home, any delay can be quite costly. Contact our SERVPRO team for water removal and remediation services.

Assessment and Control of Hazardous Conditions is Crucial When SERVPRO Answers the Call for Concord Storm Flooding

What is the first task a reputable Concord flood damage restoration professional performs? In a homeowner’s impatience to get the obvious flood water out, an initial walk-through of a home might seem unnecessary. On the contrary, reviewing potential structural and water contamination hazards is vital to the safe and successful resolution of

  • Leaking Roof from Storms
  • Ceiling Leaks
  • Basement Flooding
  • Sewage Cleanup

Why Does SERVPRO Conduct a Preliminary Hazard Assessment?

No matter how overwhelmed Concord homeowners are with flooding, preventing risks of injury, severe illness, or even death is worth the extra time a safety review takes. Expect SERVPRO to evaluate your home for at least the following before the commencement of emergency services for water damage:

  • Slip, Trip, and Fall Concerns
  • Trapped Water Above Ceilings or Behind Walls
  • Confined Spaces
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Infectious Waste and Molds

How Does SERVPRO Control for Safety Issues?

Interventions range from signage or barriers to prevent slips to controlled demolition like weep holes and flood cuts to release the pressure of gallons of trapped water. When fluids are highly contaminated, resident evacuation and worker donning of personal protective equipment (PPE) are required. Containment of tainted water for disposal and application of antimicrobials meet or exceed restoration industry best practices while protecting both you and SERVPRO team members.

Rely on the team from SERVPRO of Concord to keep you and your family safe during flood damage mitigation and remediation. Call  (603) 225-2825 24/7 to schedule an assessment followed by necessary safety controls and restoration services.

The Risk Of Carpet Delamination After Flood Damage From A Dishwasher or Storm In Concord

5/23/2021 (Permalink)

storm damaged home Ground water may be hazardous to your health. Call SERVPRO now for the storm damage restoration services for your home.

Storm Water or Appliance Leakage Both Require SERVPRO Restoration to Salvage Carpeting

Dishwashers are a wonderfully convenient household appliance, but as with any such device, there is always the risk of the dishwasher breaking down and causing a flood in your kitchen or utility room. Groundwater from storms is a dirtier flood to deal with but occurs less often.

Following flood damage in your Concord home, saving your carpet is a priority. After all, carpet is expensive to replace, and you want to avoid paying out for a new one if at all possible. SERVPRO is on hand to dry and restore your carpet – we aim to make it “Like it never even happened.” Contaminated carpets filled with dirt, bacteria, waste from flooding require a more complex inspection and treatment.

Carpet delamination is a real risk if your dishwasher floods in a carpeted area. To understand carpet delamination, we need to know the construction of a carpet. The carpet has a primary backing and a secondary backing. The secondary backing is the one that is in contact with the floor underneath. Typically, soaked carpets and padding from groundwater flooding require disposal and thorough drying of the floor base.

Delamination occurs when the primary backing becomes separated from the secondary backing. There are several causes of delamination, including poor quality manufacturing and improper installation. Another reason is flood damage. Water might cause the bonding glue to break down and the two backings to separate. 

Drying carpet as quickly and as thoroughly as possible is necessary to lessen the risk of delamination. SERVPRO technicians are equipped to deal with the results of a dishwasher flood and dry the surrounding area effectively. Our technicians can also extract water post-storm to reduce lamination effects.

Our IICRC-certified professionals have free-standing, truck-mounted, and submersible pumps on hand to remove water from the flooded area. Extraction is more efficient than drying, so it is essential to spend plenty of time on this stage to hasten the drying process. 

There is also a risk of delamination if the wet carpet is handled too roughly. You can rest assured that our team takes the greatest care during the extraction process to minimize the risk of damage to your carpet. We also make several passes with the appropriate extraction tool because we know that extracting as much water as we can shorten the drying time.  

After extraction, we position air movers and dehumidifiers around the area to evaporate water from your carpet and bring down the humidity in the surrounding air. If the storm dictated that the carpet was not salvageable, our techs can prep the sub-base and disinfect all exposed areas.

If you are concerned about the state of your carpet after a storm or a broken appliance, give SERVPRO of Concord a call at (603) 225-2825 for assistance.

Speedy Restoration When Storm Flood Damage Occurs in Concord Homes

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians You need expert assistance for any level of flood damage in your Concord home. Call SERVPRO today for help.

Let Professional Restorers Like SERVPRO Handle the Storm Flood Damage in Your Concord Home

Concord is the county seat of Merrimack County and the capital city of New Hampshire state. It is home to a population of 42,695, according to the 2010 census. In 2019, the U.S census department estimated that the city had a population of 43,627.

Concord was initially settled in the village of Penacook, the city’s limits at the northern boundary. The city is hosts several institutions, including:

  • St. Paul’s School
  • A two-year community college
  • University of New Hampshire School of Law
  • New Hampshire Fire Academy
  • New Hampshire Police Academy

The city is also home to the resting place of the 14th President of the United States, Franklin Pierce.

Sites of Interest in Concord

The city is rich in various cultures and arts that help residents and tourists learn the region’s history. Some places to visit include:

  • New Hampshire State House: Located at North Main Street, the building is the state capital of New Hampshire. It is the oldest state house across the U.S that architect Stuart Park designed and built between 1815 and 1818. It houses the Executive Council, New Hampshire General Court, and the Governor.
  • The Eagle Hotel: A well-known hotel where presidents such as Benjamin Harrison, Ulysses S. Grant, and Rutherford Hayes dined. Franklin Pierce also spent the night in the hotel before his inauguration. In 1961, the facility closed down.
  • Beaver Meadow Golf Course: The golf course is in Concord’s northern part. It is among the oldest golf facilities in New England. Apart from the golf course, the city is also home to other sporting venues like Memorial Field and Everett Arena.
  • Walker-Woodman House: The oldest two-story building in the city that was constructed between 1733 and 1735. The house was built to host Reverend Timothy Walker.

Flooding in Concord City 

The city has faced several flooding cases, but the most recent one is the November 2006 flooding. Several streets and highways flooded, leading to the closure of many roads. Poor drainage caused most of the flooding after heavy rains that fell for about 18 hours.

The floodwater destroyed several homes, and those in Harrisburg received the most significant damage. Experts estimated the total damage to be over $6.5 million. When flooding occurs in homes, reassurance comes from hiring competent restorers.

How do SERVPRO Restorers Extract Moisture During Flood Damage Restoration?

Reliable restorers, like SERVPRO technicians, aim to minimize damage to prevent the property owner from facing costly repairs. To achieve this, we use hi-tech equipment and tools, and innovative techniques during our restoration process.

We can use borescopes to assess the intensity of the damage in cavities like ductwork and telecommunication chases that can be costly to repair. The equipment is useful since it can:

  • Access hard-to-reach areas easily.
  • Record still images and take video.
  • Minimize blind wall demolition.

Moisture trapped behind walls can cause mold growth, odors and can jeopardize the structure’s stability. To avoid this, our restorers can use structural cavity drying equipment to access the moisture without destroying your walls. We can drill small holes through the walls for the drying equipment to access the moisture.

The sooner you take care of flood damage, the lower the restoration costs. Contact SERVPRO of Concord to get your home to its preloss state, “Like it never even happened.” Our 24-hour hotline is (603) 225-2825.

Ensuring that Concord Properties Look “Like it never even happened.”

1/13/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician consulting with customer Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include storm damage. Don't let the moisture take over your home. Contact SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Responds Fast to Restore Concord Properties with Flood Damage

Concord is the county seat of Merrimack County and the capital city of New Hampshire. It has a population of 42,695, according to the 2010 census. A population estimation held in 2019 reported that the city was home to about 43,627 people.

People initially settled in Concord were at Penacook village, situated at the city limits in the northern boundary. The city is the resting place of the 14th President of the United States, Franklin Pierce.

The history of Concord

Originally, Penacook of the Wabanaki Confederacy settled in the area thousands of years ago. The Abenaki Native Americans fished using nets strung at the Merrimack River. The tribe fished for various types of fish, including:




The stream also served as the tribe’s route to the Atlantic Ocean from Lake Winnipesaukee, where travelers used birch-bark canoes. The tribe also used the good soil at the Merrimack River valley floodplain to farm gourds, melons, maize, beans, and pumpkins.

The Province of Massachusetts Bay claimed the western territories of the Merrimack River on January 17th, 1725. The Province also granted the area as the Plantation of Penacook. Captain Ebenezer Eastman from Haverhill, Massachusetts, among others, settled in the area between 1725 and 1727. The town’s authorities incorporated the town on February 9, 1734, as “Rumford.” In 1765, Benning Wentworth, the town’s Governor, renamed it “Concord.” That was after a bitter dispute involving the town’s boundary and that of Bow town.

The Governor used the name to reflect the new concord between the two disputant towns. The resulting border adjustments displaced several citizens who were compensated with land elsewhere. In 1779, local authorities granted Timothy Walker Jr and his associates the New Penacook Plantation, which was incorporated as Rumford, Maine, in 1800.

Throughout the 18th century, the city grew into prominence, and the first houses exist at Main Street’s northern end. After the Revolution, the city’s geographical location made it the best choice for the state capital. That was after Samuel Blodget opened and launched the canal and lock system in 1807 around Amoskeag Falls as a passage for vessels connecting Concord with Boston. The local government named Concord as the official seat of state government. The oldest capital in the country is the 1819 State House, where the state’s legislatures gather in the chambers.

Concord is famous for granite quarrying and furniture making. Lewis Downing united with Stephen Abbott in 1828 to come up with Abbot and Downing, a coach and carriage company. The company became famous across the nation after producing the Concord coach, which people used while developing the American West.

The city became the center of the railway industry in the 19th century. The 114-kilometer (71 miles) long Contoocook River powered the textile manufacturing area. Currently, Concord is the hub for several insurance companies and health care.    

The city’s government

A council-manager system governs the city of Concord. The city council has 14 members, where the public elects ten of the members from single-member wards while four are elected at large. The public elects the city mayor every two years.

The city charter, a concept developed during the Middle Ages in Europe, offers the city mayor the opportunity to chair the council that comprises 15 members. Over the day-to-day city management, the mayor has limited formal powers. The city manager oversees the actual operations of the city.

Sites of interest in Concord

The oldest statehouse in the nation is the New Hampshire State House, and the legislature still gathers at its original chambers. Designed by architect Stuart Park, the government built the statehouse between 1815 and 1818. In 1866, the government remodeled the building, and in 1910, a contractor added the west wing and the third story.

The Eagle hotel on the main street across the State House has been the downtown landmark since 1827. The hotel hosted a few dignitaries, including the U.S Presidents Benjamin Harrison, Ulysses S. Grant, and Rutherford Hayes. Franklin Pierce spent the night in the hotel before his inauguration. In 1961, the hotel closed its doors.

South of the Eagle hotel is Phenix Hall. It replaced the previous Phenix Hall after it caught fire in 1893. The two buildings had a multi-purpose auditorium used by residents for theater productions, fairs, and political speeches. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln spoke at the old Phenix hall. In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt spoke at the new Phenix Hall.

The Walker-Woodman House, also called the Reverend Timothy Walker House, is located North on Main Street. It is the oldest two-story building across the city. It was constructed between 1733 and 1735 for Reverend Timothy Walker.

The Pierce Manse is another site of interest. It is a historic home where Franklin Pierce resided shortly before he became president. The home is a tourist attraction, and anyone can visit it. Various displays and artifacts in the house showcase how people lived in the mid-19th century. Original objects and furnishings that belonged to Pierce are also available. Visitors can take a guided tour of the home to learn more about it and President Pierce.

Flooding events in Concord City

Minor flooding occurs around Merrimack River, but on May 15th, 2006, heavy rainfall caused the river to rise over 8 feet above flood stage. The flooding forced evacuations and damaged property, including the sewage pipeline in Haverhill city. Over 1,500 people lost their homes.

A record-breaking flood in Merrimack occurred in March 1936. A double flood or heavy rainfall and melting snow as well as ice swelled the Merrimack river to 20.8 meters and raised it to 3 meters higher compared to the 2006 flood.

How does SERVPRO’s storm flood damage restoration process preserve Concord Properties?

When flooding occurs in your property, it affects various surfaces and damages the structure’s stability, carpet, furniture, among other valuable items. Immediately the unfortunate happens, contact a certified restorer like SERVPRO to help minimize property damage and get your home to its former glory. Before our team gets to your property, avoid the affected area or getting into contact with the standing water. If you must get to the affected area, wear personal protective gear such as:




When we get to your property, our experienced flood damage restoration crew can evaluate the affected area to determine the best course of action.

If you delay contacting restoration experts, floodwater can damage various items, including the expensive wood floors. If your carpet is affected, we cannot salvage it. The best course of action is to remove it, dry your flooring, and then install a new carpet. Our technicians use drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture from affected areas. We also monitor and document the drying conditions of property regularly. We write down and evaluate readings for temperature, relative humidity, and moisture content to determine if drying goals are being reached.

Also, if floodwater stands for over 24 hours, mold growth can occur. The mold spores may spread to other unaffected areas and cause health effects to your family. At SERVPRO, we use advanced products during our mold remediation process. We can leave you and your family in a safe property.

If flooding occurs in your property after a storm, do not wait long before beginning the restoration process. Contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 for fast and effective restoration.      

Learn About Concords History – Walking Tour

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County map of concord New Hampshire. SERVPRO provides an elite service when it comes to water restoration damage. We have the technicians and equipment

Enjoy a Burgeoning Arts Scene While Enjoying Concords Historical Walking Tour

The city of Concord's initial settlement dated from 1659, when the first settlers arrived. Main St was laid out in 1726, and the town's location made it an important trade and transportation center. Interested residents and tourists can learn about Concord's history and the stories behind some of the city's historic buildings by taking a walking tour covering approximately 2 miles and taking around one and ½ hours. There are many local sites and buildings to visit along the way. However, a few of the more notable places on tour are:

  • New Hampshire State House dating from 1819
  • The Eagle Hotel dating from 1852
  • Upham – Walker House 1831
  • New Hampshire Historical Society 1909
  • And over 50 additional stops on the walking tour.

The tour is self-guided, and tour participants can enjoy the tour over several days or all in one day, depending on their schedule.

SERVPRO of Concord provides flood damage restoration services to Concord residential and commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (603) 225-2825. We respond 24/7 to help with all your flood damage restoration needs.

Retool and Reskill this November with Concord's Azure AI Training Sessions.

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

a teacher in front of his class during a lecture It will be exciting to see the community at the computer courses taking place on the 28th!

Concord Residents Have the Opportunity to Take Weekend Courses in Design and Implementation of AI Technology From Saturday 28th of November.

COVID restrictions have provided many people with the opportunity to consider a career path to change or develop their existing information technology skills. Microsoft is offering instructor-led courses on its Azure AI technology and providing certification for completion of the course. Azure AI is a web-bots system that can be applied to problem-solving or customer service portals for businesses. Each weekend you can learn more about the design and implementation of this new technology and potentially grow your income or start a journey toward an original career path.

  • Weekend Courses run through November from the 27th onwards and are flexible to suit your time constraints.
  • These courses are taking place in the IT Training Center of Concord, New Hampshire
  • The course runs for six weekends offering four hours of tuition across Saturday and Sunday with practical experience and problem solving for real-life scenarios.

Adverse weather conditions in the coming months could lead to flooding on your property. Contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 for emergency mitigation and restoration.

How Can I Recover Lost Documents From a Flooded Property?

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Living room flooded with floating chair and no one above Document drying is a specialty service that could preserve precious or vital papers in your home.

Passports, Birth Certificates, and Other Documents Can Be Lost After Flooding. SERVPRO Offers Concord Residents Specialty Document Drying for Flood Damage Victims.

What documents can be recovered after flooding?
Many crucial documents are stored digitally, which can protect you should your Concord home become flooded. However, some essential paperwork may not have a digital backup or hold sentimental value. Many document losses from floods include legal paperwork, books, accounting, insurance documents, or identification. Emotional papers may consist of photographs, letters, and artwork. SERVPRO technicians are experts at restoring the contents and structure of a flooded home. We include specialist document drying among services. While it is not possible to reverse the water impact on paperwork, we can stop further deterioration through mitigation and advanced drying techniques. In some situations, these methods can return documents in a usable or workable condition providing that we are informed of the status with enough time to perform the necessary mitigation tasks.

How does document recovery work?
When there is flood damage in your Concord home, it is not only the contents and structure that is affected but everything that you collect over the years. We can control cost depending on the length of exposure, the value of the documents, and the type of water damage sustained; clean, grey, or black. Books that are damaged by clean water are often saveable, providing they are dried within the first forty-eight hours and have an exposure time of under twenty-four hours. We can offer Vacuum freeze-drying or vacuum thermal-drying, although these methods can be expensive and should be reserved for valuable documents. Communicating with us quickly about potentially relevant documents can aid the recovery process significantly.

Document drying is a specialty service that could preserve precious or vital papers in your home. Contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 immediately to ensure that documents do not suffer irreversible harm.

Who Helps with Storm and Flood Damage in Concord?

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restoration supplies Let SERVPRO of Concord do the reconstruction on your home from the storm damage.

Our Professionals and In-House Contractors Provide Full-Service Restoration and Recovery after Flooding. 

The combination of both storm and flood damage can be a compromising situation for your entire Concord household. With so many of the restoration companies that you might choose only capable of addressing part of the problems that your home might face, it can be time and money-saving to choose a more comprehensive and full-service approach that our SERVPRO professionals can provide.

Post-disaster cleaning, repair, and restoration of storm and flood damage in Concord homes begin the moment that our professionals first arrive at your damaged property. From your initial call to our emergency line, you get the full measure of our restoration and reconstruction team that can arrive together to begin vital mitigation and emergency services after structural damage and potential flooding occurs.

What Are the Emergency Services Offered by Professional Restorers? 

Emergency services are the immediate tasks that our responding technicians and professionals begin upon arrival. While these actions might vary from one structure to the next, there are several common tasks that many can expect in a flood-damaged property. After substantial storm systems pass through the area, some of these same emergency services can help to clean up the debris and remove immediate risks so that our restoration technicians can get to work on recovering the property. Some of these emergency services include:

  • Temporary Construction Solutions – As you might expect, after a strong storm system passes through the area, much like we have seen with some of the hurricane-level weather events in recent years, structural damage is inevitable. By tarping roofs and sealing over structural breaches, we can more efficiently begin extraction and drying inside the house. 
  • Tree Removal – The same robust systems that can remove shingles and destroy portions of a standing structure can also knock down trees and break off limbs. Falling portions of trees can be destructive to your home and its roof. Our professionals can remove these limbs or trunks of trees to get the structural openings covered back over. 
  • Content Management – Your personal belongings are one of the priorities that need protection when our professionals first arrive at your home. We assess each item on a case-by-case basis, determining if we can restore it on-site or if off-site restoration and recovery are necessary.

How Can Flooding Get Resolved Quickly? 

When you recognize flooding has occurred in your home, it can be overwhelming to see. One of the struggles that homeowners face in this situation is taking the appropriate steps immediately to get the flooding cleaned up and extracted. The longer that you wait to address this moisture and standing water, the more destructive it can become to the house. When you choose our SERVPRO professionals, you are choosing:

  • Fast Extraction – Extraction is one of the vital elements of restoration and recovery after substantial water losses or flooding impact your home. Our professionals have capable extraction equipment like trash pumps and truck-mount extractors for continual, powerful removal of standing water.
  • Efficient Drying – Drying your home after a flood can only happen after extraction and debris removal take place. Because water can migrate quickly through the house and into porous structural materials, drying involves a wide range of cutting-edge tools and equipment. 
  • Moisture Detection – The ability to check on the progress of our drying in real-time is one of the advantages of professional restoration. We can be continually moving drying equipment to provide the most efficient and thorough drying approach. 

What Extraction Tools Are Best? 

Because extraction is such a pivotal element to the successful restoration of your home after a flood, the choice of the right equipment for the job becomes a vital decision. Choosing wrong can lead to longer or more costly restoration periods. Some of the ideal choices for this work include:

Does Build Back Start Right After Restoration? 

As a full-service restoration and recovery team, we have a full team of in-house contractors that can oversee the reinstallation of damaged materials. In most cases, reconstruction and repairs can begin as soon as mitigation completes. This seamless transition is one that can prevent longer recovery times or higher costs.

Storm and flood losses can both equally impact and threaten your home. In most situations, you can address both of these scenarios the same by contacting our experienced SERVPRO of Concord team. With our fast response and premier equipment, we can make it “Like it never even happened.” You can reach our experienced team 24/7 at (603) 225-2825.

Flooding In Your Concord Basement

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flood damaged home Give us a call anytime that you need us at (603) 225-2825.

Ground Infiltration Flooding for Concord Basements

Flooding is a situation that many Concord homeowners might experience throughout the year, and without this being a cause for standing water in a basement, these same property owners might not realize there is an issue. Damp basements are almost a staple of residences around the city because groundwater is such a formidable force against buried blockwork and mortar joints. Ground infiltration can occur in many stages, each of which presents potential hazards and a pressing need for water removal.

No matter how severe you believe flood damage in your Concord home to be, our SERVPRO team must prepare for the situation to be worse than described. Steady moisture penetration in the basement can be a launching pad for widespread mold development, and these colonies can present acute and chronic health effects for those exposed. Addressing water penetration involves several practices that our team can offer damaged homes.

Water Removal
Removing water pooling on the concrete floors of your basement involves whatever extraction device is best suited to the situation. For standing water above two inches in depth, we can utilize electric submersible pumps. Less than this, wet vacuums with wands can take care of the surface water.

Evaporative drying practices involve several machines working together. Air movers are the cornerstone of this drying process, but without a balanced use of dehumidification tools, basements suffer elevated humidity levels, which is equally enticing to mold spores.

Ground infiltration can often occur through the blockwork in your home’s foundation, which either requires the replacement of these concrete masonry units (CMU) or patches using products like hydraulic cement. Reducing the ability of moisture to pass through the walls in their vulnerable points can help to dry up the damp basement permanently.

Water penetration might not always feel like flooding, but it can often produce the same destructive effects. Our SERVPRO of Concord team has the experience and cutting-edge equipment to help remove water pooling and dry up your basement for the foreseeable future. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (603) 225-2825.

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We Act Fast In Concord After A Flood

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One of our large trailer mounted generator We bring own source of power to the disaster site when a storm has hit. Here is our large trailer mounted generator which is used in such instances.

Drying Exterior Walls

Flooding after a storm can wreak havoc in many areas, inundating streets and homes with floodwaters. Basements may be flooded, either through water backing up through basement drains or even through porous walls. It is imperative to remove water from walls in addition to any moisture that may be present inside the basement.

SERVPRO provides flood damage services in Concord and surrounding areas. We have lived and worked in the community providing emergency services for over 28 years. Our people have dealt with almost every emergency possible and have been trained to deal with these emergencies. We respond quickly to your home or business and are available on a 24 / 7 basis.

Drying Exterior Walls After a Flood

After the floods have receded, there can still be high humidity levels in basements, even those that did not have an excessive amount of water inside the basement. Initial cleanup includes removing flood-damaged contents and drying the area. We use water extractors for carpeted floors, air movers, and dehumidifiers. Note: if the water was contaminated, some items might need to be removed or decontaminated following industry procedures.

The walls of your basement may present additional challenges. Flood cuts may be required above the water line to remove flood damaged drywall and expose pockets containing water inside the wall. Homes with cinderblock construction may also contain water inside the cinderblock. Failure to remove this water may be the source of high humidity levels and even mold infestations later on.

SERVPRO can check all exterior walls using moisture sensors. If there are high moisture levels, holes can be drilled at the bottom of the wall to drain water from the interior of the cinderblock wall. We may drill a hole at the top as well to enable airflow and force air into the wall to remove all of the moisture.

An inspection of the exterior areas of the building may also be needed to ensure there is appropriate drainage away from the building to avoid future high moisture conditions inside the cinderblock walls. SERVPRO reviews all of these actions with our clients and their insurance companies.

Call SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Bow, Penacook, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Are Available 24/7 In Concord After A Flood

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

A large trailer mounted generator Pictured is a large trailer mounted generator used by our technicians to bring our own source of power to the disaster site.

Credible Flooding Threats to Concord Homes this Winter

When many Concord homeowners think of flooding scenarios, it is often a rushing wall of water pouring in from the rising creeks and streams throughout our service areas. As much of a possibility as this natural flooding might be, there are other more pressing concerns for your home this winter that could threaten your property without flooding out the entire neighborhood as well. Understanding a few of these risks and what you can do about them can save your property from excessive, costly damages.

While in some situations, flood damage to Concord homes cannot get avoided, there are precautionary measures that can get taken when you recognize areas where your property lacks the appropriate protection. With the high volume of water loss incidents and flooding situations our SERVPRO team gets asked to restore and recover every winter, it is evident that homeowners are not as prepared as they might believe for the harsh conditions of the season.

Frozen Pipes

The insulation of various areas of your home can be a direct point of concern during the winter months. Not only can poor insulation result in higher heating expenses, but it can leave exposed pipes of your plumbing more susceptible to freezing. This solidification is even more possible when the water flow has stopped overnight, and temperatures drop well below freezing. The expansion of water freezing in the pipes can cause vulnerable areas to burst, allowing water to flow from the broken pipes until you reach the shutoff valve.

Ice Dams

Ice dams can also get tracked directly to poor insulation of the attic floor in your home and underneath the roof. When areas of the roof get warmed during bitter temperatures outside, melting snow can freeze along the eaves of the roof and continue to build on itself. As it moves back up the roof, it can force itself underneath shingles and remove them, leaving vulnerable areas for snowmelt to penetrate the attic space.

Our SERVPRO professionals can appreciate the severity of both of these situations, as they both require varying forms of extraction and drying to start immediately. In addition to the water loss and flood damage recovery that our team can begin, we also have a team of in-house contractors to address the rebuilding of damaged roofs and the repair of burst plumbing to make these conditions “Like it never even happened.”

No matter how our SERVPRO of Concord team can help in an emergency, give us a call 24/7 at (603) 225-2825.

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SERVPRO Using Science Means Effective Storm Water Removal and Drying in Concord

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flooded country road with "Road Closed" signs SERVPRO Can Help Homeowners in Concord when They Are Confronted with these Signs by Their Properties--Road Closed Flooding!

For Concord Properties, Positive Pressure System vs. Flood Cuts for Concord Cavity Drying

Flooding can be a hazardous and overwhelming situation for your Concord home. With how quickly damaging effects can spread throughout the lower levels of your property, including the basement and first floor, structural cavities can often be a transition point for migrating floodwater. There are several tools that we can use to address these threats in your household, and choosing among them gets based on multiple factors.

Overcoming flood damage in Concord homes often hinges on the inventory of advanced tools and equipment available to our SERVPRO team. With the speed of migration when the flow of floodwater is ongoing, a need for immediate action is vital. To stop this penetration of water through structural breaches like roof holes or broken windows, our division of licensed contractors can help with board up and roof tarping services. These same professionals can also help with drywall removal when necessary.
The removal of portions of drywall that has become affected by standing water is known as flood cutting. This process not only eliminates saturated areas of sheetrock installed in your house, but it can open up a direct pathway to the structural cavities that can hold water and lead to microbial threats, deterioration, and other hazards. Flood cutting allows for the direct application of air movers, specifically our low-profile centrifugal models, in instances where flood cuts might only be around a foot from the flooring.
In situations where we can address standing water quickly enough, and drywall or other wall materials do not need demolition and reinstallation, we can implement another strategy with our positive pressure systems. An example of this is our Injecti-Dry System, which gets used by drilling holes through the drywall behind removed baseboards and trim. Hoses for blowing heated air get inserted into the holes, effectively evaporating saturation and dampness for collection by refrigerant dehumidifiers working alongside our air movers.
The choice between these methods depends on the circumstances present after flooding and the condition of installed construction materials. No matter how severe these loss incidents can be, our SERVPRO of Concord team can make them “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (603) 225-2825.

Concord Basement Flooding Woes? Let's End It with a Call to SERVPRO

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Overhead view of a sump pit and the pump in a basement Sump Pump-Regrading-Flooding in a Concord Basement Gets Help from SERVPRO

Lasting Solutions for Regularly Flooding Concord Basements

Water penetration in subterranean levels of your Concord home is an unfortunate circumstance that many homeowners have to battle year after year. From natural flooding situations through the penetration of water and moisture through the groundwater with hydrostatic pressure, our professionals help to manage these loss emergencies quickly to get spreading symptoms under control. In many cases, just drying up the damage is insufficient to what the property needs to prevent recurring flooding in the years to come.

Flood damage in Concord home must often get addressed and overcome before these permanent solutions can get implemented and successfully installed. Our SERVPRO professionals can meet with you to determine the best approach both to clear up this damage through both extraction and rapid drying machines. Additionally, our moisture detection devices can identify saturation pockets and vulnerable areas of your home’s construction to indicate the best solutions for better protecting your basement.
French Drains
One of the time-honored solutions to reduce the pressure of water and moisture against the blockwork of your residence is through the installation of a French drain system. This perforated pipe can help to grab moisture in the ground-runoff from your house and direct it away from your home’s foundation.
Trenching and Re-Grading Concrete Flooring
Much like the installation of additional drainage around the exterior of your home, redirecting water flow and preventing situations like leeching from concrete floors is another positive step our SERVPRO team can help homeowners make. We can regrade the slope of flooring or force standing water to a drying or diversion tool.  
Installation of Permanent Drying or Diversion Equipment
Dehumidifiers are a common choice for permanent fixtures that must get installed and used in the damp basement of homes. In some circumstances, the only practical option remaining is a dehumidification unit like our desiccant or low grain refrigerant option set to residential specifications.  
Sump Pumps that are permanently installed in the basement can channel any water intrusion from the gathering sump to the exterior of the structure. Ask us about the many options available to prevent future groundwater flooding into our basement.

Flooding can be a bothersome situation, especially when you are trying to accomplish part of the work yourself. No matter how severe the situation, or how widespread, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. Let our SERVPRO of Concord team help however you need by calling (603) 225-2825.

SERVPRO Ties a Bow Around Your Flood Damaged Property

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Need Help with Floodwater Removal in Bow? We can Help. SERVPRO

The Different Approaches to Flood Damage and Contamination in Bow

Adverse weather conditions in Bow can present a range of property issues that require immediate attention, chief among them, flooding. Depending on the area, and the age of your property, flooding can be the result of external or internal plumbing issues. External issues could include nearby road overflow or flash flooding. Internal issues may include a burst or split pipe that could last several hours if you are away from home.

Our experienced professionals are capable of dealing with both types of flood damage in Bow. SERVPRO restorers can make immediate assessments of potential hazards as well as the type of water or possible contamination issues. These contamination issues are prevalent in external flooding situations where the water may contain raw sewage, animal carcasses, or pathogens.

Different levels of water contamination- white, grey, or black- require approaches that are sensitive to possible health risks. A black water issue requires personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as extreme caution. Your SERVPRO restorer must quarantine the affected area, establish a de-contamination zone as well as demolish items like carpets, drywall or insulation that has come into contact with Black Water. White and grey water emergencies also require some level of health risk concern, but usually, possessions and structural components can be restored rather than replaced.

Clean water emergencies need to be remedied quickly because the longer standing water remains in the home, the more likely it is to become increasingly contaminated- white water scales to grey water, which in turn scales to black water over time. SERVPRO mobilize submersible gas-powered equipment to pump large volumes out of your home and into a nearby open sewer point. This equipment is exceptionally effective at removing standing water of two inches or more. The last part of decontamination is the application of anti-microbial treatments as well as disinfectants to ensure secondary issues are kept to a minimum.

In an emergency situation, a quick response is essential, contact SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825.

Local gov't right here.

Deal with Flood Damage in Your Concord Home By Seeking Professional Help

5/28/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let water ruin your day, call SERVPRO today.

Don’t take on water damage in your home all alone. Call SERVPRO today.

Severe storms often result in torrential rainfall, which could cause flooding in homes, especially if the rain damages the roof. Pre-existing damages in your roof like cracked or old shingles could cause roof leaks to occur during heavy rains. If flooding occurs, the devastation it brings can be overwhelming.

Flooding can ruin your home and disrupt your life severely. If there’s flood damage in your Concord home, you need immediate help. If you do not know where to turn for help or what to do, you can give SERVPRO a call. While the flooding may seem like chaos to you, we deal with such situations often. We know what to do to get your home back to its normal condition within a short time.

Our flood damage restoration crew is available on a 24-hour, 7-day basis. After receiving your call, we can arrive at your home quickly, assess the water damage, and provide you with a customized action plan and a cost estimate. Our technicians can extract the flood water using pumps to minimize the destruction. We can also clean, sanitize, dehumidify and deodorize all the affected areas.

Our restoration process includes structural drying techniques that preserve the integrity of vital building materials. Our SERVPRO crew adheres to the standards that the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has set, ensuring that you get a high level of competent service.

If the rainwater damaged your attic, our technicians can examine all areas of the roof to determine if the roofing material was ruined. We can determine which structural parts can be repaired and which ones need to be discarded. Our crew can remove any water that may be in the attic and dry the area.

We ensure thorough removal of moisture using air moving and dehumidifying equipment to minimize mold risks. We also use specialized moisture detection sensors and meters, which enable us to avoid structural problems that hidden flood damage can cause. Veritable documentation during the drying process also helps simplify the insurance claims process.

After the unfortunate event of flooding in your home, call SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 to help you remove the water and dry all the affected areas. We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to make the incident look “Like it never even happened.”

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Our Specialists Explain The Steps For A Successful Restoration After A Flood In Your Concord Home

4/24/2019 (Permalink)

You can reach us at (603) 225-2825 any time.

Ways To Ease Restoration Of Flood Damage In Concord

Flooding incidents can happen in different ways including rising water that gains access to the house through regular openings such as doors. Winds or falling tree branches can also open up holes in the roof or walls allowing rainwater to reach the interior of the house. All types of flooding incidents leave considerable damage, but taking some steps can ease restoration.

Standing water causes most of the problems during flood damage in Concord. Removing such water fast can help minimize the losses suffered. Apart from using sophisticated equipment for extraction, other approaches such as opening up walls might also help. Our SERVPRO technicians remove baseboards or make flood cuts to help ease removal of water trapped in wall cavities.

Flooding affects materials through saturation, which can lead to loss of structural integrity. Materials like drywall, insulation and particleboard partitions readily absorb water. Our SERVPRO technicians use moisture meters or sensors to check the level of water absorption and decide whether to dry the materials or remove them altogether. In cases where the water sits over an extended period, we opt for removal because it is not possible to restore the materials to their preloss state. We also remove porous materials such as carpets and pad to eliminate the risk of contamination because cleaning cannot remove all traces of contaminants left by floodwaters.

Flooding soils properties by dumping silt and mud, which can leave your property murky. The water may also contain biohazards such as raw sewage and other chemicals. Removing the visible and invisible soils can take time. Our SERVPRO technicians use various automated cleaning equipment to ease the task. We use pressure washers to clean mud and other heavy soils from the loss areas. We also use various multi-surface scrubbers to remove soils that adhere to surfaces. Combining such equipment with the application of professional cleaning agents allows us to clean your property to a sanitary level.

Dealing with flooding incidents is not easy. Call SERVPRO of Concord to assist with the restoration. You can reach us at (603) 225-2825 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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The Flood Damage Remediation Mystery in Concord Revealed

4/7/2019 (Permalink)

Sometimes your flood damaged home needs help with water removal and remediation. Let SERVPRO mitigate the damage in your home.

Flood Demolition Restoration for Your Concord Home

After flooding in Concord, many homes suffer from the biological hazards which can be in the floodwaters, let alone the water itself. Your general cleanup and restoration services won’t do for biohazards. You need experts who are certified to tackle this kind of damage. Many times, your local government has regulations and restrictions to prevent just anyone from cleaning up the mess.

When you are dealing with flooding in your Concord home that contains contaminants in the water, you need immediate results. SERVPRO staff is professionally trained and knows how to handle a biohazard cleanup scene. Sometimes in situations like this, flood demolition repairs need to be done, and we are prepared for that as well.

Sometimes when there is flooding, the contaminants that get into the water can be dangerous to you and your family. This type of water, classified as category 3 water or black water, is extremely contaminated and can contain things like pesticides, raw sewage, toxic organic substances, or heavy metals. Because of the toxicity of this water, it is recommended that you and your family remain outside until restoration is complete.

SERVPRO technicians do not enter a home with black water without the proper protective gear. We likely need to remove carpeting and padding that was affected and discard it and cut out walls and drywall up past the water line and replace it with new materials. Any furniture is removed while we are restoring your home and brought to a safe location where these items can themselves be restored if possible.

After floodwaters have been removed or have receded, there is going to be silt, mud and other debris left behind which we must clean out from the home. Dehumidifiers and industrial fans assist us in completing the drying process., and all surfaces are scrubbed and cleaned with professional biocide anti-fungal and anti-microbial cleansers to ensure that your home is thoroughly disinfected.

SERVPRO of Concord wants to ensure that your home in Penacook, Concord, or Bow is clean and safe again after toxic floodwaters have invaded. Do not hesitate to call us at (603) 225-2825 so we can help restore your residence as soon as possible and put your mind at ease.

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Don't Let A Microburst Cause Flood Damage To Your Home In Concord

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

We are available 24/7 to assist you, and one of our certified experts can begin the process of returning your home to normal.

SERVPRO Turns Around Flood Damage From Microburst In Concord

A microburst is a weather phenomenon that continues to be frustrating because of the rapid setup and quick moving nature of these storms; they are both difficult to predict and track for meteorologists. Common occurrences during this type of weather event include dangerous downdraft winds of up to 80MPH, localized heavy rains that can cause flood damage and hail.

SERVPRO took on the task of restoring the storm damage in a Concord attic. The homeowner contacted us shortly after the storm had passed and the roof had temporary patching applied to stop any further water from entering. Our technicians immediately got to work pinpointing the problem areas. Roof damage occurred from high winds and hail, which allowed water to leak into the attic space.

Plastic sheeting was used as containment around the attic entry to minimize transference of dust to the rest of the home during cleanup. SERVPRO technicians determined the fiberglass insulation would not need to be replaced and used insulation vacuums to remove and hold for reuse and allow for complete drying of the sheetrock underneath. This attic was small, so the team chose to use smaller but powerful, portable wet/dry vacuums that eliminated the standing water quickly, while the technicians determined the sheetrock had not sustained damage that would require replacement and there was no danger of sagging if it dried in place.

Air movers and dehumidifiers were used to dry the affected side of the attic quickly; technicians used moisture detectors to ensure all trace amounts of moisture were undetectable before wiping down with a fast-drying antifungal to inhibit mold growth and reapplying the insulation.

Whether the flood damage is a little or a lot, SERVPRO of Concord has the knowledge and resources to restore your home “Like it never even happened.” Call (603) 225-2825 we are available 24/7 to assist you, and one of our certified experts can begin the process of returning your home to normal.

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How Our Injectidry System Can Save Your Flood Damaged Home In Concord

12/4/2018 (Permalink)

If you are ready to get rid of excess water with advanced drying equipment, then give SERVPRO of Concord a call!

Using A Injectidry System After A Flood In Concord

The weather is an unpredictable entity. You never know when a massive storm might hit you. This situation can result in a tremendous amount of water that can enter your establishment. Flood damage can be very detrimental to your hardwood floor. It can take forever to get rid of all the water and to repair the floor. Plus, it can take hours to mop or flush out excess water, and the longer the water stays on your floor, wall, and ceiling, the more damage that it can cause. The worst part is that flood water comes from the sewage system so there are a lot of toxins, chemicals, bacterias, and other contaminants that can be hazardous to your home.

Luckily, flood damage in the Concord area does not have to be a total nightmare. There is advanced equipment out there that can save your hardwood floor. For example, the injectidry tool is designed to get rid of moisture and water from the floor. The vac-it panel in the injectidry can draw out moisture that is deeply embedded in the hardwood floor and padding. It can also extract water from the wall and ceiling to allow optimal drying time. It puts out consistent pressure to dry out wet materials such as headers, plaster walls, tiles, and subfloor. As for difficult wet area like plaster walls, the injector dry can utilize negative pressure to extract the water. Because of its innovation and efficiency, it is often used by water restoration specialists to get the job done.

The injectidry requires extreme skills and experience to operate efficiently. The SERVPRO technicians are trained to utilize such advanced equipment to extract moisture from flood damage. The SERVPRO water restoration experts have used the injectidry system for many years. It takes high speed and accuracy to extract the maximum amount of moisture before any real damage can happen, which is why it is essential to call in the experts.

If you are ready to get rid of excess water with advanced drying equipment, then give SERVPRO of Concord a call at (603) 225-2825, and we can send our water restoration specialist to your residential establishment.

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The Importance Of Achieving Dryness In A Home With Flood Damage In Concord

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One thing that homeowners in Concord cannot wholly prepare for is flood damage.

The Importance Of Achieving Dryness After A Flood

Many of Concord's residents are preparing for winter weather by checking their furnaces, installing weatherstripping around doors and windows, and making sure that outside water hoses are disconnected. Cleaning away fallen leaves and other debris helps keep homes looking well-cared for and beautiful.

One thing that homeowners in Concord cannot wholly prepare for is flood damage. Flooding can occur without any notice. The aftermath can shock homeowners with its destructiveness. SERVPRO is always here to help recovery from such situations. Our technicians are certified by the IICRC and continue to train extensively, so they know how to perform all of the methods and techniques your home needs.

Wooden structures in your home can often become dry again and experience little to no damage. Waiting to begin the mitigation process can undermine the ability of wood to dry out before warping, buckling, or other structural damage takes place. SERVPRO uses both heat and concentrated airflow to speed up drying while continually monitoring the drying process. Damage can result if drying occurs too rapidly, also, and we work to prevent this from happening.

Wooden floors, baseboards, doorway frame and trim, and the like, however, can lose their finishes when exposed to water for lengthy periods. Before applying new stains and finishes to these surfaces, they must achieve normal moisture levels again. The same applies to areas where homeowners would like to repaint. Removing these materials and placing them in a temporary drying chamber can help ensure even, thorough drying.

Our drying equipment includes heaters that gently raise the temperature without scorching materials. Our technicians can fit our air movers with hoses to direct the flow exactly where it can perform the most effectively. We use moisture detection equipment that can show us the amount of moisture remaining in any item we test. Removing moisture adequately also prevents situations involving overgrowth of microbes, which can cause damage to both your home and your family's personal belongings.

SERVPRO of Concord helps assist homeowners in Merrimack County cope successfully with the devastating effects of flood damage. Call us at (603) 225-2825 to receive expert guidance after stressful events that damage your home and disrupt your family life.

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Concord's Flood Damage Experts Explain Moisture Actions

7/15/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding can bring an excessive amount of moisture into your home. Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation efforts.

Our SERVPRO Technicians Understand Flooding and How Water Behaves

Monsoon and hurricane seasons are on the way for most parts of the country and could cause a storm to land near Concord. Every once in a while, a severe thunderstorm creates conditions that can cause you extensive property damage. For example, the combination of heavy rains and winds can break off tree branches throwing them into your home. If something that got picked up by the wind collides into your house, exterior walls, windows, or your roof, they can all get ruined. If an object punctures a hole in one of these items, the excessive rain can pour into the interior of the building.
Once a significant amount of rainwater gets into your home, problems can start to take place. When flood damage in Concord occurs, our SERVPRO technicians are experienced in diagnosing every issue that a storm could have caused. We start by taking measurements including moisture content, humidity, and temperature readings. We first take readings of the conditions in the affected area of the structure. We then go to places of the house that we know did not get affected by water to come up with drying goals.
Rapidly drying out a structure takes specialized equipment and knowledge of how water behaves inside a structure. Our SERVPRO restoration crews take temperature readings because how hot it is inside your home affects whether water stays in the air or condenses to liquid form. Air can hold different amounts of water at various temperatures. For example, when you pour a cold drink on a hot day, water from the air forms around your glass making the outside of it wet. The temperature at which water vapor turns into liquid water is known as the dew point.
When drying out contents and building materials, it is vital that the temperature never reaches the dew point or water can form on interior surfaces and cause secondary damage. During the drying process, the goal is to create the ideal conditions to speed up the natural process of water turning from liquid to water vapor also known as evaporation. Dehumidification then forces water in the air to condense into a liquid, removing the evaporated water coming from the wet items out of the air. Any time you suffer property damage after a thunderstorm, call SERVPRO of Concord at (603) 225-2825 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Removing At-Risk Contents of Your Concord Home During Flooding

6/11/2018 (Permalink)

Once you and your family are safe, contact SERVPRO to remediate the flood damage that your home has sustained. Call right away.

Our SERVPRO Technicians Pride Themselves in Effectively Restoring Your Home After a Flood

Natural disasters are something that Concord homeowners are all too familiar with facing. With so many aging homes in the area, the structural integrity initially built to withstand the pressures of external water and prevent penetration erode and degrade with time. The more that something like this happens, the more likely your home becomes towards falling victim to the severe weather systems that pass through the area causing creeks and rivers to rise and putting homes at risk of encountering the rising waters.

Once penetration points exist in the foundation of your home, your basement (finished or not) is subject to the flood damages in Concord. With unabated access to your home, high volumes of water can collect quickly, putting structural components, construction materials and the contents of your home at considerable risk for irreparable damages. Fortunately, you have SERVPRO to help you quickly avert these critical possibilities and work to overcome the damage that your home does experience in the time before we arrive.

Our estimator goes over the damage in your home and works to catalog the work that is necessary to restore the affected areas of your residence back to their original conditions. Within this process is a list of the items that our experienced professionals needed to pack-out of your home to save them from getting ruined by the pooled water throughout the lower levels of your property.

Once the damage has gotten restored to the affected areas of your home, the contents that had gotten removed and stored nearby can get returned to their original positions by our SERVPRO technicians. This pack-in process ensures that everything looks and functions like it had before the water loss incident occurred.

There are lots of things that a homeowner needs to worry about when it comes to recovering from flood damages to their house. Fortunately, our SERVPRO of Concord water damage restoration specialists can help you to understand the work that must get done and accomplish it efficiently to return your home to you quickly. Give us a call anytime at (603) 225-2825.
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Professional Restoration for Flooding in Your Concord Home

5/25/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding in any room in your home can lead to secondary damages including mold. Contact SERVPRO for drying out and remediation services.

SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Tackle Drying Out Your Home After a Flood

With spring finally showing its face for Concord homeowners, the threats of the winter have passed and gotten replaced with the concerns that follow along with the new season. For those in the area, torrential rainfall and severe weather systems passing through often pose some of the most considerable risks to a home, as oversaturated grounds can allow for flash flooding to occur. This natural disaster can affect multiple homes at the same time, preying the worst on the homes with compromised foundations and degrading masonry.

The trouble is, you might not realize that your Concord home is at risk for flood damages until you are amid a crisis. While you might not know where it is coming from specifically or how to slow the process down, fortunately, there is someone that you can call who can help you. Our SERVPRO team remains ready for any disaster 24/7, making us an ideal choice to help you overcome the current flooding in your home and get things back to the way they were before this occurrence.

Our team of professionals begins the restoration process from the moment that we step through the doors of your home. With flooding situations, time is always of the essence. Working quickly to determine both the full scope of the damage your home faces and the penetration points which allowed the flooding in the first place are critical to restoring your home to its original condition.

Our SERVPRO team often requires a pump truck from our fleet to speed up the extraction of water from the affected area. The faster this pooled water can get removed, the less irreparable damage its presence can cause to your home. Drying follows immediately afterward, focusing on removing all of the dampness and moisture (no matter how far spread).

The faster that professional restoration services can get to work on the present flooding damage in your home, the less severe damage that the team has to contend with to restore your house. You can trust the experience of our SERVPRO of Concord specialists to help you overcome this disaster and get your home back to the way it used to be. Give us a call anytime you need us at (603) 225-2825.

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Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Services in Concord

1/28/2018 (Permalink)

Finding yourself knee deep in water after a storm can be overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO right away for fast drying out services and remediation.

TEAM SERVPRO Arrives on the Flooded Scene Quickly to Dry Out Your Property

Flood damage in Concord, whether due to heavy storms, hurricanes, or flash floods, can cause mild to severe consequences. Additionally, exposing building materials to wet conditions for a long period increases the possibility of mold and mildew growth. Certain flood damage situations can lead to toilet overflows and sewage backups, subsequently creating odor problems that may require professional help to resolve.
When a natural disaster causes flooding in your Concord home, you can always count on SERVPRO for quick and efficient flood damage restoration services. We are locally based and properly armed to deal with any type of damage to your property before it is too late. This is aided by the fact that our technicians are highly trained and certified by the IICRC to ensure a smooth restoration process. Our goal is to reverse the effects of flooding and water damage as quickly as possible, “Like it never even happened.”
Regardless of the cause of flood damage, an immediate response is essential. Standing water can ruin carpets and furniture, rot or warp building structures and materials, raise humidity levels, affect insulation, damage electrical systems, and create a favorable environment for mold growth. More than containing and removing excess water quickly, it is necessary to take emergency measures to curb the flow of water.
SERVPRO has a competent emergency response team that can mitigate the damage by removing waterlogged items such as carpets, kitchen appliances, and furnishings to prevent further harm. After assessing the extent of the flood damage, we can determine which belongings need replacement as opposed to repairing. We can provide temporary storage in our warehouses for any items that can be restored.
SERVPRO professionals use advanced equipment to extract excess water and then install dryers and dehumidifiers to reduce moisture content in the room. The idea behind this is to speed up the drying process. We also have EPA-approved disinfectants that are very effective against mold, fungi, and other microorganisms that may appear as a result of the intrusion.
No need to despair when you encounter flood damage to your property. Just contact SERVPRO of Concord right away to commence the flood damage restoration process. We are available 24/7, any day of the week at (603) 225-2825.

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Who to Contact After Flood Damage in Bow

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

If your home is affected by a flood, call SERVPRO immediately to help minimize the damage.

SERVPRO is Available to Help When Your Home is Hit with Flood Damage

After a flood hits your home, determining an appropriate course of action can be difficult and daunting. Finding a starting place for your next steps may seem difficult in the face of disaster. Through years of experience, SERVPRO has learned that there are a few contacts you should call first and foremost after flood damage hits your home in Bow. Make sure to give a call to or otherwise contact these parties to manage the crisis best.

Relatives and Loved Ones

Even if no one was hurt in the event, you should still contact your loved ones if flood damage strikes your Bow home. They may see heavy storming or flooding in the area and worry about your safety and may want to provide some form of assistance upon learning of your home's damage. Be sure to leave answering machine messages, emails, or social media posts so that they can learn of your plight even if they are not immediately available.

Damage Mitigation Specialists

Contacting a damage mitigation company like SERVPRO immediately after a disaster happens helps to ensure that your home takes as little damage as possible. We can be at your home within a couple of hours of your initial call, ready to react and put a stop to damage as needed.


Most victims of flood damage are put out of work for at least one day, so you should be careful to contact your employer and inform them of your plight. While you should not provide any specific time estimates for how long you expect to be out, we recommend that you make it clear that you intend to return to work at the soonest opportunity.

Insurance Providers

Although SERVPRO representatives can help you deal with and contact your insurance provider, you should contact them yourself early on in the process as well. This company is most likely going to cover the bulk of your costs, so excellent communication and relationships should be fostered.

SERVPRO of Concord is a local provider of damage mitigation and restoration services. Call us 24/7 at (603) 225-2825 for our emergency services or more information on what we do.

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